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Haunted Forest Remix

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I have remade a hack that I have made a long time ago. Here is a picture of the new overworld.

I have a request for who ever what's too take part in it. I what you to make a request on what graphics I could use for the levels. There are 4 level in these hack.
RMG Productions
Hey, I haven't seen you around in a while!

From just your overworld, I can say it's pretty nice. It does give the impression of a creepy forest. However, in my opinion, it would be nice if you did something with the background, as it's a bit plain. Perhaps add a cloudy texture or something.

Looking forward to seeing the levels :3
For a minute, I thought it was a level. #ab{>_>}

While I am impressed with the graphics you have used there (they do seem to be nice), I have to say that it seems repetitive in a lot instances. I also agree with Eevee on the issue of the background.

I am looking forward to seeing more however!
Originally posted by Eevee
Hey, I haven't seen you around in a while!

Yeah, it has been a long time since you were this active! Welcome back #w{=3}

Anyways, your overworld is pretty nice. These graphics are very impressive. But, to be honest, it kind of.. looks.. repetitive. It looks like you just copy-pasted the same thing over and over and over.. Oh and, to fill the background, maybe you could draw some poisonous lakes? Or something like that? Also, I think you should give your island a different shape, it looks boring now.
Update here is the new image.

refer to the first post for what to do.
RMG Productions
So you need some suggestions for which graphics to use? Well, you actually should have asked it here, but who cares?

I suggest you to use this foreground with this background.
Here is the next screen shot.

Feed back would be nice.
It is nice to see this hack didn't die this easily. Anyways, your level looks like a nice and easy forest level. The palettes on the ForeGround and the BackGround fit very well, but I think there is something really wrong with that back area color. I suggest you to change it to something green-ish, so it fits the rest of the graphics. I also think there is something wrong with the level design; the coin trail. It looks like you didn't test it. I'm pretty sure Mario doesn't jump like that unless he spinjumps really, REALLY low. So yeah. I love this level, but it needs some fixing there and here in my opinion. Good job.
Originally posted by S.R.H.
I suggest you to change it to something green-ish, so it fits the rest of the graphics.

What do you mean by that?
RMG Productions
He wants you to make the sky color greener, but it really isn't necessary, honestly.

What you could do, however, is make everything else bluer, to give off a better feeling of nighttime (assuming that's the time of the day in the level, judging by the sky color).

But, again, that isn't that necessary either. So, basically, you don't really need to change anything in the palette, it's fine... although a different shade of green for the BG wouldn't be a bad idea... it looks too similar to the FG grass color right now :V
Does anyone know if there is a rift graphic and if there is anyone link it to me?
RMG Productions
Here is the title screen for this hack.

This is the before image.

Here is the after image.
RMG Productions
I dunno. The font does look VERY nice, but I'm not sure I agree with your name being bigger than the title.

Other than that, I like what I see.
I cen't really judge the level design in this hack,but seeing the graphical design I can say that the hack looks very would be nice to see also some of the levels in action...just to see how the level design is. #smw{9.9}
I also like the graphical design, but.. you should show more level design. Also, why are the colors in "RealMarioGamer Project" black and orange?
Here are some game play images.

RMG Productions

you already showed these. there's no point in showing them again.

what I meant with "you should show more level design" was not screenshots of the level, what I meant was you should show OTHER progress. (like, other levels, overworlds, stuff..)
I don't know if you've noticed, but you wrote "Hunted" instead of "Haunted" in your title screen, since the thread title says "Haunted" I assume you didn't notice the typo at all? Felt like pointing this out since nobody else did. I don't have much to comment about the design, I guess it looks okay, nothing I'd consider -wrong- at all.

But I guess that if you could show more progress eventually, we could give more constructive feedback. #ab{>_>}
Here are some screen shots of two other levels.

Old Temple

Big Boo's Castle
RMG Productions
Nice graphics choices, but I'm not really sure about the blocks in the first one. I think some ledge would fit better with these bricks.
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