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How do you play your SMW hacks?
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How do you play (not test) SMW hacks you downloaded? i.e.:

Which emulator/hardware do you use? Do you use video filters (which one)? Controllers (which one) or the usual keyboard? Any specific sound config/preference? Save states or any other tools (why)? Any other stuff? Share your opinions on what is the best setting for you when playing hacks!

Keep in mind that this is a subjective matter, so NO attacking other people's choices (ESPECIALLY with emulators). :/


I use ZSNES for playing, since it has a friendly GUI and good sound, has wide compatibility range and there's almost nothing specific that I look for in other emulators. I used to use HQ x4 filter in 1920*1080, but some pixels were getting messed up badly in some hacks, so now I'm trying to stick with a NTSC filter with RGB config, for a more accurate (and nostalgic) feeling. I use a DualShock 3 for playing, because it does the job very well, and it gets recharged for using later in the PS3. I try to avoid using save states, but sometimes they're really needed for keeping my mood stable while playing some hard hacks out there.
I play my hacks like I play my bitches.

Seriously though, for an emulator, I use ZSNES. I use a usb converter that allows me to plug in my oldass SNES controller. Most of the time, I play without savestates or rewind and just play the game fairly, but if I get annoyed or impatient, I'll have no qualms just cheating through it.

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For playing, I usually use snes9x but sometimes I use ZSNES. I use the keyboard, and surprisingly enough it can get to where it doesn't feel that awkward. I start playing hacks with the notion that I wanna play savestateless but usually at some point I will use a savestate, and I kinda tend to use them frivolously from then on, particularly with hacks that, like SMW, only have save points at ghost houses, castles, or fortresses. My will is kinda weak, and that's one reason I don't play too many hacks.

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I usually use ZMZ these days though before I would use ZSNES and snes9x (I do still use them sometimes. I use speakers and a keyboard. As for savestates, I do savestate sometimes but that usually depends on the difficulty of the hack.
I usually use ZSNES for almost everything. I use my keyboard, and tend to use savestates at some point, but I abuse them rather often in Kaizo hacks, obviously, even in normal hacks if there are harder levels. As for video filter, I use the 512x448 size that keeps a 8:7 ratio; I think I'm satisfied with it. I use headphones, no matter whether a specific part breaks or not, and I almost never use any sort of tools.

Originally posted by Katerpie
I usually use ZSNES for almost everything. I use my keyboard, and tend to use savestates at some point, but I abuse them rather often in Kaizo hacks, obviously, even in normal hacks if there are harder levels. As for video filter, I use the 512x448 size that keeps a 8:7 ratio; I think I'm satisfied with it. I use headphones, no matter whether a specific part breaks or not, and I almost never use any sort of tools.

This. It's like we're clones.

I really need a layout. :<
To play hacks or just about anything on the Super Nintendo I use ZSNES. I've actually always used ZSNES just because I wasn't aware that there were other emulators up until I joined this site. I did continue to use the emulator after I found out however because it has a built in recorder though now that I have a screen reordering software I guess I still stick with it because I'm content with it.

To play hacks I use a PS2 Controller which is plugged into a USB converter. The controller is however very old and is the last remaining PS2 controller I have. The left analog stick likes to get stuck once in awhile while the start and select buttons don't work anymore. I use L3 and R3 for start and select buttons now. (Not so bad once you're use to it though.)

Savestates it just depends on why I'm playing the hack. If I'm playing the hack to search for custom bosses then I use savestates a lot. If I'm playing the hack for fun then I don't use savestates.....about 98% of the time. The only times I use savestates is if I feel I been cheated or when it's necessary. (Getting screwed over because bad design, no powerups or midpoints provided and having to start the level over, or if I'm done playing and there hasn't been a save prompt.) Even if I die a lot I usually just take a break and come back to the level later.

