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Tip: Be conservative with item usage. Unnecessary throw blocks/powerups/Yoshi may leave room for unintended breaks in your level.
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[REMOVED] Kaizo World by marioandsonicfan98 (now Super Kaizo World v1.1.3a by marioandsonicfan98returns)
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] Kaizo World by marioandsonicfan98 (now Super Kaizo World v1.1.3a by marioandsonicfan98returns)
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Link to submission
Demo: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Difficulty: Kaizo

Probably about time I get back into the swing of things.
Free the Yoshi
All it was was just a silver P-Switch run that gave more P-Switches than needed, plus cement block spam that could have easily been replaced by ground tiles. It would look better.
I don't think the blue P-Switch had any use at all.
Yoshi's Paradise
Blatant 105 edit. Press ctrl and delete please. It looks like you left the original level as a base while you moved stuff around and added more to it. Not much else to say.
Ropes and Koopas
Not too hard. Features bland Koopa hopping and floating cut-off water. Felt kinda short and a bit lacking. Not much else to say.
Iggy's Crazy Castle
Yet another blatant edit, this time of Iggy's Castle. Well, the beginning. After that, more precision jumping around the spikes, and 3-up moons that no one's gonna get unless they're either low on lives or are too dumb to live. It felt so bland and empty. In fact, I don't think I saw a single enemy in the entire main level. And this jump right here stood out as infuriating:

I don't think that jump is possible unless maybe Mario is running at full speed, with airplane arms, which there is no room to do (I'm not a TASer so IDK). So I resorted to opening LM and removing a spike.
After that is a layer 2 set-up that could have been used more creatively but in actuality felt as bland as the rest of the level, and it doesn't help that right afterward is a blatant edit of the scrolling room of Iggy's Castle.
Once I got to the boss, the boss appears to be invisible, and I jump on it, and then a glitched frame appears for a split second, and then disappears again, and I am at a loss. Looking in Lunar Magic, I see you inserted the Larry Koopa sprite in a normal level. I don't think it works that way since Larry is one of the mode 7 bosses.
That was the farthest I got, and while I do feel kinda bad about not playing the whole thing, I do believe that there are enough reject worthy reasons even before that.
Difficulty: All over the place. Some really easy spots, some hard, not quite Kaizo spots, and one possibly impossible spot, the one I mentioned above. Much of this hack had the appearance of being haphazardly arranged and not tested enough, since I rarely had trouble getting through obstacles that looked like they could pose a threat.
So yeah, rejection for me.

EDIT: see new review below;

Legacy custom music

This was my first hack, so there.
So I'll update it so that it can be more Kaizo-like.#smw{T_T}

BTW, about those gray question blocks in "Yoshi's Paradise", it's a custom block that kills Mario when he touches it.
Went ahead and removed it since a newer version was submitted, will edit this post with a review when needed.

Legacy custom music


There's one last problem.
In the opening level(before you selct a file to start), Mario might die because he misses a jump.
(This hasn't been fixed in the newer version either.)#smw{-_-2}

Title Screen

Mario dies in the title screen. This would lead to an instant removal.
Cement blocks create cutoff in the dirt.


Message is unchanged from the SMW original.


The overworld is not great. It's very square, flat and bland. Clouds are cutoff and the cliff below Yoshi's House (STAR ROAD) has wrong colours.

1. STAR ROAD (name unchanged)

Mario starts off on two falling grey platforms and this is followed by a large cement block structure where a green shell and a P-Switch can be found. However, I cannot proceed very far in the level as I came across this jump that is extremely difficult to make:

It's still too hard to do even with extreme slowdown.

2. Free the Yoshi

A very short level involving 2 P-Switches. The Blue P-Switch is not needed. All I needed to do was hit the Silver P-Switch and just make it to the glitched goal sphere. The graphics can be improved. You could've used the grass tiles instead of the ugly green ropes and cement block spam.

3. Yoshi's Paradise

This is just a blatant level 105 edit. Cement blocks have replaced the grassland tiles creating some rather ugly cutoff. You give the player a Cape meaning the entire level can just be flown over.

4. Rope(s) and Koopas

Mario starts off on some cutoff ropes followed by a rather easy Koopa jump segment and jumping through some floating cutoff water. After getting through that, I come across this jump which is impossible to make unless I have a Mushroom:

Following that is the goal sphere. A very short level which took no more than 30 seconds.

