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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Part 3 has a lot of really basic Stands. In Part 4 and onward, almost every Stand has a very creative ability, and it leads to some great fights that require the users to think on their feet in order to win.
Censoring 'Surface', seriously? It's just an English word...

Also, man did that Stand have one terrifying ability. The longer Jojo goes on, the more I can see Araki's credentials as a horror writer showing...

The thought of being helpless to control your own body while some petty sadist makes you try and mutilate yourself... *brrr*

I liked how Toshikazu lost literally because
he couldn't restrain his urge to be a dick to random people on the street. All Josuke did was tell those two motorcyclists where he'd be
, the rest was pure, sweet karma...
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They just decided to localise every last stand name instead of half-assing it.
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Another great episode of Jojo. Araki is really a master at crafting innovative, suspenseful fight sequences. Heck, even Okuyasu got to show with some fairly clever strategies instead of just being the team idiot. Though he still fell for (Red Hot) Chili Pepper's last-resort gambit, even though he realized that CP was likely screwing with him (after all, if he was really planning a surprise attack then warning Okuyasu beforehand would rather defeat the point) but got confused and ended up doing the wrong thing anyway.

Rather strange how laid-back the rest of the cast seemed at points. Like Jotaro and Josuke strolling over to the weakened CP at a downright leisurely pace (giving him plenty of time to pull off aforementioned gambit) or seemingly forgetting that Okuyasu had just gotten sucked into a power-line near the end (sure, Josuke saved him but if he'd just been a few seconds late...). Some of it is the usual anime pacing issues but even when we actually see J&J crossing the distance they're moving just as slowly as you'd assume they were from how long it actually took.

Chili Pepper's chickenface was also kind of ridiculous (perhaps intentionally so?) and kind of killed the drama in all the scenes he was in, to some degree. It's just hard to take seriously a bad guy who looks like that.
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I like Chili Peppers' chicken face, his nasty grin makes him look just like the backhanded asshole he is.
Their slow movement when Chili Peppers was down could be excused by saying that they were just very certain that he was defeated and they DID speed up once Okuyasu began lashing out, but yeah that's just manga->anime translation issues, where you can't fit all the conversation into giant speech bubbles on a single page.

The laid back attitude about Okuyasu being sucked in was definitely on purpose though, Jotaro and Josuke both knew that he wasn't really in danger with the arm there, they would've reacted differently if there wasn't such a downright easy way to recover him.
Just take it with a grain of salt, it was an attempt to make them look JJBA-cool, the only thing missing was a fancy pose.
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Man, even by Jojo standards Akira was one ridiculous villain. Not saying that was a bad thing, mind you. Araki is one of the best at crafting quirky, entertaining minor villains and Akira, with his garish dress sense, rocker pretensions, over-the-top reactions and habit of breaking into rage-fuelled guitar solos is certainly an exemplar of that talent.

The Chili Pepper fight was epic as well, with lots of clever strategies shown on both sides. I don't quite get how Josuke won at the end, though.

trapped Chili Pepper in a tire which he smashed and reformed through Crazy Diamond, then CH broke out only for the air in the (still full) tire to be released at once and fling him into the ocean
. I get that, but wouldn't being completely smashed and put back together have let the air out of the tire to begin with? Unless CD somehow managed to put back all the air molecules as well, but there's no indication it has that kind of precision...

I'm also not quite sure how Akira managed to
drag himself half-dead off the docks, swim through the ocean, climb aboard Joseph's boat and somehow get his hands on a Speedwagon Foundation uniform
, all without either Josuke or Koichi noticing anything amiss. Though it did give Okuyasu a chance to show off his 'intelligence' so...

Either way, this was a very fun and entertaining episode. I'm sure I was grinning like a maniac during the whole Akira versus Josuke bit.
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CD has basically 100% precision regarding its abilities, you're gonna see some insane uses later down the road.
Putting the air back in isn't even that strange if you consider that it regularly puts blood back where it belongs, sometimes without even using the blood that's spread on the walls/floor.

Just consider Crazy Diamond as a sort of mini time reverse, it's easier that way. Calling it "healing" would be wrong considering it started showing its ability to break stuff into its ingredients lately.
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Finished episode 15 this morning. I think Rohan would pretty much have to be a Sociopath for his actions in this episode to make any sense. I mean, he kidnaps people, is perfectly willing to kill in order to get inspiration for his manga and even nearly forces Okuyasu to burn himself alive. I hear that he gets a more sympathetic characterization later on, but it's hard to see how given his frankly abhorrent actions in these last two episodes.

Then again it's not like Araki is a stranger to sudden Heel-Face turns. Like Surface guy (forgot his name) goes from being a psycho who nearly forces Josuke to gouge his own eye out and the next few episodes he's palling around with Koichi and the gang with absolutely no problem (even though, unlike Rohan it's clear he's still just as nasty a guy).

