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[ACCEPTED] Bomberman X-Beta1 - karen13505
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Not a bad hack. I actually respect the effort you put in the hack. Overall the hack seemed fun to play due to it having a different protagonist and a different story. Though the levels weren't really impressing as they seemed to be regularly designed, but nothing really boring to play, overall it was a nice regular hack.

Some things that annoyed me in the hack, mostly the language. Since I'm a native portuguese speaker like you I found a lot of gramatical errors and some nonexistent words in message boxes of your hack so I'll suggest you to next time ask someone to proofread all the texts of your hack. The second yoshi coin in "Cavernas Escuras" is glitchy, so I'd say you to move it somewhere the coin can't glitch. Those are the things I'd like you fix on the next version of your hack.

Since I have no actual reasons to remove the hack, I'll accept the hack eventually. The userbase is free to express thoughts.
This hack is pretty even in its good and bad points.

The first thing I notice is that you replaced Mario with something else and not a lot of hacks do that so well done for attempting to create a new styled hack. However, I did feel that a little more effort could have gone into some graphics. Also since I don't speak Portuguese, I don't really know what the messages say so I will leave that to the native speakers of that language.

The level design in this hack is what I consider the minimum in terms of acceptance. What I mean by that is that while there is variation between levels, the concept overall seems to be the same which is jump jump jump until you reach the end. More variation other than enemies (and some other stuff in later levels) would be nice and it can greatly improve the hack. Commenting on the other aspects of the level, I can say that the music is pleasant to hear though I felt some of it did not match the atmosphere of the level. Later in the hack, I notice that custom palettes started to appear and while most of them looked good, there were a few odd palettes in some levels as well. I would like to see the rest of the hack consistent with the palette usage for the future.

On the topic of glitches, there isn't really much to say. There are a few unusual tiles I found in later levels but nothing much else. One that is slightly noticeable is the disappearing layer 3 water in an early level after you enter the sublevel to the goal. Please remove the water there and replace it with layer 1 water if you insist on having some kind of aquatic environment. One last thing before I wrap up this review is that eventing on the overworld would be nice and I would actually suggest it if you decide to update this hack. Learn about overworld eventing, it will make the hack look much better (at least on the overworld).

Overall, the good and bad are equally strong here. The main issue would be level design along with a couple of other minor issues but unlike some other hacks I have played, the level design isn't really that bad either and actually seemed pretty good in some areas especially later in the game. I would go with accepting the hack for now and seeing what others have to say for it.

Bomberman X-Beta 1 by karen13505

Title Screen
     I really like the end of the title screen. It's a bit of a cliffhanger. This level is pretty well made for just the vanilla movements.

Planicies Cogumelo
     A fairly good first level. Though, some parts felt awkwardly flat. For example, the really long string of ? blocks. The ground was probably around 2 screens of flat land. Try to make structures and make the land more exciting to play on.

Lago Piranha
     I felt this level was too much of a blatant edit of YI4. It probably wasn't a blatant edit at all, but there were a lot of elements of this level that made me feel like I was playing YI4. It was a nice level by itself, though.

Campo de esportes
     The only thing I dislike about this level is that the last few dragon coins are extremely close to each other. The level itself was pretty fun.

O Navio Voador 1
     I felt this level definitely had a difficulty spike. The last few levels before this were very easy. In this level, the mushroom at the beginning is almost impossible to get if you don't react in time. You basically have to know the mushroom is there in order for you to be able to get it.

Ilha das Cachoeiras
     This level was pretty nice, but the sloped ceilings after you go into the pipes act like a solid block rather than ceiling slopes. You should probably fix that.
     Also, in the first pipe, when you exit out of it after coming from the cave, the FG/BG init position is too high. You were lucky it didn't kill the player, but next time I highly suggest you move it down to avoid any complications.

A Caverna Umida
     There is a slope under a ledge right before the first sublevel's pipe. If I am small and run up to it, it instantly kills me. This sort of thing is usually frowned upon since it's basically instant death.

