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[REMOVED] kirby-mission:save world - Daniel 155
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] kirby-mission:save world - Daniel 155
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This hack was pretty nice! I really found quite good how the hack introduces Kirby as the protagonist of the hack and the new story seemed to fit pretty well, even if it was simple. The addition of the graphics from other Kirby games was also a nice idea to make the gameplay of the hack feel a bit like the Kirby games even if the gameplay wasn't exactly a replica from the original game. Still, kudos for that.

The level design was mostly fine at my end, there were some linear and a bit flat areas sometimes but this wasn't a huge issue since sometimes I also found variated design choices around the levels and I think this made the level design of the hack look quite good! I personally didn't find it really bad to see some areas requiring babysitting but I wouldn't say it was really nice at all. As a small suggestion, I'd say you to put some actually threaten enemies at those flat and linear areas I mentioned to you for your future works since they also felt bland.

But something I still couldn't get was the fact that after you defeat the final boss I don't go anywhere else and I get stuck at the boss battle room and I'm forced to wait until the timer ends to die and I don't proceed to anywhere else... it'd have been nice if I was at least advised about it or if you could actually fix the ending of this battle. It's something I highly suggest you to fix if you ever submit an update of this hack.

I feel ambivalent about the verdict of this hack, therefore I'll let the reviews for this hack speak a better verdict for this hack, because I felt the bad and good points of this hack are equal and more opinions for the hack would be very nice rather than making a mistake at my end. You're already free to make reviews!

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I have mixed feelings about this hack and some of the negative feelings led me to my final judgement. Read on.

I am actually impressed with the main idea of the hack: A Kirby concept. I found the idea was implemented nicely but the elements of the level design let it down. The level design in this hack is not bad but it can be improved to a much better level in my opinion. Personally, I found the beginning of each level very energetic and that is a good thing in this hack. I found that the sprites were placed consistently in some levels but usually I get the impression that there is a sprite spam where you simply pasted sprites around the end of some levels and that is a big let-down in this hack. I would suggest you play some other hacks and take a good luck at how they are structured so you can get some ideas. Also it seems sometimes that you are burned out when making the levels so if that is the case, do not force yourself to work any further. Other aspects I noticed included item babysitting and while it isn't used in a bad way in this hack, I would still suggest thinking about where the player could lose the item. For example, losing the P-Switch to a pit of munchers was certainly my doom in this hack as it led to an instant death. The sprite and level structure was ambivalent in this hack overall but to put it shortly: It generally goes from good to sloppy. Ending this part on a final note, I really like the fact that there are bosses at the end of each level but might I suggest that you think carefully about how you structure it so that the difficulty does not become too easy as I can defeat one boss in a few seconds.

The aesthetics in this hack are really pleasing in my opinion overall. I noticed that you used Kirby graphics for the majority of this hack and they looked really good to me. I did see some cutoff from time to time but they were not really major. I would like to suggest that you replace some other miscellaneous elements (coins and some sprites) to match with the Kirby tileset (along with one castle that was not Kirby-like but looked good nevertheless). Also I have to say that for some boss battles, I noticed vanilla graphics which looked really out of place so I would suggest you fix them. Some other graphics were not bad but Level 4 could benefit from custom graphics instead of the default ghost house graphics. The overworld could have also been designed better (by hiding level tiles and making the land more interesting) and the palettes could be improved slightly despite (for the most part) being nothing wrong with them.

Ending this review with a few other things I would like to mention, I would say that the title screen could have been non-looped. I would also focus on integrating the hack more such as some graphics and the overworld as I mentioned before. There is also one important thing I would like to mention here and that is the final boss. When I defeated it, I was stuck until I had no time left in the game clock. A bit disappointing there, I would fix that (also that level had no secret exit [it having a red level on the overworld which I believe was used to represent the level's nature instead of its exit status] from what I could find so mentioning somewhere it does not have one would be nice although I could be mistaken). Those are the major things in the hack.

Difficulty: I would say it is Normal despite it being a short hack. The level design influenced by decision here.

