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[REMOVED] "Ice Land Hack" by CarsonEric2484
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "Ice Land Hack" by CarsonEric2484
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File Name: Ice Land Hack
Submitted: 2014.06.18 ~ 17:34:28 by CarsonEric2484
Rating: 0.0
Authors: CarsonEric2484
Demo: No
Length: 37 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Hello. This is my Ice Land Hack. I am doing it for youtube. This is a hack that starts out easy, then gets a major difficulty spike in the 3rd world, then another in the 5th world. Now, this is a really old hack I made. After making this, I have learned how to edit graphics and add music. There are 2 ways you can beat this. The normal way is the 36 - 37 level way, and the SUPER DUPER HARD way is the 8 level way. There is a secret in the 6th level in the game that takes you to a level in a world all by itself. that level is so hard that it takes you to the last level and it takes me about an hour to beat. I only ever beat it twice. Now, its really hard, but no shell jumps or anything like that are required. All you need is guts. Anyway, I dare any of you to beat it and possibly upload it to youtube. If u do, put it in my discussion page. NOTE: Remember. This is a really old thing. The event tiles got screwed up somehow halfway in the game so I erased them and just let you move to the next level. Please ignore it. After all, its the levels that count, not the overworld! (Not really, but yeah xD.) I know im not popular on youtube but u can Lets Play it if u want. If u do, plz send me a link in my discussion page. And of u cant find the secret to get to the super hard level, go to my vid "update mario hacks" heres the link to my page!
One more thing: For some reason, from my first Ice Land Hack video up until now, my voice has changed drastically. I sounded pretty high pitched 6 months ago, when I first uploaded my first part. I sound completely different on my Super Mario 64 Let's Play, just saying.
Tags: hack, hard, ice, land, obama
Download: Download - 409.81 KiB
Submission Notes: I am very sorry for having text in that one box. I didn't see that I wasn't allowed to put it there.
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File Name: Ice Land Hack
Submitted: 2014.06.18 ~ 23:13:43 by CarsonEric2484
Claimed: 2014.06.19 ~ 14:54:00 by Counterfeit
Rating: 0.0
Authors: CarsonEric2484
Demo: No
Length: 37 exit(s)
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Hello. This is my ice land hack. This is a really old hack. After making this, i have learned how to change graphics and music. I am doing this hack for youtube. You can beat this hack 2 ways. The normal way, which is 36 - 37 levels, or the SUPER DUPER HARD WAY BRAHZ, which is 8 levels! Doing it this way means getting the secret exit in the 6th level. Getting this will take you to a world with only one level in it, "superstar area". That level is so hard that it takes you to the last level, and it can take around an hour to beat it (mistakes and rewinds included). I dare you to beat it and possibly upload your attempt to youtube. If you can beat it and upload it to youtube, you are a mario master. I know im not that popular on youtube, but if you want to Lets Play it, feel free. and if u do, or u beat that really hard level and record it, plz send me a link to your channel in my discussion page. And if u are lost and cant find the secret in the 6th level, go to my video "update mario hacks". A few things i would like to note: remember. this is a really old hack. halfway through the game the event tiles graphics screwed up so i erased them. all you see is mario go to the next level. please ignore it. afterall, its the levels that count, not the overworld! (not really, but yeah xD. heres the link to my channel BRAHZ!
Tags: hack, ice, land, mario, minecraft, obama, poop, super mario, super mario 64
Download: Download - 78.98 KiB
The title screen shows Mario fearlessly making a mad dash through a castle full of Thwomps, fireballs, Grinders, and spikes.

The intro level has faulty berry background tile colors which can be fixed by copying the correct bush color from palette 5 over the corresponding green on the second half of palettes 2, 3, and 4. "ice land" should be capitalized, and "it's" should read "its" in the message box.

The overworld is flat and bright blue and it almost hurts to look at. The blues could use less saturation and contrast. More detail gets revealed as you beat levels so its empty appearance is deceptive. After "warp", I get brought to a complete mess of a map, though. :X The third map looks almost like a sea of milk.

Yoshi's House has the same problem with the berries. Have you tried enabling custom palettes to change everything on a per-level basis?

Slippery Slopes starts out okay, incorporating some design elements seen in classic Super Mario Bros, but quickly becomes underdeveloped and random. There was nothing to warrant me jumping up those slope platforms like a Dragon Coin or a bonus area. From the floating water segment on, I felt none of this part of the level really contributed anything meaningful. There's starting a level and finishing a level and I just don't feel like the level was actually finished. The pipes also have their shading removed, but why?

Pipe Smash has pink and green pipes -- not pink pipes and green pipes. Pink and green pipes. The translucent smashing layer is unappealing; I'd make it fully opaque. There was nothing wrong with the first room -- I like how the final section waited for you before it started smashing frantically; it makes the level scary.

