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SMBX Download/Useful Resources Thread

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Included here are various useful resources for creating your level, including graphics, music recommendations and NPC codes (NPC codes can be used to edit some of the game's sprites and objects).

SMBX 1.3.1 Download Link - The program this collab is based on. Contains a level editor that can be used for both making and testing levels. Obviously essential.

SMBX CGFX Pack v3.1/New SMBX CGFX Pack - Both of those contain a few graphics that can be used in your levels. To use custom graphics, make a new folder at the level's directory and place them inside it.

NPC Codes - Those can be used to alter some of the game's NPCs. Make a .txt file with the same name as the NPC (can be seen at SMBX's NPC graphics folder) and use these. This text file briefly explains all NPC codes that can be used.

Here are some SMBX tutorials that could be useful.

Recommended Music List - Could be useful as a quick reference for the text file for NPC codes.

SMBX Sprite List
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