Deciding whether the hack should be accepted or rejected is tough since there are good and bad things in this hack that are represented equally. I think I am going to go with rejection as I would like you to improve the level design along with a couple of other things I have mentioned. The level design was a big factor in deciding the fate of the hack (this time at least). I can see room for improvement so don't be discouraged! Try your best to improve. #ab{:)}
Difficult: Normal

Not bad. Not bad at all. But I found some problems:

- Maybe I'm not the best person to judge, but this hack has a very bad grammar. And you should not write everything with capital letters.

- The status bar says you have "HP X 5", but you die with a single hit. You should change it to "LIVES X 5". It makes more sense.

- Completing Level 2 causes a random explosion event at the overworld.

- Levels 1,2,3 and the last one feels like the same level. Not only because the BG and FG are similar, but the gameplay and level design are very similar. I don't know if it was intentional, but it feels kinda boring.

- And the most important: I could not beat this hack because after defeating the Giant Hammer Bro. at the final level nothing happened. I got stuck at an empty room.

So, after all, I think this hack should be Rejected at it's current state.

Don't give up, though.
Pretty weird hack I must say.
I'll start with a positive aspect: the idea. Concepts like yours are very appreciated, in this case, having Kirby as player, with a totally new plot. That's a really nice effort.
Too bad this hasn't been executed pretty well: I'm talking about aesthetics. You have a mainly Kirby GFX + Megaman X music + SMW sprites... and the result is very, very clashy. I think the main idea would be about Kirby's world, so you should've used fitting music and suitable sprites for these. This really disappointed me, because I was hoping to find more Kirby-ish elements/gimmicks.
Aesthetic aside, the level design was terrible: I think you overused slow/medium scrolling generators a bit. Other than this, your levels look kinda flat, boring and repetitive, and so the overall was not fun at all. Certain screens were even plain section with one sprite in it. Definitely not good...
Another few issues I find in this hack are the absence of midway points, which is really needed in hacks like yours, not because it was hard (instead, I'd be for medium-easy difficulty), but because of its size: the more the level is long, the more chances the player has to lose. A last thing may be the 1HP, which is very annoying: this made some parts really frustrating to pass.
Overall, I didn't liked this hack, so I'm going to be for the reject side. There's a lot of work to put in this in order to make it acceptable, so keep working and don't give up~
So yeah, that was a hack...
Ugh, now what to write about this one? Guess I'll just be frank here, I didn't really enjoy it that much.
Let's see what didn't sit right with me. First of would be the levels. While the custom graphics looked good, the level design itself was so-so. You seem to have most comonly just used the same BG/FG graphics with the castle sprites (and sometimes others). So there was little variety in your levels.

Another thing would be that the levels seemed rather flat and boring. I could dash through most of them. I would just jump over the thimps when at full speed or just keep running when not full speed because they would jump over me then. The thomps would harly ever catch me and so on.
You also seem to have a thing for auto-scrolling, as like every second level had such a segment. Unfortunatly though, those weren't all that challenging either. The biggest thread were probably the bullet bill generators.

Now for the custom bosses. This is one of the other things I didn't really like. Having a hack where every level has a boss is nothing new, but the bosses were (to me) more annoying than challanging. Well ok, the crab was challanging, but I still hate that boss for it annoys the crap out of me. I was kinda surprised to not see the homing thwomp boss in there. Not to mention the last boss. I don't know if this is something that happened to others too, but I got stuck in the last boss room after defeating the boss... just nothing happened

In the end, I'll have to reject this hack.
The level design was flat and the gameplay rather boring. And of course the fact that I couldn't beat the last level (in bowser's mouth)

As a footnote:
1. If you use Layer 3 smash, make sure that the ceilling goes all the way
2. Fix your spelling

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... what even am I doing with my life?
First of all the Hack started off looking way more professional than I expected it by a beginner like you... The title Screen is nothing that might keep anybody from playing further and there is even Custom music inserted, that doesn´t sound too bad! The intro message is not the most enjoyable one to read though - Please take a look at grammar and if you are even worse at writing flawless texts than I am, think about letting somebody else work through your texts!

