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[REMOVED] "Super Mario World Reloaded - Demo 1.0" by Armageddon
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "Super Mario World Reloaded - Demo 1.0" by Armageddon
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Name: Super Mario World Reloaded - Demo 1.0
Author: Armageddon
Length: 12 exits
Difficulty: Hard
Demo: Yes
Description: This is the second demo of my upcoming hack 'Super Mario World Reloaded'. After a break I'm back into SMW hacking! World 2 is finished and worked out. Please don't forget: It's still a Demo! Future versions will contain custom music and even some custom sprites/bosses. If unknown glitches occur or if you wanna give me some feedback, please visit my hack thread in the WIP forums or send me a PM. Have fun!

- Armageddon

Note: I removed some patches from the old Demo because of some errors occuring, I still have all files and insert them when more hacking progress is done.
Tags: altheronx, armageddon, custom, hack, mario, reloaded, smw, super, vanilla, world

Verdict: Rejected

Considering that the player is unable to continue after they had cleared the first castle, I have no choice but to reject the hack. The reason why the player is unable to continue is because you forgot to add the red exit tile on the overworld path. Situations such as these is why one has to do a final play though of their hack before they submit it onto the website's hack database. With that aside us, as long as you fix this glaring issue then I'm more then willing to play the hack all the way through.

Nevertheless there are also some other issues that I had with this hack as well, but just for a disclaimer these next couple of issues that I'm going to bring up are not the sole reason for your hack getting rejected. In fact, if the quality of the remaining levels are on par of that in world one then I honestly see myself accepting this later on. The reason why I'm going to mention these couple of issues of mine in the first place is so you can create something even better in the long one. With that, take these remaining issues of mine with a pinch of salt.

For starters I really liked some of the neat little ideas that you had through out the hack, resulting in some rather unique situations. Like for example the scaling mushrooms that you used in the third level, in which the player has to manipulate them in order to reach higher ground. In addition to that, I also really liked what you were trying to accomplish in the auto-scroll section in the first castle. With those two things aside though, I honestly believed that the execution was a tad bit lacking. When it comes to the term execution what exactly do I mean by that? For this hack in particular, there are really just two things that you should look into to make this hack of yours even better, and that is the sprite placement and occasional difficulty spikes.

With that out of the way, let's talk about the sprite placement. I found the sprite placement in this hack to be pretty decent at times, providing challenging situations in which the player has to overcome. However at the same time I feel that the placement of sprites wasn't the greatest, and that some situations were a tad bit questionable to say the least. For example, in the level “Wooden Path” between screen D and E, there is a monty mole that comes out of the ground that jumps up and falls down into the bottomless pit. Personally, I honestly believe that this example in particular was just a honest mistake and that you wanted the mole to go onto land. However, if that wasn't the case and that you wanted the mole to harm the player while in the air than that wouldn't really work. Considering the fact that the mole takes too long to get out of the ground for this obstacle to work as intended.

Speaking of sprite placement, there were some cheap shots here and there throughout this hack as well. A example of this would be in the beginning of the level called “Mushroom Fields”, in which the player has little to no time to respond to the Goomba coming towards their way.

With that out of the way this hack also suffers from the occasional difficulty spike, and none of that is more obvious then in the auto-scroll section in the first castle. The sole reason why I found this section in particular to be so frustrating is because of the spikes that are litter throughout. Granted, there's nothing wrong with using spikes from time to time but situations such as this...

...are extremely unfair considering the fact that the player has to land perfectly on that one-tile platform. Personally, I would lower the spikes that are next to the one-tile platform down one or move the one-tile platform up one, resulting in the situation into being a lot more fair.

Overall, as long as you fix the glaring overworld issue that I mention earlier then I can see myself accepting this later on as long as the remaining levels are on par of what I had played so far. The other two issues that I mention (sprite placement and difficulty spikes) you don't necessary have to look into if you please not to, but I feel it would be of best interest if you do.

Nevertheless if you have any questions or concerns you are more then willing to throw me a PM or post in this thread, either way is fine for me.


