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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

This was a good episode. Atom Heart Father's power was suitably abstruse (one of the more abstract powers yet from Jojo, I'd say) and how the heroes managed to thwart it was clever. I'm a little surprised Yoshihiro actually
got the better of them
at the end though, escaping with the
bow & arrow
and all. Though, I'm not honestly sure if there's that much they could've done with the
anyway even if they had kept it. Could've tested the
for Kira's DNA or something but I'm not sure if that would've mattered now that he's '

Have to say, I don't quite have a feel for how Cinderella's power works with the identity-swapping. Switching faces (and finger-prints) seems simple enough, but what about voices? Or height? Granted it's believable that
picked out someone of similar height to his own to yank into the beauty parlor, but there's no explanation for how their voices are similar as well.

Also, presuming Kira's left hand is the one that Crazy Diamond reattached (and never went through the finger-print swapping) shouldn't it have totally different fingerprints then his right? Not terribly likely to come up, but still...

Makes you wonder.
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Cinderella already showed that it can change voices, didn't it? That's one of the first things it did.
Changing entire body shapes also isn't new, she gave Yukako a complete body makeover that one time, it's not unthinkable that she could quickly change your height.

And yeah, I think you're right about the fingerprints. I don't remember if it ever even comes up, but Kira must've been pretty happy to see his hand just kinda float back on his arm after he already fled.
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I was hyped for this episode. It did not disappoint.
i just lurk sometimes
Well, that was the most epic Rock Paper Scissors battle in the history of ever. I'd heard of this moment in part 4 and it certainly lived up the hype. Bystanders must have been looking at Ken & Rohan like they were crazy, jumping around and calling out Rock Paper Scissors in the most epically over-dramatic way possible.

Though, I'm surprised that Ken didn't use his ability to control Rohan's right arm to cheat by forcing him to use a certain hand. Seems exactly the sort of trick Araki would showcase (and Rohan could counter it by tying up that arm or something). Maybe he just didn't think of it though, I mean, he was just a kid. Or just wanted to play fair since he seemed to take Rock Paper Scissors quite seriously.
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This is was a pretty entertaining comedic episode of Jojo. A lot funnier then the Harvest one, since it felt more like just rolling with the absurdity rather then constantly highlighting it with obnoxious reactions. Mikitaka was very much a likeable weirdo, and his behavior contrasted with Josuke&co's reactions definitely made for some amusingly bizarre situations. I also never noticed before but what is with Mikitaka's weird nose-ring connected to earring setup? Looks really strange and gaudy even by Jojo standards...

This was the episode of quirky fashion all around I guess, with Rohan's new ~fabulous~ outfit. I suppose next episode will be the much talked-about dice game between Josuke and Rohan? Certainly looking forward to that.

The interlude with Kira/'
' and
his wife
was interesting as well. And Shinobu is seriously cute as all Hell, with the girlish playfulness she showed coming on to 'Kosaku' being of particular note. I seriously hope Kira doesn't end up killing her or anything (which is very much a danger given his 'proclivities'). I also like that the episode showed Kira actually practicing to match
's hand-writing, rather then just hand-waving all the difficulties of fitting in with his
new life
away. A little detail, but it definitely added to the episode.
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New OP is great and this was a good ep. I didn't think they were going to split this arc in two, but they decided not to rush it (which is good). Next ep will feature Highway Star which is one Stand that I really like.
God bless this episode.
I didn't like the previous OP at all, song felt like something Naruto would use and the whole thing oddly lacked the iconic abstract JoJo style. This opening is perfect, look at ALL those Josukes and the whole sky ghosts thing is cute too.
Song is strange but grew on me and there's a good bit of foreshadowing spread around once again. Stray Cat :o

Alien man's transformations were animated pretty well btw, I had trouble imagining how it actually looks while I was reading.
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> Dislike chase for being "too generic"
> It's about Kira
> Kira wants a quiet life

Come on, it fits him perfectly.

Also, this episode was gold. And I still love Great Days... LET THE VOICE OF LOVE, TAKE YOU HIIIIIGHEEEEEEERRRRR
i just lurk sometimes
Well, this was a pretty good episode. The gambling match with Rohan made for some nicely absurd comedic moments (that awkward laughter was really well-done) and the Highway Star part was exciting enough given the rather round-about premise at work. Well, next episode is probably when we'll get to the really thrilling parts of this arc. Once again, Araki is really good at crafting Stands that would be absolutely terrifying if they existed in reality. This one plays on the fear of an invisible, unstoppable and implacable pursuer.

