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[REMOVED] "Super Mario Bros. 1 Reloaded!" by Colas_

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File Name: Super Mario Bros. 1 Reloaded!
Submitted: 2014.05.27 ~ 05:39:51 by Colas_
Claimed: 2014.05.28 ~ 20:31:32 by Counterfeit
Rating: 0.0
Authors: Colas_
Demo: Yes
Length: 8 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Super Mario Bros. 1 Reloaded!
Download: Download - 247.90 KiB
Submission Notes: Thanks!
Y-you're welcome.. ^^;

The title screen is a static SMAS SMB1-styled display. The logo is a little off-center and part of the title ends up awkwardly between the menu selections, but it still looks really nice compared to a lot of other hack title screens.

There is no intro level.

The overworld takes after SMB3. There's an awful lot of 'padding' around the levels and decorations. It's simplistic, but actually nice-looking.

Mario's House is Yoshi's House minus the berries and box.

World 1-1 combines SMW's ground with SMAS SMB1's music and graphics. First thing I encounter besides a Goomba, though, is ENGRISH. "This A Coins!" Aside from that, this level takes a lot of familiar characteristics from the classic Mario game in the way of block formations and not being able to go back once the screen has scrolled. It even ends with a flag post!

World 1-2 starts with a blank message box and an entry into a cave. The design is not flashy. It's very nostalgic and sticks true to what was available in the older games. There are a few path splits with negligible differences, and the "way to the warp zone" currently just leads to the main exit.

World 1-3 has more in the way of moving platforms and gaping pits. However, in trying to see one of these moving platforms, I discovered a fatal bug which I'll get into at the end. The design itself was entertaining.

World 1-4 plays out like a classic castle. You have your firebars, your lava, and as you get closer to the end, an ominous onslaught of fireballs. Finally, Bowser awaits at the end of the bridge, and you have to grab the axe. He harmlessly jumps off the bridge thereafter, which is amusing. The game seems to blank out after that.

World 2-1 is the first level I can identify something which needs better execution: the Star run is a straight run, no jumping, ducking and sliding, or any of that. It takes up the majority of the level, and everything surrounding that point is pretty okay. Again, the game crashes at the end of the level.

World 2-2 is an underwater level. The water surface has layer priority over everything, which is pretty ugly when going over the bricks along the top. The layout captured the more adventurous feel of the first two Mario games' water levels without the annoyance of the holes sucking you down. I really like this since most underwater levels nowadays tend to be easily skippable by going over/under the level, really empty and boring, or extremely slow.

World 2-3 seems to have a fatal error which crashes not only the game but the entire emulator:
snes9x-gtk: ../apu/SNES_SPC.cpp:497: int SNES_SPC::cpu_read(int, SNES_SPC::rel_time_t): Assertion `reg + (r_t0out + 0xF0 - 0x10000) < 0x100' failed.
I triggered this twice, both times with me being killed by a flying fish.

World 2-4 has the same thing when I get killed outside. It also soft-crashed when I got killed by a fireball, but the game worked fine after getting killed by a firebar...

Hammer Battle is just evil without breakable bricks.

So yeah, this hack is going to have to be rejected because of crashes due to audio bugs. I have to admit I haven't played a hack that feels this close to SMB, but with the more comfortable physics of SMW to boot. It's a refreshing hack and I hope you fix it. Test your hack on SNES9x or bsnes... and also, do something about those message boxes. :S

Difficulty: Normal, if not only because Hammer Battle is lolhard and everything else is closer to easy.

Open for review. All playable levels are accessible and playable in any order you wish.


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This looks an awful lot like this hack, I shit you not. The star run, the D-4 lookalike, the Engrish,
what looks like mounds of shit in 2-2
, it's all there.

I could just tell you to watch the video and end the review here, but, no.

