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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

General thread for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

The anime adaptation of Part 3, Stardust Crusaders, is currently airing every Friday.

Both the anime adaptation of Parts 1 and 2, and the anime adaptation of Stardust Crusaders, are available on Crunchyroll.

I think Stardust Crusaders is going to end up being 24 episodes, based off of the official website's Blu-ray listings, with 6 volumes of 4 episodes each.
But, judging by the pace of the show, I am thinking they will do 24 episodes, then take a break, and finish the rest of Part 3.
I believe this because we are currently 4 episodes in, and we have covered 11 chapters of the manga. Part 3 has 152 chapters in total, and David Production is also adding in some new content, such as the majority of episode 3.
They also don't appear to be skipping anything from the manga, although it is a bit hard to say when we are only 4 episodes in.
I think if they end up keeping the Dark Blue Moon fight, then there is a very high probability of them not cutting anything.

I kind of wish the pacing was a little faster, because it does feel a little slow at times, but that might be because I have read the manga.
When I watched the anime adaptation of Part 1 and 2, I had not read the manga at the time, so everything was new to me.

Episode 4 just came out today,
beginning the cast's journey to Egypt, the first actual enemy with a Stand, and introducing Polnareff. I am not sure whether I like his anime voice or the voice from All Star Battle better.
Same thing with Kakyoin, but I think Kakyoin's ASB voice is a bit better.
Tower of Gray was one of the least interesting fights of Part 3, so if you didn't find him that interesting, it does get much better than this.
Overall though, the majority of the Stands in Part 3 pale in comparison to the Stands in the later Parts, where they can be super creative and interesting.
Yeah, it looks like the anime is going to continue the same 1:1 rate as the last two parts.

Honestly, I'm really looking forward to see how they animate Hol Horse/his fight.
JoJo is life.
I love Jojo (got into it from the new anime) and often do Jojo-esque poses in real life (I don't really have a Stand though unfortunatly#tb{D:}). I like it for the hammy dialogue, FABULOUS characters, clever tactics in fights and increasingly bizarre and conceptual Stand abilities (expecially in part 4 and onward).
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I really like how the openings of the anime is full of sneaky spoilers, it's a nice for those who already know what will happen(the opening of part 2 even show hermit purple).

The recent episodes of the anime have been amazing since they featured some the more interesting stand in part 3. I hope they will do another unique ED for the Darby brothers like they did with Oingo Boingo
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders has ended! The spectacular final battle between Dio and Jotaro has occurred at long last! When Dio
drank Joseph's blood
his powers were boosted to the next level (as well as getting an impromptu makeover into a glam rocker/clown/drag queen) but it wasn't enough to stop Jotaro from kicking his ass. And we finally got to the famous "road roller" scene where Dio tries to kill Jotaro by dropping an entire friggin' compactor on top of him. I think that's a scene pretty much anyone who knows Jojo knows (although the OVA replaced with an oil tanker for some strange reason because explosions are cool). But then Jotaro survived by
busting out a time stop of his own
. When he told Dio that
he'd give him a chance to regenerate his wounds "to give him a fair shot"
I was like "Noooo! Underestimating your opponent and toying with them because you have an overwhelming ability is totally a villain move! Dio did the same thing and look at how well it worked out for him! Don't do it Jotaroooooooo!!!" (without all the exclamation marks though, my mom was home and I didn't want to startle her). But then it all worked out and I was like "Phew". And Jotaro's explanation of the one reason why he beat Dio was the most badass thing ever. Spoiler:
it's because he (Dio) pissed him off.

When Joseph
acted like he was possessed by Dio through the transfused blood
I was like "Whaaaaaa?! Did NOT see that one coming!" but then it turned out to be just a (somewhat bad taste IMO) joke so again, phew. It was funny that Jotaro could tell
it was really Joseph and not Dio
by his knowledge of "pointless crap" like Al Yankovic songs.