The actual episode itself was pretty good. Another villain trying the very ill-advised strategy of insulting Josuke's hair. Though unlike others, Rohan actually did it for a tactical reason, albeit severely underestimating just how pissed off Josuke would end up as a result. To be fair, he would've been clobbered anyway (albeit maybe not as hard).

I thought this episode would've culminated in
'Josuke versus Rohan' card game I'd heard about online, that ends up with Rohan's house burning down.
Maybe that's actually in a later part of the manga? We also get some backstory of why Josuke has such a complex about his hair, involving... a certain figure who looks exactly like him. I read that this sub-plot was never followed up, so... what? Did Araki plan for a time-travel event later on and end up disgarding it? It'd not be the only time he'd gone back and forth with certain events and powers.
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I edited your post to add a spoiler tag. Please don't spoil events of the story for the anime-only plebs :V
Ah, sorry! I originally posted this on another forum where spoilers weren't as big a deal, and didn't think to change when it posting it here. Forgive me.#tb{:(}
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You are forgiven. The part you mentioned is one of the funniest things that happens in Part 4 imo, so I didn't want to see that ruined for anyone else :P
Holy crap, I think this episode of Jojo's was the most grotesque by far. Those freaking rats. Way to combine body horror and fear of wild animals into one deadly mix, Araki. I can't imagine how somebody with Musophobia (fear of mice or rats) could even make it through this episode.

Aside from that, it was a good episode. Feel bad for those poor farmers trapped in the fridge though. Sure, Josuke can heal them with Crazy Diamond but they're still going to be traumatized as all Hell (and will probably never be able to look at gelatin or rats the same way again...). And how the heck are Josuke&co going to be able to explain this to them?

The climax was at no doubt the most satisfying scene of a man shooting a rat with rifle ammunition in history.

Also, Star Platinum was badass and all but I can't help but feel the time-stop could've been used far more effectively. Like stopping time and strafing around to see where the rats were rather then relying on the shots to locate them. Though it's not clear exactly long Jotaro can stop time or how many times he can do it in quick succession, so it might be excusable.
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Last episode was just ok. Ratt was always my least favorite arc in Part 4, but they cut out the best part (Josuke was supposed to get a lot more upset about his expensive clothes getting wet and make this face). They cut some stuff to make it only one episode (probably for the best).

However, next episode will be a game changer. Things start to get really really good.
Has anyone else noticed that the art is starting to get really good? I mean just look at these images. I hope this trend continues because this is making the anime that much more enjoyable to watch.
So, his episode was a far more somber and subdued one by Jojo standards, which still means enough over-the-top reactions and melodrama to fill up any other show.

Reimi really was adorable. Given the relative lacking of female characters in Araki's works, it was nice to see a genuine cute girl who didn't turn out to be secretly psycho or anything like that. Yukako was entertaining, but the way her face was drawn a lot of the time... it certainly fit her character, but let's just say it made me doubt whether the artist actually knew how to draw faces other then super-macho Fist Of The North Star style.

Just makes me a bit sad that such a beautiful, cheerful and vivacious girl had her life cruelly cut short at so tender an age. Which was clearly the intent. And, as if it wasn't any more obvious the inspiration Araki takes from horror stories, the events of her death were taken almost verbatim from a popular urban legend ('Humans Can Lick Too').

Looks like this'll finally mark a turn from the episodic shenanigans of the past 16 episodes to a more focused hunt for Reimi's killer. Speaking of which, it was hilarious when Josuke said about her killer (paraphrased) "It's not like you'll just run into him like calling for a taxi or something," and then literally a few seconds later Koichi nearly crashes into a car driven by a certain Yoshikage Kira. I also never imagined Kira as having blonde hair, to the point that even as someone familiar with the manga, I wasn't even sure it was him upon first sight (until a hand showed up).
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You read the manga and never saw a colored picture of Kira ever?
I completely forgot as well because I was too used to Kira 2.
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What a weird and dumb episode. Obviously supposed to be a comedy, but the show's sense of humor never really goes beyond 'saying ridiculous things really loudly'. I don't think this episode ever got anything more then a mildly amused grin out of me. It didn't help that Shigechi's voice was the most annoying I've heard in a while.

Also, has anybody else noticed the subtitles consistently use 'kewl' over 'cool'? I don't know if its an attempt to seem hip or imitate 'youth slang' or whatever but it's rather jarring. Not sure if its just the streaming site that I happen to use or a universal thing, though.

At least next episode some kind of fight is obviously going to break out between Josuke&co and Shigechi' Harvest, which should prove entertaining at least.
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Yo, Shigechi is cool and Harvest is an awesome Stand. I haven't watched the episode yet, but I'm quite looking forward to this one and the next two. Anyone who's read the manga is hyped for episode 20, I imagine.
They likely use kewl because Josuke is young and, being a bit of a delinquent, probably uses the japanese equivalent of kewl instead of cool.

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