I personally did not like the Overworld at all... It did not only have a really bad palette in my opinion, but you used a lot of wrong tiles as well and its hard to ignore the perspective-fails (At least if you already had contact to anybody from the german SMW-community #w{=P}). The music did not sound all that good to me as well, but that might really be a personal opinion only.

The levels themselves have an average design. There is nothing special about them, but they are not extremely bad either... Except the fact that you put a boss fight after every single one and even used different graphics for the rooms. That´s not a good idea imo! In the last room of the final level (that had a surprisingly nice looking palette animation btw) I got stuck... This is one of the reasons why I am voting for reject!

This is not a hopeless attempt to make a good Hack though! It sure has potential! #w{=D}

C3 stuff: HDMA-Codes and Custom Music included!

1 Island Of Vanilla Feeling:

MaSeHiHa World 1:


This hack is decent. I liked the concept of having to play as Kirby in hack. The hack even takes place in Dreamland, but there's no Kirby music in this hack. Which I found wired, but oh well.

This hack's level design isn't all that great. The level design just felt boring and flat at times. This is very noticeable in the auto-scroll rooms. The enemy placement wasn't that good ether, because there was a bit too many enemies in a lot of areas.

I liked how all the levels ended with a boss fight, but a lot of the bosses were just too easy. I didn't really enjoy playing the final level because it felt like the only obstacles were the enemies. When I beat the boss at the final level (which was the easiest boss by the way) nothing happened when I beat him.

Overall, I'd say reject. The level design needs a lot of work.
Yes, this is a thing.

This log will be quick.

It was refreshing to have Kirby as a playable character in a hack (real change of pace). The graphics Daniel used were cool, so was the music, but the levels could have been more interesting. Plus, I was just nervous and scared the whole way through.

After having played the first level, I noticed that there were no power-ups, no midpoints, and the boss (a Clawglip) came flying at you like a 1D fangirl after you said something bad about Harry Joyner. At this point, I was scared that this hack would be headed in the same direction as... O Ninja Negro.

In the end, it's not as scary as I thought. It's actually better than I first expected (my low expectations came from the really bad English, which is at least still readable), and is easier than I thought it would be.

I must say that it's annoying as all hell to die near the end of one of his long levels and restart the whole thing. It's also annoying that there's NO powerups anywhere. This may have to do with the fact that a tall Kirby would look too awkward to implement, but it could have been tried anyway.

Finally, I must rant about the life counter saying "HP x 5" (5 could be any number between 1 and 99). You would think the HP is "hit points", as in he could take that many hits to compensate for the zero powerups, but no sirree bub.

Rejected. Do feel free to keep trying though. Your skills are definitely going in the right direction.
To be honest, I didn't like this hack that all too much...

In therms of level design, I think you didn't do very good. Every level has the same straight-forward, being the only instance of non-flatness an occasional vine that takes me to a P-switch... The design itself doesn't offer obstacles, leaving that task solely to the enemies. Sorry, but if I were you, I would reconsider redesigning most of those levels. I like that you had a sprite gimmick for each of them, but the design itself didn't surprise me, to be honest.

Also, I think you used auto-scrolling way too much. Auto-scrolling means slow progression, and in most of the rooms where it was used (see: most of the ones with slow auto-scroll) it turned them very boring in my honest oppinion.

Going into aesthetics; I'm not going to hide the fact that I got a bit bored after seeing the same GFX set in almost every level. :P I think it's alright to use them two or three times at best, but I'd like to see something different over the levels (besides the level design, of course!).

Also, I think you should work the overworld colors a bit. That blue is kinda too strong, and it doesn't blend well with the red for me.

As a last note, you should consider getting somebody to proofread your messages; you don't need to feel embarassed, non-native English speakers who can't speak it very well are very common over here - the me in the past is a good example of that. xD

Rejected for me. Good luck and all of that!

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