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[ACCEPTED] 2 Player Co-op Quest 2 - cyphermur9t

File Name2 Player co-op Quest 2
Submitted:2014-05-18 10:30:33 PM by cyphermur9t
Length:13 exit(s)
Description:Another 2 player hack, however it can be beaten with just one player, there are two separate ips patches in here. Player 1 controls Mario, and player 2 controls the enemies in which to kill Mario with, and later you can work together as a team to beat levels.

Some notes:
- For 2 players you need zsnes 1.42
- Change your latency to 01 to minimize control lag.
- Control the enemies like you would Mario. Use the L+R keys to switch enemies to control.
Downloads:Original Submission Page
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I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about this hack at all. It's a good idea to make a hack where two players work togheter but it didn't only have its pros, but also had its cons.

As supposed to, I've played this hack online with Arctic Avenger to have some fun while moderating it. From the beginning, both of us can affirm the hack was pretty fun to play, we were having fun with small mistakes we both were making while enjoying the first levels and all, but eventually our experience with playing the hack didn't get really good. We've eventually been getting killed by the levels themselves and not just by us trying to move enemies properly - the hack really had moments I can't call hard, but unfair. Small notes; the begin of Eitch Two Oh there's an empty Message Box, and the overworld still flashes some OW events from the original SMW after beating a level.

We couldn't beat the hack togheter, so I had to continue moderating alone. The sequel of the hack wasn't what I expected at all, if not by certain situations of the hack it would have been better to play with a friend. It wasn't a bad hack overall, but not something I'd be sure to play again.

I'd still accept the hack after all, but I find it better to be played alone even though you're still able to control enemies.
Difficulty? Hard is proper IMO.

For the author: Apologies if this review sounds harsh, but it's sincerely how I felt while playing the sequel, that wasn't a very good experience at all.

+1'd users:
- Wakana-chan
- Mayonnai
- Everest
This hack is great! I heard a lot about this hack, and I was curious to see how the two player controls were implemented here. I must say that I really loved the final product, and it's something that can be defined innovatve and surely featured. Said this intro, I'm going to review it as always.

The level design is great and challenging: it never felt boring, although some parts (the snow level mostly) were frustrating to beat. You did a good job on the other levels though, my favourite is the final castle, specifically in the candles section, I loved the idea a lot. Nothing much to say, except that, yes, some parts may be a little bit frustrating.

The graphics are good too, however, I'm unsure about some mixings, especially in the water level and in the cloud level, both cases where the FG is cartoonish while the BG is realistic-like. Of course, these mixing are clashy, but for the rest it's pretty good. I'd like to mention the title screen (always in terms of aesthetics), which is the best title screen you've ever made from my point of view: loved the effect in the beginning and the palette animation, which is smooth and well done. Bravo~

One of the glitches I encountered are the old OW clear events: your ow (which is great too) didn't need any events (or at least, not in terms of path GFX), so I assume you forgot to erase the old SMW events. Too bad~
Another one, which may be pretty subjective, is that some sprites, that are controlled by Player 2, can get into walls easily. Although, it's not a big problem, and I guess it can't be avoided...

I would say that the difficult here is Hard, because of some nasty parts here and there pretty frustrating to pass.

After all, I would accept the hack: a masterpiece like this, where not only good design and aesthetics is in, but also a new, innovative idea, sure deserves to be accepted. Good job cyphermur9t!
These are the bad things I want to point out:

About the graphical aspect:
Some good tilesets but also some bad ones. It wasn't clashy, but also wasn't very consistent. Could have a little more work on.

About the gameplay aspect:
The idea is awesome, but the level themselves are already too hard. At certain point of the hack I stopped trying to kill Mirann and started to help, otherwise we wouldn't beat the levels.

About the fun factor:
Well, I really had fun killing Mirann on the first levels but as I said, it gets too hard already as it goes on (most of the time, unfairly hard, example being those nippers being overused and using the same GFX as the munchers. "Let me jump this munch... oh god it was nipper"). I'm pretty sure we'd have much more fun if it were easier.

But it's a very good hack and deserves some respect. I also agree that difficulty is hard and accept it. Good job and sorry if it sounds harsh.
Loved this hack. As of to see, and hack a bit small. But creativity and very large! The title screen, creative thought, and music mixed castle SMW, loved it.The graphics combined muito.The overworld, I loved the style and music.I accept this hack, hack congratulations for the work!
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Pretty challenging hack! Note that I played the one player version.

The hack is quite hard and should not be for people who do not have the patience of dying because minor mistakes such as falling to your doom. If you do qualify to play this hack, I have to say that the experience is great. I can clearly see hard work put into this hack and the hack differs in quite a few ways from its predecessor but the concept is ultimately the same for the most part. Beginning with the level design, I can say that it is designed quite well although since this is a hard hack, I was expecting some unfair occurrences and I was right though there aren't many unfair parts. The difficulty may make it seem like it is unfair but I can honestly say for the most part that it is not. Here is one bit I consider unfair as I have no way of distinguishing it from the other ones that don't act except for guessing (note that the screenshot is simply an example that I could distinguish, there are other times where I could not). I like how the levels seem to be varied in terms of design despite the main theme/concept of the levels being fundamentally the same throughout each one. This philosophy remains consistent throughout the hack so I guess that is all I have to say for this part of the review. Despite the difficulty and a certain unfair part, you did a good job on this part!

This hack is quite appealing in terms of aesthetics. Although I can see the influence and use of NSMB graphics, I can clearly see graphics from a variety of sources and that adds to the appeal of the hack. As a matter of fact, I think your choice of graphics fits perfectly well with the level design in some cases as it may influence how the level is constructed. There are some unusual combinations where some graphics seem quite realistic and that usually happens when you have either a realistic foreground or background used with either a non-realistic foreground or background. Generally, the aesthetics of the hack are handled really well. Moving onto matters relating to the overworld, the map presented is unique and it seems to be an actual map riddled with features that the levels contain. The only issue I noticed with it is that the eventing creates some odd "ghostly" paths that can be seen for a second or two. Not major however it should be looked into. In general, the overworld is pretty fascinating to me! The music is appropriately used in this hack so I have no complaints in that area. The title screen is nicely introduced and I can see effort there. Good job overall!

Difficulty: As evidenced by the paragraph on the level design, this hack is Hard.

I can certainly go with accepting this hack. Despite the odd thing, good job on it!

Thanks for the reviews, I'll remember them if I ever decide to make a 3rd version. I don't know why that message box was blank btw, I thought for sure I typed something in there O.o

As for the paths being revealed ghostly after beating a level, I really wanted to take those out. But for some weird, and I mean weird reason, when I took them out the game would glitch and freeze at random times. I have absolutely no idea why that would influence the hacks playability literally.
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