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[REMOVED] "Shy Guy Mini-game World" by AnOtakuGamer


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File Name: Shy Guy Mini-game World
Submitted: 2014.06.21 ~ 22:21:17 by AnOtakuGamer
Claimed: 2014.06.21 ~ 22:45:06 by Counterfeit
Rating: 0.0
Authors: AnOtakuGamer
Demo: Yes
Length: 4 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Shy guy mini-game island are an hack that your objective is the classic
Reach the final area
but in this hack each level have an special thing
Never Stop Run
Tags: classic, mini hack, speedrun
Download: Download - 139.48 KiB
Submission Notes: oh please i want this are the necessary. this is the 1st demo and my first hack

The title screen has a horribly off-center, badly proportioned title. The X's in the corner are quite ugly, as well as the boxes around the berries.

The intro level has some changed palettes and a very Engrish message box. Perhaps it'd be better to just write it in Portuguese.

The overworld is one giant fuchsia screen that doesn't really look like anything. There are no clear paths to other levels, so I had to mash buttons to find them.

Birds Collection makes no sense: Yoshi's House birds replace the flying fish graphics, which makes it deceptive because it's not a graphic associated with harm. The level itself has been extended and has nothing worth while on the left, and the right has a goal post immediately after you scroll.

Mix Minigame 2min has some very cool outer space graphics. It starts with a star run, then you need to spin jump off of a very low, GLITCHED Torpedo Ted that goes along the bottom of the screen to get across a hole. It needs to be moved up. This part drags on extensively with no toss-up except for two platforms obstructing your flow. You then get thrown into an autoscrolling segment where bubbles float your way. The goal sphere is also glitched. Besides glitches, this level has a graphical problem: the bottom row is missing ground tiles where they're supposed to be present. Gameplay-wise, the level had a lot of empty sections in the beginning.

Run Minigame 1min is a shallow Yoshi's Island 3 edit. It's kind of unclear the first time through that you have to go up. The level does test your ability to scale solid blocks quickly from the bottom to the top before the screen's scrolling catches up to you, but other than that, there's nothing noteworthy about this short, enemy-free level.

Me and Bazooka 1min is pretty much the same concept as Mix Minigame 2min's second section, except it's nearly impossible to do without savestates. It also uses the bottom row of Lunar Magic for ground -- and forces you to walk along it -- which is a huge no-no because it's impossible to see in ZSNES and even very difficult to see in other emulators which display the top row of pixels from the bottom row of Lunar Magic. This level also has a glitched goal sphere.

Game Point Refresh is a Yoshi's Island 4 edit, with everything removed... I swam pretty much forever only to find a flappy bird at the end and then I exited the level through a side exit. End of game...?

Eh, I'd say the hack might meet the length standards, but there's too much in the way of glitchy graphics, and a large portion of the hack is really underdeveloped or just a repeat of another concept seen in another level within the hack. There isn't enough variety or thought. I think Shy Guy's collision when "Super" or "Fire" is questionable as well, and the fact you can't distinguish "Super" Shy Guy from "Small" Shy Guy is also confusing.

Difficulty: Normal

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Uhh, weird...

I feel confused after playing this hack: I mean, the main idea sounded interesting, I really like minigames and such, but I don't think you developed the idea quite good in this hack. There are so many errors and stuff that the overall just feels bad. I'll be reviewing as always though.

The level design is bad, flat and boring. The ideas you used aren't really entertaining; I actually find most of the gimmicks boring and frustrating, especially the ones with the spinjumps on the torpedo. Those ones were a hell to do, and I had to use cheats to go on. Other ideas, like the Birds Collection, were good, but 1. the GFX was confusing when it comes to hitboxes and 2. if I were you, I'd make something to make birds not make the player die, just my opinion here though.

Aesthetics is all glitchy: I haven't find a single level with a decent GFX, and this is bad, because small hacks like this should have a very good and colorful GFX, in order to make it feel more like a minigames hack. The space-like GFX could work in my opinion, but you should have applied similar graphics in the others levels as well. However, as said earlier, I'm mostly considering the aesthetics bad, because of the enormous quantity of glitches.

A small complain I may have about misc issues, is the lenght: I know this is a minigames hack, but 4 levels aren't enough if you ask me. Do more levels, more ideas and I'm sure the hack's quality will easily increase.

The difficulty is normal, because if you mix flat sections and those dammit torpedo sections, you get a normal difficult overall.

Due to the glitches and a few ideas that are really bad, I'd reject this hack: obviously, work on graphics more, as well as creating new and more interesting ideas.

