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Msword help.

I know this is a smw hacking site but I need help with my site. I'm using Microsoft Word and need to know how to do forums login and register. I'm doing it on smw hacking on game making.

Thank you for your help,

THis would kinda belong in General Computing
*kicks over there*
Also, if you were to use any kinda word program to make a website, at the least use notepad.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Ok. My father said he made his (closed)site on it for our (We don't own it anymore)Shop. But i'll see if notepad works to. But still is there any way to make Login/Register sytem?
I don't really know much about forums, but I'm 5% sure that this is what you want.

Doesn't this belong in programming? A.K.A The neglected forum. ;_;
Your layout has been removed.
If you want to create a forum, then you need to learn PHP, and MySQL.

I have no idea if you can create a forum with Microsoft Word though.
I know you can make a site with it, but I have no idea about forums.
I found a website called for word and has a forums example to. But I still might need some help with my site. Thank you