5. Iggy's Crazy Castle

A blatant 101 edit. The jump mentioned above by Sokobansolver is indeed impossible to make. So like him, I also removed the spike in LM to see what followed. Through the door was a blatant edit of 1FC, the horizontal scrolling room, from the original. There are floating candle flames and vertical scrolling Munchers which can easily be avoided by simply scrolling the screen since the layer scroll settings are wrong. In the next room is a boss that seems to be invisible. A quick look in Lunar Magic reveals that you have inserted the Larry Koopa boss sprite. He is impossible to defeat in this form since the tilting platform is missing. Because of this I can't proceed any further into the hack.

I did have a look at the levels, in Lunar Magic, that come after the castle. However, these are just a bunch of blatant edits not worth playing.


It's a tricky decision to make regarding the difficulty of the hack. A few levels are hard but for the wrong reasons, i.e. impossible to make jumps. I can't say this is a Kaizo hack since the majority of the levels aren't that hard at all and, other than the aforementioned jumps, there weren't any obstacles that gave me a lot of trouble. There is no definitive difficulty here. I would say it varies from Easy to Hard but not the good type of hard.


Due to Mario dying in the title screen, an impossible to make jump in the castle, blatant edits and a boss that can't be beaten, my verdict is a rejection.
The above post said it all.

Given the impossible"ness" of some parts, the fact it's way too easy for a kaizo hack, the bad title screen, boring OW, and blatant edits, there's no way this hack can be acceptable.

Immediate reject.

The handomest people in the world are ones who follow my Twitch
A review for my 2300th post, which is nice. I will also get a badge~!

Let me tell you, I am playing this and so far the level structure is nice, but there still much to fix. The way how some Map16 tiles were placed made absolutely no sense; Like in the second level there's a midway bar with an inverted door but does nothing... ...and there's also a message box. But how does the author expect me to see what the message says if there is no possible way to get it? Now that I'm speaking of it, many parts are just random and make no sense. Also in the same level, there's a part of it that's in the original Yoshi's Island 1.

The overworld also makes no sense: There are missing tiles, cutoff, missing cloud/smoke tiles, and the list just seems to go on, not to mention that it's strange for Yoshi's House to be called Star Road. As I play Rope and Koopas, I notice cutoff as soon as I enter the level, which is bad and a floating platform, (I know it takes you down, but is it really necessary?) And then to this part with floating water tiles and some rope tiles which makes this automatic cutoff, and then this useless chainsaw guideline. Again, this is bad. I finally noticed a good gimmick here and it's the only good thing about this level for me.

Well, Iggy's Crazy Casltle is right: Unfair difficulty is what makes this level unplayable, after that unchanged, original messages from the original game, and Sokobansolver is right about the picture's difficulty: It is impossible to make that jump unless you get enough speed, so for this part I had to put a cheat on in Zsnes:


As I enter the second section of the caslte, I soon notice that the background candles (or fire) is now used as Layer 2. To be honest with you, this section had an interesting gimmick but unfortunately, it's really short so I can't say much about this. I enter the red door and I am greeted with this invisible sprite... ...what am I supposed to kill? I'm just jumping randomly hoping to kill this thing, which makes this boss impossible to kill, I'm sorry.

So with all this I will be going for instant rejection, but I did kind of enjoyed this hack. Hopefully the author will release a new demo with the majority of errors fixed.
Gave points to you two but I still don't know what the hell is going on with the thread. I mean, you guys reviewed the hack, but I don't know if it's the current version or the one in the OP because you all posted after Sokobansolver said he'd update it with his new review and never has.

I'm at a total loss. I'm going to close and desticky this until Soko informs me.

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Submission link

Well, since Sokobansolver hasn't done a review of the new version of the hack as promised, I decided I would to avoid confusion.

This hack needs to be redone from scratch. Almost every level is either a blatant edit or looks like it was done in a few minutes with no thought at all.

To begin with, the submap isn't too good at all if I'm honest. :/ It's cluttered with cutoff paths everywhere and a completely square structure. I suggest you look at some maps to get inspiration or look at some videos to make a good one. As to the levels, at least the first level (I mean, the one you start on) was a good start, but from there on everything went downhill.

On the P-switch bit, I had to take damage from the chuck's baseballs while on Yoshi. I'm not sure if that was intended. You could discard some items near the end because they're not needed since some speed to the goal would do the job. Afterwards, the next level is clearly a blatant edit of Yoshi's Island 1, as I could recognize its structure and, well, I had to take speed and use the cape to fly through the whole level due to the part with the yellow pipe at the end becoming incomplete. The grey question blocks weren't a threat either, because you set them to act like tile 1FF, which means it's lava.