All in all, an amazing fight to cap off an amazing series. Hope they do part 4 next.
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I'm starting Stardust Crusaders (yes I'm late, I know) and it's p. good so far

Gonna try and marathon some eps tomorrow

They better adapt Diamond Is Not Crash or else

Does anybody know where to read anything of Part 5 past Sex Pistols 2?
All the sites I checked out just stop there and skip to Part 6, did literally nobody ever scanlate the rest of 5?
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So we got a shit recording of a PV for the Part 4 anime: The art style is very different from Parts 1-3, but Hirohiko Araki's art style in the manga shifted quite dramatically during Part 4 anyway, so this is closer to what was seen in the manga. Hyped for this in April!
Just checked it out and yeah, that art-style is way different (more traditionally "anime" if that makes sense). Still, part 4 marks the point where Araki's art started taking a turn toward androgynous fashion model bishonen instead of the RUGGEDLY MASCULINE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR PUNCH YOU IN THE NUTS RAH RAH RAH of the previous 3 parts (also his proportions got a lot better, from what I've heard).
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Time for a bump.

The anime for Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable started airing yesterday and I am pretty happy with it so far. The new art style I was a bit iffy on, but it's definitely grown on me, and seeing a full episode in motion, I'm satisfied with it.

The first episode served as an introduction to the new main character, Josuke Higashikata, and his stand, Crazy Diamond. We already got to see one clever usage of Crazy Diamond's healing powers toward the end of the episode, and as a manga reader, I can assure you we will see more creative uses of the power.

Anyone else watch it? Any thoughts?
Jotaro has one hell of a baby face in this style.
Also the town is a LOT more colorful than I imagined it while reading, gonna have to get used to that.
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Have you read Part 6? Jotaro manages to look even younger there!
Araki sure knows how to craft a thrilling fight sequence. The entire Josuke versus Bad (excuse me, 'worst') Company brawl made use of a superficially silly premise (evil army of toy soldiers) and managed to play it for genuinely compelling drama and tension. The actual animation wasn't super extensive or anything, and a lot of it was just back and forth banter between the hero and villain ("Everything's gone according to my plan!" "No, everything's going according to my plan!!") but it manages to be entertaining through the sheer amount of ridiculous scenarios Araki puts his heroes through, and seeing them come up with ingenious ways to survive/win.

You can tell how Araki gets his inspiration from horror movies, with the whole 'creeping through the dark abandoned house' bit in particular.
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Yeah, Josuke reminds me a lot of Joseph in part 2 with the clever plans and whatnot. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the next couple of episodes, which will showcase Echoes (not "Reverb"). Echoes is a pretty cool Stand, and I'm curious to see people's reactions to it.
Why'd they even bother localising Echoes, it's not like that isn't literally an english word.
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I think this was the craziest episode of Jojo so far in this season. Most of it consisted in a battle of wits involving two very strange (dare I say 'bizarre') and extremely specific Stand abilities. The bad guy of the week's in particular was basically a 'weaponized guilt trip'. These crazy powers allow for battle scenes that, while they may not be the flashiest, are certainly stuff that you've never seen in Shonen before.

Koichi's newfound Stand ('Echoes') was also interesting for how super-specific and yet vague its power is. So it can 'put sound-effects on things' which causes the sound to repeat endlessly in the target's mind, but it also effects their body too to some degree (Tamami was clearly feeling the impact of those 'crack' sounds, after all), and can even be used as hypnotic suggestion by inserting a certain word or phrase into the target's mind. Araki excels at taking abilities that seem so specific as to be downright useless and coming up with creative ways they can pose a threat.

Araki also excels at making some downright hateable bad-guys who you love to see getting beaten into the ground when the hero triumphs over them. This week's Tamami for example was pretty low-key in his aims (basically just a glorified con-artist) but manages to be a memorable villain thanks to his utterly despicable, shameless and groveling personality. I'd say there's few manga authors around who do 'I just wanna punch that guy in his stupid face' villains better then Araki.
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Tamami didn't feel the impacts,
that comes with Echoes ACT 2

I'm not really sure what you mean by extremely specific stands though, other than not being a humanoid/fighting body (which granted there haven't been many of those) The Lock isn't all that specific in its ability. Makes ye heavy if ye guilty, but that can come from all kinds of things.
Well, maybe it is kinda specific compared to the standard part 3 sets, stands get REALLY specific and strange as time is going to go on though.
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