Users Who Have Earned A Point In This Thread

Lithuanian Dude

I'm pleasantly impressed by this hack in general: I had fun playing it overall, but I'll go in order.
The level design is good I think (I'll focus on the first world only, since I'm unable to go after the first castle). The former levels were pretty flat in my opinion, with poor sprite placement and lack of ideas to make the levels fun. Maybe you did it on purpose, because yes, first levels are the easiest ones, but this doesn't mean you're allowed to make a plain level with a few enemies spawned around. I appreciated the second part of the first world more (talking about the line guided level and the castle): these are levels where level design has been executed pretty well. As said before, I had fun playing this overall; my suggestion would be to find workarounds and ideas like you did for these two levels, that, in my opinion, are splendid in terms of level design. Another thing I suggest is to keep track of the difficulty curve: now, because the first levels are too flat, I think there's a difficult spike from the line guided level. This concludes that planning the first levels as the last ones (of the world, of course), would not only improve the level design, but it will also fix this difficult spike.
As for aesthetics, I have no complaints maybe: palettes were good in general and not eye soaring or something. Your best palette is the one used by the background in the line guided level. If I have to make a complaint, maybe the castle's palette could have been a little better in general.
In conclusion, as for glitches, well...I already said that you're unable to continue playing after beating the first castle, probably because you forgot to put the OW exits. Speaking of the OW, the road tiles don't get brighter once you cleared a level. Not major, but it would be cool if you can set proper tile events and so on.
Unfortunately, just because players can't get past the first castle, and your demo supposes to have 12 exits, I would reject the hack. As for the difficulty, I think that I'd go for easy, since your first world looks easy.

Nice little hack here despite some significant problems.

It was a bit refreshing to play this hack for me as it gave a sense of something new despite it being vanilla looking. You have good concepts and strong level design for the most part. The level design in this hack is quite good and the levels themselves are well designed. Beginning the hack, I start off with an easy level that progresses throughout and maintains consistent design despite the slight increase in difficulty. Each level continues with the unique design and it implements clever ideas such as Yoshi usage which is required to obtain items without backtracking through broken design ideas. Good job on that. Unfortunately, there are certain elements of the design that were questionable for me. You need to be careful with how you place sprites in certain areas as the player can get killed if a mistake is done. I experienced this mostly in the first castle. Sprites must be placed in good positions and hurt blocks such as spikes must also be placed in good areas. Jumping between places should not require block specific jumps as that is quite annoying especially in the first world. I expect this type of thing to happen in later worlds but not the first one. One other major thing influenced my views on the castle level and that is the problem with the sprites themselves which I will get into shortly. Overall however, good job!

The aesthetics of the hack are pretty pleasing for the most part though I do feel some parts such as the red mushroom ledges in Mushroom Fields and some smoothness could be improved overall. I must add here that I really liked the palette in the castle. That was pretty impressive. The only other thing I am going to talk about here is glitches and this is what sealed the fate of the hack. There are some sprite memory problems in the castle as I implied earlier and jumping on invisible sprites isn't really good. One of the more concerning parts however is the overworld glitch with the paths. You have two problems here: One is that the events don't exactly work as the paths don't light up after beating a level and two is that after beating the castle level, I cannot continue and get stuck. I would suggest you fix those glitches as they are pretty severe in a small hack like this.

Difficulty: Despite one or two unfair areas regarding sprite usage, I would go with an Easy difficulty setting.

The overworld glitch of getting stuck made me go with rejection but I would also suggest fixing the other glitches and improving on some aspects of the hack. Improving here doesn't seem difficult so good luck!

That was a nice demo, but still needs some work.

But, honestly, you should fix your overworld. The exit after the first castle is not working, and all exits are enabled once you start the game. I don't know if it was intentional, since it's a demo, but it feels kinda weird.

About the hack itself, yeah, I had some fun playing. It has some potential to become a great vanilla hack in the future.

About the difficult, I would say normal, since it's only the first world. I have no problem with any of the levels, but I could not get past the first castle due to that problem I mentioned before.