By that, I felt a bit relieved when I finished playing this hack. The ideas and concepts here seem quite bizarre and weird in this hack. It may seem quite simple when looked at first try, but when looked at closely, I can clearly see some effort that was used to attempt to create a functioning and good hack. The level design here does not reflect this reality at all unfortunately. Birds Collection seems quite interesting when I first entered the level, but I quickly noticed that things weren't right from the beginning. It seems you have flying birds now that can hurt the player with a seemingly useless level edit. Not a good impression at all. The other levels in this hack are either involve spin-jumping on a torpedo ted, running across uninspired levels or simple level edits to this. Game Point Refresh is the most ridiculous level in this hack; it seemed like almost a mockery to me. It involves a barely edited Yoshi's Island 4 beginning with a seemingly empty level that I jumped across the water to pass. In the end, I only found a bird that used to be a cheep-cheep. That is certainly not good. The only somewhat "decent" level I played in this hack is Mix Minigame 2min where it had a mix of blandness and spin-jumping over the level on a torpedo ted. None of the levels are particularly interesting to me.

The aesthetics in this hack are not really that good to be honest. Either they are replaced graphics that are glitchy or they are the default vanilla graphics. Mix Minigame 2min had some interesting space graphics however I cannot say they looked the best to me. The aesthetics need some serious improvement. The overworld is not particularly good-looking to me. Seeing as there are no paths, I had to manually find out by testing which directions I could go. The overworld itself is pretty bland and uninteresting to the player. Bad first impression! First impressions are important as they can determine whether the player will continue beyond the initial point or quit playing your hack before it even has its chance to prove itself. The title screen does not look good at all to me. Another bad impression there. Frankly, I would suggest that you scrap this hack. Start over with new ideas so you can be successful if you decide to create another hack.

Difficulty: Seeing how the difficulty of each of the levels is balanced out in the end, it is appropriate to classify the difficulty as Normal.

Rejection seems to be appropriate in this case. Start over as I said before. Play some other hacks here at SMW Central to get new ideas. I wish you good luck on whatever decision you decide to take.
Very strange hack in my opinion... I do like the idea, but I think it was executed wrong. For example, levels consist of long, boring flat segments, with no enemies, and a minimal amount of obstacles. Now, you said this hack was a "speedrun" hack, but a speed run is generally more fun and challenging if you have enemies and obstacles. For example, "Run minigame 1min" wasn't really challenging it all, ignoring the fact that you die upon completion (which you shouldn't do at all).

Mix minigame 2min had glitched graphics, such as an ugly torpedo ted, and a wiggler head goal sphere. (also, what one earth was with the music in that level?) Try and avoid this, or use ExGFX so you can use both of those sprites simultaneously if possible. On a similar note, there were several instances of having to spinjump on a torpedo ted. It wasn't really fun to be honest, and I don't know why you felt the need to do do the same challenge more than once.

Graphics were inconsistent, although I did like the custom ones in Mixminigame 2min. (Save for the glitches) However, there were also some issues with some of the graphics. A minor one would be the shyguy - while he generally looked good, there was this weird thing were his mask changed size when he moved, and it looked a bit odd. Nothing bad though. As I've said before, you also use a lot of glitched graphics. The overworld also looks very ugly, and you should add paths, as I was confused on where I could and couldn't walk. The title screen also doesn't give a very good impression, as it looks lazy and your enemy replacements have the wrong palette.

The difficulty of this hack would be normal.

As for a verdict, unfortunately, I'll have to go for a rejection.

This hack needs to improve quite a lot, but all I'll say is, work on these suggestions and good luck!
Title screen is unchanged, moreover, the different pallets of apples and the bush.
Overworld-A flat area, no hills, no sea, no nothing.
Birds collection-The message is unchanged. No music.
Mix minigame interesting 2min-Graphics, more at the beginning of the level, shy guy gets 3 powerups.
Gliches in the graphics.
The dificult is easy.
My Ports
Suika Ibuki - 25107
That was my first hack.... You know how firsts hacks sucks but i'm working on a new version with a huge ASM :3

i still don't know why in the world i have submitted this.
Well now the birds don't will kill you anymore.
I am making a new version #ab{:(}
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File Name: Shy Guy Mini-Game World
Submitted: 2014.06.22 ~ 21:55:01 by AnOtakuGamer
Claimed: 2014.06.23 ~ 08:03:18 by Counterfeit
Rating: 0.0
Authors: AnOtakuGamer
Demo: Yes
Length: 10 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: Well in this game you needs to reach the end of the stage
as the classic mario game.
But each stage have an special thing you needs do.
Run to the end end don't let the screen or the piranhas touch you.
Or some bonus like:
Keep jumping in the enemies and don't touch the ground
How much score you can make in one stage?
How much fast you can complete an stage?