As I said earlier, an SMB1 styled hack can be good if it's done well. The hack was fine overall anyway, and not much has changed since the last time. Earlier I complained about 2-4 having too many resemblances to D-4 from Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels. If the music does crash, then reject it is. I'd say Easy difficulty, asides from the 2-4 and Hammer Battle area, which would be Easy-Normal.

I think it's... him again.
I'll probably never grasp the concept of removed hacks up for moderation... whatever

Gotta say I really like this hack. The feeling was pretty great. The level design felt autentic and the overall look was really similiar too. Well, the "newer" graphics don't quite match what I have in mind when thinking about SMB, but it's called SMB Reload, so I guess that's fine.
The gameplay too was nice. I fair difficulty and a great balance of everything. The last castle (W2) was a little harder though.

Now, let's go to the things that didn't work as great.
First off would be your message boxes. They were either left emtpy or only contain a few words + the fact that the inner color of the message boxes isn't black anymore. The color is somewhere in palette row 0 or 1. This usually happens when people use custom backgrounds that replace that color, but I don't really thing the simple cloud BG really needs that many colors: [screen]

In the water level, and I don't know why you even made it like that, the top of the water has a higher prioraty than the other layers. Meaning everything else goes behind it. [1][2] As you can probably tell, this looks stupid and requires fixing.

The last level is kinda what gave me the bigges headache. (seeing as most errors are minor anyway).
First there are the hammer bro's. The first one we encounter looks kinda stupid with the color math on (and there is this black bar on the right but I assume that's ZSNES fucking things up) but it uses the old graphics. Later we encounter another one which uses the SMB3 graphics though. [1][2] I think it would look better if both had the same graphics (the old ones that is).

Lastly, killing bowser with a fireball (only one fireball mind you) screws up the ending music. When the level ends, the normal music keeps playing. Nothing gamebreaking (as far as I can tell) but I sure think it would be better if A: you couldn't kill bowser like that, and B: the music would work ^^.

You may also want to apply some further patches. For one, there would be the classic fireball patch. With this patch, there won't be any coins spawned when hitting an enemy with fireballs.
The other one would be a powerdown patch. (Was unable to find a proper one real quick). That makes you go from fire Mario to big Mario instead of being small imediatelly. Seeing as there is no item box, this would reduce the difficulty a little and make the game more SMB like.

Also, using the L/R scrolling can literly break the game, use this hex edit to get rid of the problem:

04FF6$00:CDF6131 bytesSubroutine (JSR)L & R scrolling routine.
Change $00CDFC (0x04FFC) from D0 to 80 to disable L & R scrolling.
$00CE40 (05040) is the Screen Scroll Sound Effect.

I'll (sadly) have to reject this hack due to crashes with scrolling and the other things mentioned above. Please fix it. I really like this hack and would love to see it get accepted here.
So keep on working on this #smw{:TUP:}
Difficulty should be normal.
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Originally posted by JackTheSpades
I'll probably never grasp the concept of removed hacks up for moderation... whatever.
It's not up for moderation though. It's up for review, and it's only up for review because it is still playable.

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If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
I felt like I was in a completely different game for a second.

I must say that I am extremely impressed with this as it something that for once is not simply a remake but a hack that transcends the borders of games while maintaining its own ideas. There are some parts that are not perfectly the same as the SMAS version of SMB1 as of now. I do hope it gets updated for that very reason but there are many things in this hack that need to looked over. Level design is one of them and I will begin with it as usual. The level design seemed to be reminiscent of the replicated game but it felt quite enjoyable and different from the usual remakes as it put new ideas in my mind while playing it. I can clearly see a varying design throughout it and new concepts that are tried that are not present in the original game. I am pleased that it has come to that stage but there are things that need to be taken into account. I for one am surprised by this new and not usually seen form of discrimination I have encountered in some levels. I term this "Non-Fire Mario discrimination" and this is particularly worrying as in some levels I cannot jump from place to place without taking the hit as I cannot backtrack due to the screen that only scrolls right and cannot scroll left (nice concept there and I can clearly see where it was taken from) or it is due to a falling platform. The scroll-right only concept needs to be used cautiously as it can screw players unfairly over and this is another example of it. I also felt that some levels or sections felt uncompleted such as one example of an empty bonus room and that should be rectified. Good job overall but it needs to be polished.

