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[REMOVED] "Super Marina World" by kona

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File Name: Super Marina World
Submitted: 2014.01.01 ~ 22:47:06 by S.N.N.
Claimed: 2014.02.06 ~ 09:44:55 by Counterfeit
Rating: 0.0
Authors: kona
Demo: No
Length: 100 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: A Mario-like girl Marina's adventure!
A bit more difficult than original SMW.

Contains English and Japanease version.

Gambatte! (Go for it!)

** UPDATE **
Added Engr...English version
Fixed OW glitches
Modified some levels
Modified fonts
and so on...
The title screen uses original movements, but the way it plays out is different. It has a cute border, cute pastel font, a cute main character, and in general... it's just cute. The intro
works fine, although I must say the ice pipe sticks out like a sore thumb due to the light grey outline.

The overworld looks great - the details are balanced, they help justify the winding paths, and not a single corner is neglected. There's only one area on the main map that I can think of that needs improvement, and that's near the top center of the main map -- the cliff doesn't have an outline on the right side.

My House appears to be a Yoshi house reworked to be a human house. The inside's windows don't look so great because of a lack of outline. There's nothing really wrong with the house, though.

1-1 Opening Forest starts out feeling like a classic Super Mario Bros. level. It's easy and rewarding and has a few neat ideas, notably the cave room where you're forced to go left and loop around because the Banzai Bill blocks you off. The graphical edits to the Koopa and mushroom are adorable.

1-2 Koopa Bridge took what made the Butter Bridge levels interesting, and subtracted what made them frustrating, and came together in a neat package. The design and enemy usage holds true to its name, and it doesn't become repetitive. Falling platforms help break up the bridge segments. I liked the use of the Koopas kicking shells onto triangles as their way of attacking. My only complaint is that powerups seemed to be given rather liberally. The pipe to the secret exit was pretty tricky to get up without dying, so kudos.

1-3 Quiet Lake's foreground palette may complement the background nicely, but the brown does not work as an intermediate shade between light and dark green. The level design is great, though. I liked the introduction of currents and increase in frequency as the level progressed, and the implementation of them was really effective as you could use a shell to be able to get to spots that would otherwise be impossible to get to, and you had to use a P-switch to get around a current if you didn't still have that shell. Very fun underwater level!

1-4 Pipe Field wasn't as impressive as the last level, but for something built almost exclusively out of pipes, it was enjoyable. The star run at the end was a decent change of pace, and being shot out of a pipe at the beginning and midway certainly gave the level some flair.

1-5 Castle of Vines has an awfully bright background palette considering the backdrop is black. The use of Hotheads to create obstacles in the vines was rather creative. I didn't like how the player didn't move with the layer 2 vines in the second room, especially since it created weird movement glitches if you were hugging the top of the vine against a block.

1-A On Timed Lifts is cool, requiring the player to stay on some lifts as they drop unlike Valley of Bowser 3. The Dragon Coins had awesome requirements in this level to fulfill.

2-1 Rock Rock Hill is more complex than the previous levels, as expected since it's world 2 now, but remains oh so fluid. The level involved throw blocks and tiles that could only be broken by them or shells. I loved almost everything about this level, although, I didn't feel that the Lakitu Cloud fit the theme.

2-2 On-Off Riddle used the On/Off blocks in such a way that you have an actually fast-paced puzzle, and there was a lot of variety to how these things were structured. Absolutely fantastic execution of concept. My only complaint is the bounce sprite for the On/Off block is wrong; it shouldn't be a football. The overworld event also spawns a bad path.

2-3 Pit Climbing made for a fun vertical level. I liked some of the ? and turn block structures and the method required to get the power-up in the one towards the end. The level felt like it got progressively, albeit ever so slightly, harder as it went with the introduction of more intimidating enemies such as Grinder and use of flying Koopas to create a barracade like in Vanilla Secret 1.

2-4 Dolphin's Lake had a lot of cutoff water, but on the other hand, the way it was used for level design purposes justified it, in my opinion. The way dolphins jumped created easier means of getting coins, mandatory ways to get through the level, and some dangerous corridors. So far, I'm really liking how you can milk a simple concept and keep it fresh for an entire level.

2-5 Float With Cape is another neatly-done level that adheres to one core idea and finds many ways to flesh it out.

2-6 Castle of Loop was fun. The level basically loops if you choose the wrong path at the end, kind of like in some SMB castles, albeit it's executed differently here. Not only did the gimmick live up to its name, but the use of Morton, who loops around, also helped. The third room was kind of intense because I didn't know if I was going to get squished between the wall of used blocks and the scrolling screen edge before the P-switch timer ran out so I would push those back just a little. It's too scary. :(

2-A Puffer Fishing is a layer 3 moving tide level with Porcu-Puffers that swim along the top of the current. The design is good and the level is very challenging, but the slowdown is bad.

2-B Rotating World is a tricky spin jump/cape-centric level. I loved it, except I think the risk:reward at the end of the auto-scrolling room isn't quite right... I'd put a 1up there instead of a coin because it's a heck of a jump into a tiny space.

2-C Run! Hurry Up! is cruel and unusual because I died one pixel away from the goal bar from time running out. The wall triangles were what slowed me down big time since sticking them requires more precision than one would think. I got it on my second attempt with 16 seconds left to spare and all Dragon Coins collected, though, following the coin guides as strictly as I possibly could while small. The direction and controls being spelled out in cutoff dirt was kind of ugly.

3-1 Welcome Marina! has some awkward walkthrough dirt beneath a bush, and I managed to crash the sound when I hit a bubble in the forest room. This resulted in crashing the game after I beat the level or died. I could not get through the level without a balloon popping so I am forced to reject the game here. You should probably consider either using different custom music that won't be interfered with by the bubbles, or substitute the bubbles for sprites that don't cause this music to glitch. Anyways, I liked how the P-balloon at the beginning suggests the direction the level is going to take at the midway point, so it didn't feel entirely like two completely different levels.

Please test your hack to make sure it works on major emulators, such as snes9x and bsnes. It's a really good hack so far, so don't be too discouraged. I want to see this hack again.

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