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SPASM - LevelASM for Yoshi's Island!

[8:38:17 PM] Kaizoman: Special ASM - SPASM

I was bored yesterday so I decided to make a levelASM patch for Yoshi's Island. Raidenthequick helped I guess.

Works exactly the same as levelASM/UberASM for SMW. Only works with asar.

This has been officially released now, so this thread is kinda obsolete. Enjoy!
Oh wow. Does it mean I can use Gradient Tool with a Yoshi's Island game?
I made a fix to SPASM because it wasn't working for any levels past $7F! LOL!

The default processor states for SPASM code are now 16-bit for both, no 8-bit X anymore. This was necessary to be able to index that high. Please update your code accordingly! (Because of stuff like this happening, please don't rely too heavily on SPASM's default states, and generally try to make sure your code works regardless)
Official release here, yay! I'll keep this thread open for discussion if anyone wants to.