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Mario & La sphère de Toad 2 - Final Version available


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S.R.H : If you want ^^
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White means you used the wrong tiles. These make your lands look like they have height.

Black means.. well, it is not a bad thing, but unlike the others, those tiles have no outlines.

Is it good this time?
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Yesh, way better. Sorry for the late reply. By the way, I still suggest you to play with the land shapes so it'll look nice.
New Level ( finished )
lost desert ( 5-1 )

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Wow! These screnshots are looking great. I especially love these background palettes. They extremely fit these foreground palettes while they are a bit different. But, these vazes clash. I suggest you to change them.
You find they do not go with the level?
What do you think I could put in place?
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Originally posted by Aurel509
You find they do not go with the level?
What do you think I could put in place?

Well, I actually said that the graphical style clashes. Anyways, here is a suggestion: add some cactuses.
BOUH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You think that the hack was developed abandoned?#tb{:DD}
and in fact

Not at all!!

Short to tell you the hack is over 85% #smw{:peace:}
Normally the output should be expected for end of August (normally 28)
Well on an unexpected can always happen.

To give you an idea this is some screenshots

-- Ancien Ruins ---

- Yellow Switch Palace -

-No name-

-Other level without a name -.

-Castle #5-

I hope that you enjoy #tb{:j}
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I look forward to updating the hack. #smw{^_^}
From what I saw in snapshots, the hack has well done graphics, the overworld desert is pretty creative.
Good job, Aurel, keep it up!#smw{:TUP:}
My Ports
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Well i just found this hack and got amazed!.....
buuuuuuut this last screenshot , well i guess this needed more work sorry.
1: using only from this block is like spamming cement blocks.
2: i can see cutoffs in the end of the top row of blocks.
I hope i helped. and keep this good work#w{=3}
Thank you for your comments #w{=3}

Well here is a little update

6-1: lava Hot

7-1: Beautiful Night 1

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The final version is available !
Good luck !
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