The graphics here seem to consist of one's entirely from the SMAS version of SMB1 with a SMB3 graphical overworld. While I do not have a problem with it, my main concern here is with the overworld as it seemed to be plain and not varied. Please space out or add decoration and make sure not only land is included for the most part. I understand it may be slightly more difficult to do with your current overworld tileset but I believe it will make the hack better. I am not sure if I was supposed to access all of the levels from the beginning but I am able to do that and if that is not the case, please fix it. Just to note here: hammer brothers throwing hammers from behind doesn't seem to look good but I understand that is not easy to fix. The music seems to be also from the SMAS and it is pleasant to here which is good but it crashes on accurate emulators outside of ZSNES. That makes this hack instantly rejected. You might also want to make some parts more reminiscent such as including the classic fireball patch and making sure I cannot pick up shells after. Finally, tester are appropriate in hacks such as these so please get some and test your hack.

Difficulty: I would say Normal. There are unfair parts however as I mentioned before and those should be taken into account before resubmitting this hack (if it does get resubmitted).

The music bug makes this an instant rejection but I would have gone with rejection anyway because of the issues stated above. Take into account everything I have said and this hack will become great. I enjoyed this hack for the most part so I predict this will turn out to be good provided that the issues are rectified. Have a good day!
That's a very good hack I must say! I'm really impressed by how this looks like SMB1 All Stars. (My first though was that this was a hack of the actual SMB All Stars >w<) Anyway, let's review as always.
The level design is nice: while I'm not a big fan of SMB1 themed levels, your design is pretty good. Sometimes you used sections which recalled the original SMB1 levels, which I suggest you to adjust a little bit. I'd also like to mention that if you feel in exploring mood, you can get stuck in some parts due to the scrollback patch you applied. While it can be avoided, when it happens, the player is forced to die unfairly.
The aesthetics are great for the most part: as I said before, I loved the way this SMW resembles SMB1 All Stars. Blocks, coins, everything is inserted in, in a very cool way. I'm a bit unsure about the water level, which hasn't the FG gradient, but I'm may being nipticky. Good job overall.
I'm sad that some issues bring this hack to rejection: first of all, music incompatibility. I had troubles with the emulator in more than one level, and since most of the times the cause was indeed music, I highly suggest you to fix this. Another, smaller one, is the tile limits in the first castle, which can be easily fixed with the No More Sprite Tile Limit patch.
The difficult here is easy from my point of view.
So yep, due to music incompatibility and some minor issues for the scrollback patch, I'd reject the hack.
I don't know about this one, since I saw levelengine's video before so basically I already know how this hack is designed. There's no overworld so I can't really say much about it, but talking about level design wise, the levels look similar to the ones in the original Super Mario Bros. The English in this hack is God-awful and barely, I repeat barely understandable, does anybody understand this?

Originally posted by Colas_
This A Coins!

The title screen in the original hack is much better than the one in this version. Hell, everything here looks identical to the previous hack, only that the overworld graphics are now Super Mario All-Stars themed, but I will say that this hack was not all that bad considering the helpfull item box feature which will make Mario turn into anything as soon as the player presses the SELECT button. Another thing that I noticed is that some messages changed, like the one in the last level, I used to say:

Originally posted by TOMICA3264
"Thank you for playing this hack! I hope you enjoyed it. Wait for the next version."

So with this said, I'll be going for rejection though this hack already got removed.
In some levels,you press the L or R button,to turn the screen,the game crashes.
Originally posted by Daniel 115
In some levels,you press the L or R button,to turn the screen,the game crashes.
I notice you making a lot of reviews like this and you're not going to earn points this way. You need to have a lot more detail.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Okay Counterfeit.#smw{:TUP:}