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SMWCX Discussion Thread

Originally posted by Imaynotbehere4long
Thanks; that makes me feel better. One question, though: what do the single slashes beside 1-3 and 3-2 mean? Those levels are listed as accepted in Eternity's list, but apparently don't count toward the total for your list.

Those slashes are for my personal use. It means that I haven't received the finished version of those levels yet.

Originally posted by Imaynotbehere4long
Also, Fortress of Au is listed as incomplete on the list, but complete in the thread. Am I missing something?

That part of the list also contains levels that aren't accepted yet (I agree that the name is a bit misleading). Note that Pikmin Forest is also in the list, even though it is complete.
So how many levels are left now? Is the episode complete or are levels still remaining to be done.
Originally posted by Nin
So how many levels are left now? Is the episode complete or are levels still remaining to be done.

According to Blue Leaf's Dropbox list, there are still four regular level slots and two secret level slots remaining.
Submissions have stalled again. Was a deadline ever decided on?

Also, Blue Leaf, I think Pikmin Forest was updated after you last reviewed it, and I don't think anything about it will be changed without another review. I mention this since DPBOX considers the level finished, but you still have it listed as incomplete.
It isn't complete yet. I haven't been able to get to it because I've been very busy with college stuff. I've had a lot of homework lately, but it'll all be done today. I'll have a lot more leisure time starting tomorrow, so I'll get to it soon, I promise!

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