The castle... There is at least one issue that I came across while playing it: that one pixel perfect jump at the end of the first room that, if it wasn't for a powerup I got in a previous level, it would be certainly impossible. This also applies to other levels of this hack that had it. Never leave your levels untested because there might be some impossible spots you didn't notice or something broke; you can hire a tester for this kind of situation.
The entire level felt very empty and lacking, and the second room would be more creative if it wasn't a blatant edit of the second room of Iggy's Castle or even thought of something to use for the Layer 2, which was activated there. The floating flame moving with the blocks felt rather ugly; I'd suggest removing it. The last room is now composed of just the goal.

The cave, which is clearly a blatant edit of Donut Plains 2, was filled with cement blocks filled with munchers and the same pixel perfect jump from the other levels. I could get past on the first time, but I couldn't on the second, so I stopped at that point.

Like I said on the first paragraph, I think this hack needs a complete redesign. It looks too lacking right now and the level design isn't the best either. Kaizo hacks aren't composed of only nearly impossible bits - they have quality bits too. You need to test your levels a bit more or hire a tester as I said before to make sure the levels are beatable and fun.

I'm wanting to reject this. I'll wait for the opinions of the userbase to see if the verdict will stay the same.

+1'd users:
-natnew (sorry if I forgot to give you a point earlier)

well... not off to a good start, overworld looks terrible. seemingly impossible star road and ridiculously easy for a kaizo hack "Free the Yoshi". I also see some cutoff at the beginning, I mean you can't do much with rope tiles, but... check under the second platform. besides; excessive free powerups. levels 3 and 4... forget about it. cutoff, weird sprite that is described as "shouldn't be used normally" in LM used, forced hits when you don't even get a mushroom... yea. iggy's crazy castle is not possible. I HAVE carried a powerup to that section everone used a cheat to cross, but the boss is impossible. so, overall...

- easy-to-fix cutoff (particularly "rope and koopa"
- balant edits (most of the levels; forgot to mention.
- impossible level (iggy's crazy castle)
- bad sprite
- weird OW

Verdict: Reject

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Submission link

I don't think you took what I said into consideration... Everything is literally the same thing as before plus a few minor changes. At least you fixed that pixel perfect jump in the castle but it's still not enough. You need to start from scratch and use your imagination to think on what creative things you can do with resources. There are some awesome Kaizo levels around, maybe you should take a look at them to get more inspiration.

Still going for rejection. Difficulty is "Kaizo", as opposed to "Normal", which was originally set to.

+1'd users:
Oh puh-lease!
I have no imagination.
Disclaimer: This post is not a review.

@marioandsonicfan98returns: I don't know much about Kaizo hacks and their complicated technicalities so I can't be of any use for this project, but if the Kaizo thing is not working out for you, you're more than welcome to try an "easy/medium/hard" hack with a more traditional approach to gameplay. Who knows, maybe that kind of design falls better into your spectrum of creativity.

@Katerpie: I'm just wondering if natnew's review had been accidentally overlooked or if it had been denied the point.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
So an update has been submitted. Let's see if any of the problems mentioned previously are fixed.

In the title screen, Mario still dies.

The overworld is still the same as it was before with flat square land and cutoff tiles.

Now onto the levels:

Kaizo in the Sky

The name has been changed this time. The level looks different to what it was before. However, you did not enable vertical scrolling at will meaning I can't see what I'm supposed to do here. It looks like I'm supposed to spin jump through that turn block but I'm given no Mushroom here.

Free the Yoshi

I can't even beat this level now. I get to this point here:

and I can't proceed any further. There is no Silver P-Switch before the Munchers and I can't find a Mushroom either.

Make sure to test the levels to see if they can be beaten.

I can see that you fixed the jump in the castle but I can't even reach that level now.


It's impossible to judge the difficulty of the hack considering the first two levels are unbeatable in the new update.


It appears you have added new problems on top of the errors that were in the old version. As before, my verdict is a rejection.
Originally posted by marioandsonicfan98returns

Dude, have something in your post besides a single emoticon.

I'll be back this evening with a review.
This is not going very well...
All replies in this thread from this post forward must be reviews. Keep all other conversations to PM; this is getting too far off-topic.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!

v.1.2 (the next version) will have all glitches fixed.
Now everyone should stop taking dumps on my ROM hack.
I never said you were exempt from rules, now, did I?

Also, you need to check your "PM" tab whenever there's a "NEW" in it because it could be from a staff member, hint hint.

Furthermore, you need to learn to accept criticism.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
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