Slippery Ledges has a lot of cutoff ledges in the walls and a lot of unnecessary ledges which are distracting because it gives you the impression that there's somewhere else to go. The level then transitions to music note blocks and the swarm of moles, forcing you to either be fast or calculating. It remains that way for the rest of the level, except switching back to regular ground close to the end. This level should be renamed "Holey Moley" in my opinion. xD

Sharp Road is the first non-ice level in the game. It's half grass, half pipe. The palettes seem much better in this level than the previous ones. What really caught me offguard was the random Podoboo jumping out of the ground. The water segment again had no real point to it. In the second room, Bullet Bill shooters are introduced. I get to a point where everything halts, and then the level starts scrolling by myself. The first 13 or so seconds are uneventful but pretty, then I get structures with Spike Tops I have to avoid. The huge amount of time in this level had me expecting a lot more, but I'm glad it wasn't drawn out too long.

Went through the warp and decided to go down first.

34yra3wknkesmf-333 is nothing short of nightmare fuel. It's an intentionally glitchy level with lots of cutoff. You will be assaulted by demented Princess Peach zombies and Yoshi Eggs popping out of the ground. Surprisingly, there are a few design elements here that are actually quite enjoyable, but for the most part, this level just scares the piss out of me.

Cold Area may as well be called "Holey Moley 2" because it's mole-infested and even has one of the same structures, but build out of solid blocks instead of music blocks. The level starts out with lots of projectile enemies. While not a bad level on its own, I feel it's too similar one I just played.

Cold Fortress is a rather long level and includes that title screen gem. The first room has a pretty bad palette, and the second room feels cluttered, but the third room is a lot of fun if you paid attention to the title screen. The second room has issues with layer priority inside the walls.

Dynamite Fortress's first room is structured similarly to Cold Fortress's first room, though with different enemies, and a lot of emptiness in its second half. Then, living up to its namesake, we get the old famed "exploding level" gimmick, and our time is cut down to a mere 105 "seconds" to get out. Even the speed rush at the end felt similar to the previous level, and I can't say which I felt was better.


Pipe Valley again has those weird Podoboos, and they have glitched fire trails. In the event that they are not compatible with the other graphics you're using, you could try combining graphics files and making an ExGFX file to load in this level, or use STEAR to remap sprite tiles so that any two or more sprites you're using in a level don't rely on the same exact tile. There were more graphical problems in the second room of this level.

Moving through the next warp and going right.

Slippery Jumps is probably where all of the game's coins went, as I haven't seen many coins up until now. The huge stacks of munchers and huge sections of cutoff are a MAJOR no-no, and the level is long enough to warrant a midway point. The second room of the level is hard because I can not gauge how far apart platforms are without any sort of guide - the platforms are too far away to be seen. The sprites have disappearing parts, and you need the No More Sprite Tile Limits patch. I also could not see the munchers below the used blocks when I hit the P-switch, which is pretty cheap damage. This level definitely isn't a 2 to an outsider; I'd rank it more of a 5... it was pretty nuts.

Choose Your Path is glitch zone with a side-exit and serves only to create a fork in the road. Should have entry disabled.

Yellow Switch is Chuck spam, followed by a long stretch of emptiness. The graphics of the pressed switch are glitched into eggs.

Green Switch is an easier sibling of the above level but has streams of Koopas bouncing over your head and a lot of cutoff at the beginning. Switch is glitched into eggs again and the message box is blank.

Underground Hills feels like a weird combination of Slippery Jumps and Green Switch but with a lot more ? blocks. It's annoying to beat if you're big, but given the scarce amount of powerups in this ha---oh wow, four mushrooms. o.o This level continues the trend of messy assembly.

Thwomp Fortress shares the same structure and ideas as the last two fortresses in the first room. It only dares to be different in the second room, where the cement block formations and wooden spikes make the level tediously slow.

I follow the next work into dreamland.

Hard to See - the name of this level scares me but let's see what happens... yeah, just as I feared. Invisible enemies resulting in cheap death, and even with cheat codes, the level is unbeatable because I can't see what the hell I'm supposed to do to get around these invisible walls.

So yeah, unfortunately the review stops there: I count a level where you can't see anything and can't conventionally beat a forced death. Even a Kaizo hack moderator's head would spin. If this hack were a laser, I'd say I took it all the way to 11. (Auto-rejected for the problems with Hard to See.)

Apart from that game-stopper, this hack needs a lot of graphical work: there's a ridiculous amount of cutoff, some questionable palettes, no backgrounds in most levels which don't even use layer 2 for level data, and glitched graphics here and there. While some of the levels are decent on their own, a lot of levels are either repetitive or too much like other levels in the hack.

Difficulty: Hard, but the last level in the hack is beyond Pit.

I am sad to admit that I am not a Mario Master... but this guy is!

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "Ice Land Hack" by CarsonEric2484

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