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Original SMW - No Cape

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Can anyone make a hack that will (delete) replace the cape items with a flower item, because i think the original SMW will be awesome to beat when there is no cape in the game, this also will make the game a lot harder. To do this every cape block needs to get reclaced by for exampla a flower block and in the green bonus block there should be no cape in. When doing this mabey a few levels need to be changed a little bit, because i think u need the cape for some exits. Can someone fix this?

I would really appreciate it.


Sorry if I'm missing something, but can't you just remove all of the blocks that had the cape in it and replace it with one with a fire flower?
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Though, you can just go through the Map16 editor and change the "Act as" of any block that spawns feathers for the same "Act as" of the blocks that spawn fire flowers.
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