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The SMW Glitch List

You can't fire fireballs when you're close to, but not actually, above the level boundary.

There appear to be some issues with sprite spawning when using the Autoscroll Special 4 command (might just be my rom getting wonky) and fireballs will sometimes disappear instead of bouncing. In addition, when nearly offscreen, a block's shatter sprites appear at the right hand side of the screen instead of where they're supposed to.
Collecting a feather as soon as you touch the ground (if you've done a running jump) will create a cape smash.

Grabbing a throw block and bringing it into a room with a Big Boo Boss will cause the Big Boo Boss to despawn (It respawns if you come back to its screen without the throw block).
Dry bones (both variations) and bony beetles won't despawn if they have been jumped on and haven't reformed yet. This applies to being off-screen to the left, right or bottom.
This is mostly useful for filling up sprite slots.

Another thing that should be known is that dry bones / bony beetles that have been jumped on and haven't reformed yet hurt Mario only if he's riding Yoshi, but I couldn't find it on the list.
Originally posted by anonimzwx
could be great if you put a list of current fixes.

You mean patches that fix certain glitches? Most of them are already listed in the OP, unless you actually mean something else and I was dumb.

I think he means merging from the Github page (which has ~20 more glitches than the list here right now), which I should probably do at some point.

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You can fall through the floor in levels with Autoscroll Special 4 enabled (the fast downwards vertical scroll) if you end up high enough above the level border.
The big boo boss's off-screen check seems inconsistent, upon defeat, if scrolled off-screen, it trigger the end level timer prematurely instead of waiting till it falls below the level. However, while the sprite is active and not defeated, it does process off-screen.
Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
If you touch a goal point/goal sphere in a level where the fast autoscroll is active, the level will continue scrolling and you'll die once you get crushed by the level boundary.
I wasn't able to find this on the list and I've never seen it before:
This happens in the original game too?

Korosu 2 has a lot of patches. We never know how all those stuff can affect the game.
I tried many times but I could not replicate it, neither in Korosu nor in vanilla Mario World. I haven't tried TASing it, though.
Not sure if this is already on the list, but when sprites are embedded in the wall, they can be manipulated to move in a desired direction via pausing or freezing ($9D), I've done this with FuSoYa's screen scrolling pipes, you enter a pipe while holding something, and when you exit an upwards-facing pipe cap, drop the sprite as you exit, the sprite will clip into the cap, now spam-pause and you can manipulate it to move left or right.

I've found a very simple fix for this, go to $01927F and change from $13 to $14 and pausing (or any freezing) no longer moves the sprite.
Give thanks to RPG hacker for working on Asar.
In vanilla dome 2, if you get to the part where there is a 2x5 arrangement of spin blocks, and you have a cape, you can clip through the ground if you get to the middle. You obviously have to make the blocks spin to get to the middle.
It's a combination of glitches already in the list :P

If Mario is big and stands up or jumps in a one-tile space, he may be pushed through the floor. Also works if Mario lands on Yoshi, and can even occur while Mario is small if he gets stuck in a turnblock during the jump.

Smashola: Doing the above through turnblocks while caped and spinjumping may cause Mario to "warp" his way downward very quickly.