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[REMOVED] A Colorful Legends 1 - The Dramer [Demo 1.1] - Shadow Ninja
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Author is permabanned, but that doesn't mean much. This hack was nice to play! Level design seemed to be well done for most part of the hack. I kinda liked the idea of the levels being colorful and each one having different palettes, even though this could've been executed much better. Overall, I think you've put effort when making this hack, then great job!

Though there were things that annoyed me while playing the hack, the fact the overworld in the hack was unedited made me feel a bit disappointed before playing the hack, since leaving things unedited doesn't give a nice impression of the hack. Another thing that disappointed me is that the Yellow Switch seemed like blatant edits of the original level. As well the weird english in your hack was an annoyance to understand. And finally, most of the jumps were a bit too hard for the start of the hack, I understand the switch blocks had to be activated but that doesn't mean you can go crazy on making too hard jumps in your hack where people would probably die many times by trying to play the hack. And please be more sane on the powerup distribution and try having a variety by putting some coin blocks as well.

This bug was an annoyance as well. It didn't happen only with Yoshi, but with normal sprites that fell off from ledges and stopped on dirt tiles, they acted weird on them as they were glitchy. That's a really bad issue that bugged me when playing this hack. I'd say you to look foward for fixing this issue in the hack.

Considering to deny the hack for now. It was well done, but there were many annoying things that would make this hack not be accepted. Userbase is free to express opinions about the hack.
Good or bad? Not exactly sure?

Well for starters, I must say that this is a nice little hack you have here despite the author being permanently banned at the time of writing. I can see some good level design but also so problems at the same time. For starters, although the level structure was quite good, I did find it quite bland in a lot of areas. Maybe it is just me but I don't think that the design of the levels was the best. Only the underlying structure seemed good to me so I would suggest expanding on that in the future. Three of the levels also felt repetitive (the ones in the beginning) so I suggest adding variation.

A few other things to point out are the palettes and the Yellow Switch. The palettes in this hack seem quite nice and well done so I will commend you for creating them assuming you actually did create them. The Yellow Switch however seemed very uninspired compared to the rest of the hack. I would suggest varying it a bit more and making it more interesting. Other things include grammar mistakes in the message boxes. The end of hack level which used to be Donut Plains 1 was not exactly ended in a good fashion as there was a huge wall of solid cement blocks to the right. I suggest making it one screen and removing those blocks while keeping the side-exit.

My biggest annoyance was the fact that there was quite a few glitches in this hack as well along with the powerup distribution. The powerups seemed to me to be spread unevenly although the hack was easy so I will slightly let you off on that one (at least for the beginning levels). Glitches however include the dirt tile glitch (throwing sprites through them and the result being that the float) and some ground and pipe glitches (I could walk right through them). Not good and it does not create a good impression.

This hack was a bit close to acceptance but unfortunately I will have to go with rejection as there were quite a bit of problems that hindered the hack significantly when all taken into account. I would suggest fixing them as the hack would be satisfactory after doing that. Good luck on that (despite you being permabanned).

Played the hack, going to review~
I'll start with a good point: I liked the aesthetics of your hack, palettes were nice overall, especially in the Castle (the yellow lava is a bit out of place though).
Not really sure about the rest. As the OW appeared, I immediately had the feeling that this hack was just a minor edit of the original game, not only in the OW (which was obvious), but in level design too.
Although your levels are different from the original, it feels like yours are based on them. It is evident in the 4th level: even if you introduced a new element, which was the line guided gimmick, it still resembles the original "Yoshi Island 4" level.
About level design, this was poorly made: almost no decorations, terribly flat and never ending levels are my main complaints. Not much to add.
I'm sorry but I'd go with rejection: try working on level design more, make it more fun and challenging. I'm sure you'll go very far if you work hard~

I'll be honest... I was kinda expecting a joke hack, seeing as the uploader already got banned, but it must have been something else for the hack was somewhat decent.
I think the use of custom palettes was more or less good in most of the levels. The green in the first ones might have been a bit too much.

There also is the problem with the walk-though-dirt being solid for sprite to walk on. You could just use the map16 and make your own tile with actlike setting 025 if you can't find the right one.

Lastly, the main problem is that the levels were often flat and blatand edited. In Natural Lemonade 4 ([email protected]) for example you just have to get on the brown platform and hit fast forward until you're at the end. You also forgot to disable vertical scroll due to the layer 3.

Final Verdict: Rejected.
Due to blatand edit + partally buggy and flat levels. I think you should test-play your levels more and use <Ctrl+Delete> when starting a new level, to get rid of all the previous elements in the level.


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Here I go:

Title Screen: The design's is OK, but the palette is badthe in my opinion, also the sky has an bad palette.

Introduction: I (sorta) understand the plot here; save the princess blah blah blah stuff. The palette is a soft blue so it's good for me and there's little cutoff in the bush.

Overworld: Can't really say anything about it since it only has level-name changes.

Mario's House: Change the sign because it's Mario's house not Yoshi's house.

Nat. Lemonade 1, 2 and 3: The palettes are bad and the level itself is kinda boring because most part of the time I just had to run and stomp some enemies.

Nat. Lemonade 4: There really isn't a lot to do here since the level's pretty short and easy.

Idiot Iggy: For the most part the palette's are good, but the lava's color isn't. It's prett short and easy too. For the next room, the colors are good but the design lacks and the foreground uses wrong Map16 tiles.

Total: I give this hack 40/100 because the hack does need improvement, so I'm going to say NO to this hack for now. It also really isn't that "Colorful".
If only this hack were as fun to play as the palettes are pretty. The effort is nice, but the level design of this hack is pretty flawed honestly. Most levels consisted of enemy spam over mostly flat stretches of land. There were virtually no obstacles, you could just move forward and not do much else to beat the levels. Actually, for Natural Lemonade 4, all you had to do to beat the level was basically sit around for the most part, and it certainly didn't feel like you intended it to be a automatic level. Aother major problem with the design of the hack is that levels really aren't that unique from each other. Sure, each level has it's special palette and you varied up the sprite tilesets a little, but it's not enough to save this hack from the monotonous drag that it is.

I know this is a minor thing, but I like the level names of this hack. To me, they ooze a lot of personality.

It's a shame the author of this hack wont be able to update this hack no longer. I could really see this becoming a great hack with some revisions. I say: Reject.

The hack has been rejected.
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