One thing I noticed was that this episode seemed to rely more heavily on still-shots then normal, to the point where there was actually fairly little animation in parts. Albeit, the dynamic atmosphere and music still managed to convey a sense of 'action' with little actual movement, but it was rather noticeable.
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Next episode will probably be the best so far but this was still good.
i just lurk sometimes
This episode knocked it out of the park tbh. Did a wonderful job setting the tone during the scene where Rohan was trapped and all that. Only gripe was that Josuke went off model in his face a bit in the first part (wrapping up the gambling).

Also, did you guys notice the slight changes to the OP?
Yeah, the whole rewind thing when they used to just shatter out of the black silhouettes.
If I had to guess I'd say it's building up to a Bites the Dust version where it all rewinds again, which would make the entire duplicates theme even better (cause they'd disappear backwards).
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God I really hope they do a special version of the OP. What they did for Part 3's at the end was amazing.
Wow, that episode was (as Josuke would say) great. Lots of awesome and badass scenes throughout, like with Josuke breaking apart his motorcycle to avoid hitting a baby carriage and then putting it back together with Crazy Diamond on the other side. Even Koichi got a chance to show off, playing it hilariously 'cool and casual' with that nurse to get Fungami's room number.

Really, everything about this episode was top-notch, managing both a fairly high level of strategy and also dynamic, high-speed action.
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Best episode so far.
i just lurk sometimes
For some reason I forgot that Echoes Act 3 actually does stuff between the first Kira encounter and the end of Part 4. I was pleasantly surprised by it here.
If stands are the manifestation of one's soul then why does Echoes speak english #wario{-_-?}
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Originally posted by leod
If stands are the manifestation of one's soul then why does Echoes speak english #wario{-_-?}

Clearly Koichi believes in the depths of his soul that gratuitous English is cool.#tb{:p}
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So, I finally caught up on the latest episode.

Pretty funny watching the super stoical Kira get trashed by some weird flower-cat... thing. Speaking of which, I think that's by far one of the quirkiest concepts to have come out of Jojo so far. Especially given how freaking dangerous the crazy little thing is. Seriously, it came within a hairs-breadth of killing Kira! That would've been one heck of a way to end Pt.4 early...

Hayato is also shaping up to be an interesting character. For a kid, he sure can think on his feet better then most adults! The food-swapping trick he pulled on Kira was clever enough, but his lightning-speed reaction to Stray Cat's surprise attack really cemented it. Seriously, even by Jojo standards of hyper-analytic characters I can't help but feel he figured out Stray Cat's true nature a little too quickly for his first encounter with the supernatural. How many people in that situation would immediately think "Oh, it's an air bubble"?

It's also unusual how even Kira, remorseless serial killer that he is, seemed to be showing a little bit of genuine care for Shinobu in this episode (when he protected her from the exploding cactus*). True, he says to himself that he's only worried because her dying might attract Josuke&co onto his case, but his repeated reassurances of such feel obviously intended to come off as insincere. Ala an archetypal twin-tailed tsundere insisting that she totally isn't doing something for the main hero because she likes him or anything. Baka!

Now, I pretty much know that Kira won't come to any kind of redemption over the course of this arc, but it's still interesting to note that there might be some shred of humanity in him after all, even if he ultimately ends up burying and ignoring it. I wonder if Araki planned that Kira might develop more of a conscience and then ended up disregarding the idea before it came of anything? That seems to be common thread in his writing style.

*Only in Jojo could 'when he protected her from the exploding cactus' come off as one of the less weird parts of an episode.
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Wow, Enigma guy is one serious creeper. Which makes sense given his abilities, but still...

Fungami was hilarious in this episode. Never expected him to be such a narcissist. Though, I kind of wonder how he went from being covered in bandages to clad a full school uniform in the amount of time it takes to strike a stylish pose... Jojo magic, I suppose.

This is also where one really starts to wonder how Araki came up with these combinations for Stand abilities. A living radio pylon that traps people in it... okay, strange but I can sort of see the thought process that could lead to that, but "Can fold somebody up into a napkin once I figure out their signs of fear"? How does somebody even come up with that?
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