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Question about Hack removal [Ball of Revenge]


I've been interested in checking back on my old hack but I couldn't find it in the hack list, so it had to be removed.
PM'd SNN about it and he suggested me to post here.

So after checking the whole hack removal section, in which I could not find a thread about mine, I decided to just openly ask it.

Why did it get removed and of course, if possible, could I have the ips of it again? o:


I cry when angels deserve to die <3
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Are you sure you checked "Legacy Hacks" section?
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Here's your hack, but it's in the Legacy Hacks section. The hack very likely didn't pass for the remoderation and got rejected during it.

You're free to nominate your hack on this thread and it'll be played again to see if the hack will get a new verdict and get submitted on the new section. Cheers for you too.
You can find all of the remoderation logs here.
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Ooooh that's something new. Thanks for the answers ^^

I cry when angels deserve to die <3
Lay-out made by Broozer