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[W4] Skyward Platformer
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(Note: I have permission from Aeon to submit this.)

This was a level I made on my spare time a few months ago, entitled "Skyward Platformer." The first half is autoscroll, while the other half is more of a vertical-type.

I'm submitting this level because I had previously submitted an incomplete level here on this subforum, and I want to replace it with this level.

The way the level has been designed has two stars.

Here are some things that you should note:

1. Any of the sizables seen (green, blue, and red) are movable layers. They are triggered by an axe (which I've made invisible).

2. (for those testing the level, this is how to get the extra star)

There is a P-Switch that's hidden near the end of the first section. You obtain it by jumping on the right side of the last block when the autoscroll stops. To access the higher level pipe, you need to hit a hidden note block which lies above the second/middle block in the same area where the P-Switch was obtained.

3. Changelog

Version 1.1:

• The normal SMB3 exit is now replaced by a SMB3 star.
• The secret exit (key/keyhole) is now replaced by a SMW (collectible) star.
• Slight modifications with graphics.
• Changed the "Moving Platform" to a series of blocks cleared by a switch (in order to obtain the 1UP mushroom.
• Minor toning down of enemies.
• Small changes in level design.

Version 1.2:

• Edited placement of first red pipe, avoiding death if the player enters the pipe early.

Credit goes to the SMBX GFX Pack and especially Squishy Rex for his Super Mario 3D Land Sky Tileset.

Updated screenshots below. Hope you enjoy!
Download link:

Great Level! Good music
Woo! 3D World
and I like the graphics.

The level design is good for the most part, but there's a few suggestions I want to make.

When coming out of the pipes for both of these sections, I thought the enemies (circled in red) were very close to hitting the player. For first time players of this level they could act as a free hit. Maybe it's just me. Anyway I'd suggest moving changing their positions to avoid the player getting hurt right after coming out of the pipe.

(I used god mode w/ Raccoon Toad here just to get to this point as fast as possible)
This one up can be a pain to get. It's not that the switch is hard to press, but if I'm standing ont he lowering platform, it ends up killing me when it and the ground line up (a glitch with SMBX). I'd suggest placing blocks there that vanish when the switch is hit to avoid any cheap deaths.

Originally posted by NoelYoshi
-Uses the star exits for your level. The SMB3 Star Exit ends the level, the SMW one does not. As such, the Super Mario World star exit is useful if you want a bonus star to not force the restart of the level.

Just swap out the SMB3 Roulette for a SMB3 star for the normal exit and a SMW star for the key exit. This way players wont have to go through the same level twice for both stars. Also, the sign that mention the key should be changed accordingly.

(I accidentally deleted a bit of this part of the level while testing and saved like an idiot #w{x(}. That's why it looks slightly different than what's actually in the level).

What is this pipe for? I wanted to figure out the secret exit for myself and I lost maybe 5 lives thinking the exit required some fast jumping into this pipe, but there's nothing there. I'd say get rid of it to avoid confusion, it doesn't seem to be doing anything.

Speaking of the secret exit
So I found the P-Switch by sheer luck (and by that I mean I jumped too early on the green platform, bonked my head on the block, and fell to my doom). I feel that having an invisible P-switch block that you must get by jumping on a moving platform, and then carrying said P-Switch throughout the beginning of the level is a bit much.

Maybe hide the P-switch somewhere in the 2nd part of the stage. This way if a player dies in the 2nd half AND got the mid-point they won't have to game over / quit the game / finish the level to try again (and multiple failed attempts results in an annoyed player). You can still keep it invisible and hide it cleverly without creating the frustration of dying in the 2nd half AND grabbing the midpoint.

Again, great level. Hopefully my suggestions help in making your level even greater.
C3 Thread (2013)

Thanks for the feedback, TheOtherGuy25.

I forgot that this project only dealt with the SMB3 stars, haha. I was just anxious to get something up being that this is now revived.

I'll make changes about what you said; hopefully, the updated version will be up by later today, or tomorrow.

Edit: Updated my level; thanks once again for the suggestions/feedback.
Nice level you got there!

I also played the first version of your level, and I've got to say, that everything you changed made it better.
The secret exit is better, you don't get ambushed by enemies the first time you enter a section, and there is less hammer bros spam (basically everything TheOtherGuy25 said).
I'd like to point out one thing, though. In the beginning you have to enter a red pipe and come out a pipe a bit further away. I liked this little detail, but if you rush the first pipe, the second pipe isn't visible, and the player ends up to the left of the platform and dies.
You could solve this problem if you move the second pipe and platform two tiles to the left.

Anyway, I like the level and all the changes you made. Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the suggestion Blue Leaf.
I've updated the level with that change.
Great Work with the changes I suggested.
I'm not going to lie; I did peek to find where the P-Switch was and felt like an idiot when I realized it was in a convenient location yet well hidden.

I don't really have anything more to suggest. Good Work. #smw{:TUP:}
C3 Thread (2013)

Difficulty: Early-Mid Game, tending more towards the Mid Game.
I liked the gimmick in this level. The graphics and the level design where also nice. Good Job!
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