Paraiso Aquatico
     A thing I usually like to do in my levels is stretch the wall all the way to the screen boundry, that way cheaters won't be able to see the messyness behind the screen. I swam under the level and saw the ground cutoff. It's nothing huge since a 'morally good' player wouldn't do this.
     Also the ceiling tiles still act like solid blocks.

Casa Fantasma
     The level itself was very boring. It was extremely flat, and all that the level was was a run to the right. There really was no challenge or puzzle that ghost houses usually have.
     The boss also felt like a giant spike in difficulty. This hack is marked as "easy" difficulty, when it doesn't quite feel easy with this boss fight. The spikes made it a bit difficult. I'm not saying that this fight was super hard, but compared to the level, it should be a bit easier.

Castelo Aquatico 2
     This level was fairly good. You need to watch your FG/BG Init positions again. When I entered the dolphin room, the screen was very high scrolled up. When I entered back into the door room, the screen was scrolled high up too.

Fundo do vulcao
     This level was another good one, but you might want to tone down the palette of the lava a bit. My eyes aren't the weakest things in the world, but the palette of it still burned them a bit.
     I do like how this level has good sloped ceilings, though.

Cratera da Morte
     This level was the first where the sloped ceilings acting like solid blocks ruined gameplay. There was a jump that I made that would've been possible if the sloped ceiling was actually sloped. Instead, the tile completely removed my horizontal speed and made me fall into the lava.
     I couldn't find the secret exit, so I looked inside Lunar Magic to see if there really was a secret exit. There was no trace of a key or anything. Make the tile on the overworld Yellow instead of Red next time. Red usually indicates that there is a secret exit to the level.

Plantas flamejantes
     There's some weird perspective with this level. Maybe make the pillars you can stand on be brighter or something than the ones you can't stand on. I was confused for a bit. Also I couldn't really figure out how to get the first dragon coin.

Castelo de Fogo 3
     I really like the palettes in this level.

     Overall, this hack was pretty great. The levels got better in terms of quality as the hack progressed. Nothing was really game breaking, and the level design was pretty decent, aside from there being a bit of linearity.
     Some things that definitely need to be worked on are the FG/BG init positions and sloped ceilings.

Final Verdict: Accepted

Good hack, it was fun to play. I really liked the new player, though I wish it was in english, because I'm not portuguese, and this made me skip all cutscenes and messages. Please consider this when you'll release the full game, some players will sure be interested by the diversified plot, and it'll be sad to follow the story just because they don't know portuguese~
In terms of level design this hack is decent: all the levels are a tad flat from my point of view, where player just need to go right and avoiding enemies. Although as the game goes forward, it gets diversified and more complex, even if the flatness is still there. Not big complaints here anyways, but more variety would be really appreciated.
Overall it is a good demo, so I would accept it. Work more on level design and be sure (even if it can be considered as optional) to submit an english version of the hack.
Looking forward to play it~

So, what to say about this one...
First of, the redrawn player graphics seem to actually work, which is nice in and for itself. I get a somewhat weird tile when I make rapid turns, as in running at somewhat of a speed and then turning around, but it doesn't look BAD, so it's easy to ignore.

As for the hack in general, the level design doesn't feel bad. Like, you have variety in it and not to many flat appearing segments. There are some levels though, which have flat segments in them, with only some enemies trying to prevent you from running streight through it. The second castle is a perfect example, with the bridge and the dolphines trying to push me in the spikes. In and for itself a nice idea, though, if you just run through the section at full speed non of the dolphines will ever even touch you.

Also, there was this one level (forgot which exactly) where you have the green blocks of death. I'm sure one of the message boxes explain that those are deadly, but I really thing you should provide them with a more... deadly looking appearance to actually give hint that those harm you for people (like me) who can't read you messages or just don't bother to.

As for the overworld, it looked decent in most apects, surly not amazing but at least decent.
One of the problems I have with your OW in general is that you don't add lines whenever the land makes a turn or corner, you just have this flat and continues brown wall there.
You also have some perspective errors here and there:

At the end of the day, I think this hack is good to be accepted. I see no flaws that acually makes me want to reject the hack.
I'm somewhat dissapointed, that I never got a fireflower to actually shoot some bombs, but maybe one of the messages I couldn't read explained something about this.


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