But for now, I would reject this demo. The main reason is the overworld, that really needs to be fixed.

NGWU Edit: I found this review in particular to be rather lacking because it's a tad bit short. Granted there's nothing wrong with writing a short review, but my main problem is that you didn't really went into explanation. I mean, what exactly to you mean by this hack having potential? Do you mean that the level design is decent, or are you referring to something else totally different? Nevertheless, I'm giving you a +1 for this review despite the flaw within it, but it's something you should improve upon.

Have any questions or concerns about this just throw me a PM.
Well, this actually was a nice little hack.
I liked the overall way the levels were, even if they felt a little empty sometimes.
I don't really have anything to complain about as far as the levels are concerned. You decoraded them nicly and all, so they have an overall good appearance.
The enemies also seemed to be placed good enough. There are no slowdown or enforced difficulty done by enemy spamming.

Of course it bothers me that the game ends after the first castle (which probably was unintended)

The overworld paths not working (or probably just not being there) is something that doesn't really bother me. It's a demo after all. And it's not like some of them work and some don't. One can tell that they just haven't been implemented yet.

As for what notgoodwithusernames said, I don't think that segment sith the spikes is unfair at all. Having the block to land on and the spikes at the same level leaves you with planty of space before they actually hurt you. You don't have to land exactly on the block for this to work out.

Verdit: I'll go with rejected. Not because the hack was bad, but because it's said to have 12 exits which makes me think that the fact that the player climbes up after teh castle and the game more or less ends there is more of a bug than on purpose.
If the game really is suppose to end at the castle, I'll still have to reject this though, for beeing to short :<
Whatever the problem is, please fix it, for I want to play the rest ^^

Difficulty: Given that I've only played world 1, it might get harder later, but for now I'd say normal


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Let's see...Title screen isn't changed since it has original SMW demo level but the title had add ,,reloaded'' word in it.

Good reason is that the 3 levels are good,except the castle and yellow switch,because I'm going to tell you.

Yellow Switch Palace looks decent.Why don't add one more level section?Is because you do that,you can EASILY beat this palace.

For the castle,normally what others said,spikes are unfair next to one block.

Glitchy parakoopas must be fixed.

Overworld looks unfinished. If you don't clear these levels,you can move,but if you beat it,the icon level will appear,but the path doesn't do anything.Second one,if you beat the castle,Mario goes up there and it gets glitched.

Verdict - Rejecting due to glitches.

Difficult - I'll choose it normal,because of the castle's auto-scroll section that has unfair spikes and pits.

NGWU Edit: Just an FYI, but there's should be a space between both the word and punctuation (such as "." and ","). In other words, instead of this...

Originally posted by Wrong way
This sentence is just a test,don't you agree? should be this instead.

Originally posted by Right way
This sentence is just a test, don't you agree?

Apologies if this point of mine is a tad bit nit-picky, but it will make your review much more readable and as a result the creator of this hack will have a easier time understand it. However with that in mind, I'm still going to give you a +1 for this review because that's the only problem I had with it. As well as the fact that if I didn't give you a point for this, it will make me look extremely bias considering that I too have a hard time writing in English from time to time.

Have any questions or concerns about this just throw me a PM.
Thanks for the feedback everyone.

@Armageddon: If you have any questions about your hack you're more then willing to toss me a PM about it.
THX for the feedback!

So I'm gonna start here.

I copied all levels and the ow to a new rom because of patches screwing up - i tested my demo and the entry to w2 worked. Well...

For the difficulty, W2 is harder at all so I decided this difficulty. Overall the hack will be hard.

Yeah, the Yellow Switch Palace is easy and they are supposed to be puzzles in my hack, I didn't have the right switch palace tiles for a good one so I decided to do this later.

The paths aren't implemented on this ROM yet but the overworld is finished as you can see in my WIP thread.

Well, I mostly needed feedback for world 2 so it's my fail, maybe I do some world 3 work and submit a new one just with w2 + w3.


I'm back! placeholder Actual projects: SMW World 8 & a Geometry Dash styled hack :)
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