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[AUTO REMOVED, but still open] TD4C#7 : The Fourth Sector - S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N

Note: This thread will be unpinned in about a day, provided Counterfeit or an admin veto this pinned status.

Originally posted by Hack Description

Length: 60 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Mario and Sonic have earned a well deserved vacation from the Devious Four's attacks. Sonic decides to have a normal adventure with Mario. Instead, they find a whole new world filled with wonders, bombs, and a strange creature called Sectorial. Unfortunately, trouble is brewing in the dimension between dimensions, and it's not to be taken lightly.

Details: Right from the very beginning, the hack stockpiles the difficulty onto the player. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, but even better games at least try to coax you into it. The Fourth Sector, however, doesn't. The difficulty mostly comes from tight corridors that border claustrophobic (many crucial jumps having low ceilings does not help at all) being, slow paced segments that are dictated by auto-scroll, expecting the player to know as much of the level as the author, ("Didn't know that you may have needed this item? Sucks to be you!"), Also, the player is forced to wait out P-Switched that last up to sixteen seconds while being bombarded by enemies such as Wild Ptooie Plants, Wild Piranha Plants, Fire Chomps, Faster Fire Chomps, Fire Chomps that spawn more Fire Chomps (I shit you not, this actually happens.)

Translation: The game is hard for the wrong reasons.

And this is all in the first six or so levels.

There is also some hilarious technical issues such as massive slowdown (common culprits being multiple Dynamic sprites, Fire Chomps that spawm more Fire Chomps, and the classic sprite overload), glitched up HDMA (thanks to dynamic sprites), mid-level autoscroll transitions (game will freeze if you L/R onto a screen that will prompt the auto-scroll), a pipe that leads you to an "endless" bonus room (kills you instead). In fact, that last point is what will prompt this hack for an...

Verdict: Auto-Rejection. This moderation thread will remain open for other players to provide some insight and experience for The Fourth Sector.
I beta-tested this hack a while ago, and I can see why it would be removed. However, I do think that Scorpion knew what he was doing when he made this hack.

I will admit that this hack is difficult, and I'm sure that the difficulty can be toned down a bit, but I also know that Scorpion put a ton of effort into making this a good hack, and I enjoy it a lot.

I really don't see those "fire chomps", actually called Sectorials in this hack, being removed. They are important to the hack's story. Actually, I think that Sectorials are quite different from fire chomps, except for the red sectorials which act like fire chomps. I can see why they would annoy players though.

If I were able to, I would have voted to accept the hack. Even if it wasn't auto-removed, I don't think I would have that option though. Just take this as my personal experience with the hack.

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