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SMWCX Discussion Thread

I've been interested in helping revive SMWCX for quite some time now. Looking at this thread the community still has interest in it, so I decided to go ahead and start working on it again.

Here's what I have in mind for now:

-Find people to join the Quality Control team and help playtesting levels.

-Change the way the levels are organized. This time it's going to have a set amount of worlds/levels, but the worlds will be organized by difficulty and not by a specific theme, to give the level authors more freedom. I need help with defining the levels/worlds though, so some suggestions would be great.

-Organize the already submitted levels, and start moderating submitted levels again.

-Finish creating the hub.

...and that's pretty much everything that needs to be done for the collab to be complete.


If you're interested on helping with the testing or have any suggestions/comments, feel free to post here.

e: Quality Control:

-Aeon (:P)
-Blue Leaf
I might chip in a level or two, if I have motivation

but you guys can send me your levels so I can play-test them ^^

glad to see this being revived finally
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It's good to hear that SMWCX has been revived!
I'd like to join the Quality Control team.
Also, how many worlds/levels are we aiming for?
I myself may chip in also. I'd just need to remember how this crazy thing works.
I am surprised SMWCX was completely revived considering the mixed opinions in this thread. All I can say is good luck for now.
I'm still up for Quality Control.
Same, I'm also good for doing more QC.
Well, I can't expect too much for this revival. Although SMBX revival ended up pretty well. Might pop in a level or two or more. I'm currently creating a desert level. Soon finished. Good to hear SMWCX is back. It may actually be finished.
Thanks! I guess there are enough QC members now.

Also @Blue Leaf, that's one of the things I'd like help with. What I plan on having for now is having 8 worlds with 6 levels each, one of them being some sort of bonus world.
I already have 2 levels (One Approved), but I'll be more than happy to test levels. Good to see SMWCX is a thing again.:O
It might be wise to contact people who still have an incomplete level and see if they're still interested in finishing it. It might also be worth bumping them so we can see how many levels are completed and how many still need work.

See if you can pull in a few level designers as well (perhaps make another news post).
I would be interested in taking part of this collab by helping with testing levels and making sure things work properly. I helped with a few months play testing an actual game (Rise of The Triad) and was a beneficial member of the team. Also, if any levels are to be trashed, I wouldn't mind pitching in if possible (as long as it doesn't take too much time, I don't care).
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Yeah, I'll make another news post when we actually start playtesting levels again.

Also I guess 8 worlds with 6 levels would be fine? Maybe it's a bit small, but I'd say it's good for now; we can always add more if we get more levels.
My Suggestions/Comments

1. Worlds & Levels

Having 8 worlds with 6 levels each sound reasonable to me. Stick with 8 worlds. If we end up with more than a submission of 48 levels, some worlds could have 7 or 8 levels, while the rest have 6.

2. Hub as the Overworld

Since we're dealing with SMB3 stars counting as the exits, it's reasonable to design a hub rather than an overworld.

3. Hub Design

We're allowing the freedom of level designers to design a level with any theme they wish to use. The best way of designing the hub is to include some castle or tower. Trying to assign different themes to different worlds would not make the best sense. I'm only saying that because the flow of difficulty should be linear, and nothing else. There's also a good chance that an easy level might be placed in a supposed "World 1 - Grassland" part of the hub, and might turn out to be an ice level.

With regards to designing the hub, I recommend looking at the following hubs from these SMBX projects: "Tower of Biased 2," "ASMBXT: Prelude to the Stupid," and "MaGLX." Their hubs are well designed for the most part, and it's definitely something we can emulate on.

4. Quality Control

If you're seeking more people for Quality Control, you should try recruiting peeps from the SMBX forums. We also have a few forum Level Judges. Perhaps one or two of them might be interested in joining the Quality Control team.

That's all I have to suggest for right now. Hopefully we get somewhere with this!
Two questions:
1) Who's the villain?
2) Is anyone making the hub. If not, I would like to do that.
I am Aeon Wisp if you are active on Joey's SMBX Forum.
Originally posted by IgnitusVonMage
Two questions:
1) Who's the villain?
2) Is anyone making the hub. If not, I would like to do that.

You cannot make the hub until Aeon tests all levels and decides to do something with them.
Where can we submit levels?
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Originally posted by ElTipsta
Where can we submit levels?

Post your level thread in the SMWCX section.
Nice to see this is revived.

I think an overworld will be a better idea than a hub. They're more aesthetically pleasing and hubs seemed to be getting overused a lot at the moment.

I also wanted to make some changes to my level 'Desert Temple', but the thread is locked! I'm not too happy with the boss, but I suppose I can send an updated download sometime soon.
A suggestion I have:

I think it would be a better idea to focus on getting all the older levels approved before focusing on the newer levels, like Galoomba plains.

I would help out with quality control myself, but I am undergoing exams at the moment and don't want to add too much to my workload. However, I do plan to contribute to this project and am already putting the graphics together for a level, and I'll possibly contribute a couple of my other levels too.

So yeah, expect more stuff from me :)
When I can be bovved a better sig will go here.