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I play (and test) my hacks with ZMZ, on my keyboard, with cheap headphones. I only use savestates/rewinds when I come across an unfair section (sadly all too common) or when I've stopped playing to continue where I left off.
If I come across a compatibility issue I switch to ZSNES, luckily that's rarer in this age of compatibility and stuff.
Unfortunately ZMZ .zsts don't work on ZSNES and vice versa so there's a problem there.

Usually inactive/procrastinating on a hack idea.
Testing/moderating hacks: usually snes9x 1.53, sometimes bsnes/higan.

Playing hacks: snes9x 1.51-rr, because it's slightly faster and stuff. Very rarely bsnes/higan, if I feel like I want to play it like it was "authentic".
snes9x for everything, except for the incompatible hacks in which case I use ZSNES*. Don't know what a video filter is, keyboard, speakers, I use savestates when I reach the absolutely inevitable unfair point. I usually just make hacks and not play them because too many of them are badly designed.

I hate zsnes.
No, really. I hate ZMZ, Snes9X, and especially bsnes/Higan because they break on every hack that I like to play (ASMT, the VIP games, and some others). ZSNES fits my needs because it works with the hacks that I like to play. I hate video filters; I don't see the point. I use savestates all the time for playing normally, but for testing my stuff I don't use tools. I use my keyboard, as I find game controllers on a PC too hard to set up.
I'm using RetroArch as an emulator, as it's pretty much the only decent OS X compatible program. You can load any emulation core into the front-end, I usually use bsnes's core.

As for a controller, I use a wiimote, which is pretty sweet but can get a bit awkward with hacks that make extensive use of the spinjump.

I then connect my macbook to the TV for extra awesome.
i dont really play hacks. when i do, i use zsnes, since it is fast and doesnt lag or tear for me. i do not savestate (but I do rewind sometimes). like katerpie, i play on keyboard at 512x448 8:7 nofilters headphones.

when playtesting my own stuff, i use zsnes. also useful for savestates to view in stuff like racing stripe and vsnes. if i need to do serious testing, then i deal with the 12fps that bsnes-accuracy (debugger) gives me. dont really use s9x except if i want to record something (hardly ever), or check compatibility.
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I'm like Ladida; I don't really play hacks. But when I do, I use ZSNES, using a keyboard. I use savestates for any hacks that I play (except for my own), and usually rewind when I happen to test something. I happen to use ZMZ at very rare occasions.

Pretty short, but that's all.
My emulator of choice is ZSNES. As for control, I use the Numpad on my keyboard. I have a specific configuration that really works for me. I haven't been able to find anything else that works as well. I use savestates mostly for its convenience, not necessarily because a hack is hard.
I use Zsnes (because Snes9x sucks). For the controls, I use the default controls with exception of the save & load states (which are Q and W) I usually play hacks like if I'm TASing them because I like to play them like that unless the hack has a charm that makes me play normally.
Have always used Zsnes cause it was pretty easy to load up and play pretty much anything, use my keyboard and speakers cause I don't have a wired controller to use, and I only use save states when I'm done playing and use rewinds when I either die or get stuck


i always use zsnes (and sometimes, but more rarely, zmz) to play super mario world hacks. i used to use speakers, but now, i use headphones and a keyboard, which is much easier than a controller.

i always use savestates to play (probably that's why i find every hack so easy).

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I use mainly SNES9x but sometimes ZSNES (if the hack is incompitable to SNES9x) and higain if I test something (ASM and music stuff) but I usually never use ZMZ. I haven't got any headphones so I'm using speakers. I'm not playing on a controller because it's easier to play with a keyboard (for me) and I haven't got a controller anyway. :P I mainly savestate on hacks but sometimes I'm trying it without savestates (still, if a hack gets too hard I'll use them).

Okay, my layout looks ugly.
I typically use ZSNES (although I have used snes9x in the past.) I try to avoid using savestates at first, but inevitably end up using them when a hack starts to get difficult.

As for control, I use a Logitech controller that I purchased for $25. I really can't stand using the keyboard for SMW and I'm honestly quite surprised that so many people here do use it to play hacks.


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