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[REMOVED] (HS) SMW A Magic Quest I Episode 1 - drake-68
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Un vieux hack hors série actuelle, que j'ai laissé à l'abandon aujourd'hui, comme je suis dans une nouvelle série qui cette fois est sérieuse "SMW La Nouvelle Vague", amusez-vous bien, enjoy ^^

This hack is actually pretty good! The levels were pretty enjoyable overall. Your work with the aesthetics and level design there was mostly good, although there were a few levels I wasn't a fan of. I only have a complain about Les 14 Ptooies, at the cavern area of this level there are many ways to the big Mario get stuck at certain spots due to one-tile ceilings, as shown in those two examples.

Though the reason this hack has got an instant denial is because the SMW Cavern song crashes in accurate emulators and this breaks one of the Hack Submission's Guidelines! Since you're probably using AM4 as the music inserter, I recommend you to use this as the cave music for your cave sublevels, or to switch to AMK.

Instant denial for this hack.
Difficulty should be Normal. As I said, the hack is pretty good, but I can't accept it with this music issue. Sorry.

+1'd users:
- Wakana-chan
- Everest
- Jack-kun
Great hack here! This is what I define a hack with a great level design: it is obvious that lots of work has been put into it.

So yep, level design is incredible: even if unsure in some of the gimmick ideas you used, it's amazingly done, which made it very fun to play. It somehow feels like those "Vip and Wall Mix" hacks (the koopa gfx even reminds it), with an excellent level design but still keeping a modest amount of ASM/GFX/etc. Not relevant things to complain about this factor, nice job~

As said before, the GFX is modest: you just applied those few edits and BGs, which mostly looked pleasant. Here, though, I felt that some BGs were clashy with the custom BG; it's not a big problem, but it would be cool if, at this point, you can somehow keep the SMW style, (if you don't want to edit the FG) or just apply new FGs so the BG+FG fits.

For misc issues, there are not any major ones, but I could mention a bit of slowdown in some levels; and also, as Mirann already pointed out, Mario can get stuck in blocks/walls and die, in some parts. If you could revise each level in general, it would be better.

Difficulty level is normal from my opinion: challenging at the right point.

Unfortunately, this hack is a reject due to the music crash in major emulators. I believe that I would have accepted the hack if this fatal crash wasn't in it, since it's a great designed hack. This should be one of the biggest examples of how to make a good level design.
Good hack here!

The good things about this hack make it a hack worthy of being accepted into SMW Central's hack section were it not for the game-breaking glitch. As usual, I will begin on the level design and what are the good and bad points about it. The good points almost always outweigh the bad points so this review will mostly be positive. I really liked how you seemed to have though out the levels which makes the design great. The sprite usage in general is pretty good though you would want to avoid placing to many of the same sprites in one area which I saw on occasion which does not really give a good representation of that area. I also must warn you about randomly creating "zones" in the middle of levels and what I mean by that is that you do not want to create something that looks out of place and inconsistent with the design (i.e. a group of throw blocks that take up quite a bit of space in the middle of the level; that does not really match with the surroundings). It isn't too common but you should avoid it unless it is quite unique and special for that certain instance. Quite hard to describe. Except for those instances, great work on the design overall!

The aesthetics in this hack seemed to be nice overall and it seemed you have combined vanilla graphics with custom graphics in some levels. The cases where it happens mostly relate to a custom background but there are other places where it occurs. Nothing really looks too out of place in this hack so good job on the graphics used. It would have been better to have a completely matching tilesets (custom background and foreground) but sometimes vanilla does the job so I will let it slip this time. The only notable exception to this is in the level Foret des Kagumes where the background seems kind of messy; I cannot remember if it was like this in Yoshi's Island but nevertheless it still looked messy. The overworld seems to be interesting with both unique and squarish parts. The only real problem I saw is the odd perspective error which you may want to inspect more closely. I noticed you can glitch through some blocks if you have a powerup and there is some slowdown present in terms of bugs and glitches. Get testers if needed. Overall, good work here as well.

Difficulty: Normal is the most appropriate overall.

Unfortunately, this hack is rejected due to the fatal music bug so I hope to see this hack again sometime in the future. It would be nice if you could take some of the minor advice I said in this review.
It breaks my heart to see such a well made hack rejected because of music break.

I really like this hack. One can literally see the effort you put into this. The level design is overall great. I just love some good vanilla styled hacking (I'm refering to the graphics). You put in lots of variety and you avoided flat design. You keep the player entertained with different challanges and new things to do and or find.
The hack isn't without flaws but, being honest here, which hack (of a certain lenght) really is?
I liked the creativety which could be seen in your level decorations as well as the way the levels are build themselfs.

Now, let's get to the unpleasen part... the "broken" stuff.
[1] If I beat the castle first and the lake afterward, the event caused by the lake overwrites the path to the end castle. This is only a visual flaw, as the path itself of course still works, but it should be fixed.
[2] This Yoshi here looks nice and all, but it killed the Yoshi I left at the beginning of those pipes for I couldn't take him along. Well, to be precise. It didn't kill him, it just made him invisible. Using a glitch, I could then easily kill myself (by accident). So I'd prefer if you removed it.
[3] Those are cape-killable... not really good. Not a real problem but it breaks the whole gimmik of the level. Speaking of that level... it's easy to get stuck by killing a koopa or destroying a shell or whatever. Well, not really stuck but you know. I like the level, maybe just give a few extra chances to hit the plants.
[4] You used the wrong tiles for the diagonal bars here. (Those going from left-top to right-bottom.) You can see the small darker areas? Those are the tiles you usually use when connecting them to a ceiling thingy. There are also tiles which go continuesly with the same color (like the other diagonal ones you have)

Verdict: Accepted. No seriously, I'd totally accept this hack if it didn't break due to music. We already know this is autorected, so do we really have to repeat that over and over again?
Difficulty would be normal.

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