Asked Question:
What is GP?
:GP Is Game Point normally this is the lives showed below the MARIO name
Tags: bonus, custom character, custom graphics, custom level, mini hack, music custom, speedrun
Download: Download - 219.40 KiB
Submission Notes: The other hack is much bad then i have made this new one
The title screen shows poor little Shy Guy trying to run away from a... woman I guess, and she kills him. That bastard! D: The title screen death fix is used so there are no problems as a result. The logo's text isn't centered, which personally peeves me but moving onwards... the sky changes color when the menu pops up.

In the intro, one of the berries still has a bad palette around it.

The overworld looks better than the last iteration, but there's discoloration in the cliffs and the base where it meets the waterfall.

Birds Collection (?GP) is the same as it was before, but the birds no longer hurt you. The level is short and not very meaningful.

Classic (3GP) has some map16 errors with the bottom left corner tiles - it should act like 130 but acts like 25 or 3F. The girls have problems with their faces, like in the title screen: girls with red or green dresses are completely black with no detail, so you should fill in the second half of the palette and use a custom palette in every level.

Run Minigame (2GP) has a lot of empty and repetitive stretches in the latter half. I think that the area of [ON] blocks needs to be reworked.

Classic (1GP) has a really weird flame in the beginning; I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a burning soul or something. Either way, the graphics here manage to be creepier than SMW's cute and cuddly ghosts. The second half of the level is weird; you get fragments of a Bullet Bill shooter which are actually Dragon Coins, and even weirder gas bubbles with green coins on the sides of them, and rather bland level design that entails jumping across even, spaced-out platforms with nothing else going on.

Speedrun (4GP) shows some incomplete graphics and a lot of cutoff pipe pieces in the background. The level itself isn't bad, but it really should start with a block that has a star in it instead of dumping the star on you because the run is tailored to getting to the next star as quickly as possible and only expects you not to go full speed around halfway through, so if you're not prepared for it at the start, you'll be dead before you know it.

Flying Coin (1GP) was seen with the same design in the last demo, but this time, the background is an atrocity of glitches. You still have to walk on the bottom row of tiles in one part, but now you can't see it at all because the bottom of the background is black too, turning this level unfair.

Enemy Jump (?GP) has a message box at the beginning which eats the layer 3 tide. Thankfully, the tide isn't needed to beat the level, but at that point, the tide should not be used in the level at all. The point of this level is to try to farm lives by jumping on enemies constantly. It actually feels like a minigame. Cool stuff!

Go Up! (3GP) has hella weird castle graphics. The Magikoopa's magic is glitched; the monty mole dirt graphics are where the magic graphics should be if you were going to make an ExGFX copy of this file. I got killed by a piece of SNAIL MAIL, which is the highlight of my career as a moderator. Thank you for that. The one complaint I have about the design of this level is the fact that enemies can rain down on top of you here, and the pink guys are hard to see against the orange background. Otherwise, this was pretty decent.

Giant Mole (3GP) could've been designed a lot better, as you only need to ride the mole until you get to the star. From that point on, it's the same type of level as Speedrun.

Anyways, it's good to see this hack is growing, but so are the number of glitches. The hack's presentation has become less clean. Try to complete your tilesets and use custom palettes so it's not all bright and orange. Also, there are a few sprite tile memory problems in areas of the hack, so try the No More Sprite Tile Limits patch. I'm iffy on the implementation of GP, too, as there doesn't seem to be a purpose in mind. Maybe replace the Dragon Coin counter with an ASM GP counter and use the amount of GP to unlock new worlds in the future? Dunno, just a thought.

Difficulty: Normal
EVERER (sorry you're no longer everest)

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Nice to see improvements here, but I don't think it's enough yet. I appreciate the fact that you added new levels and new ideas (which some look decent I must say), but for this hack you have to put more and more work.

Judging the level design, in particular the fun factor, I don't think this hack is fun: there are empty zones, flat zones, too frustrating ones (damn that torpedo level again) and so on. A minigame hack shouldn't be like this: add more challenges where the game is boring and flat, and make it easier where it's frustrating. Be sure to check levels which doesn't make sense, like the birds one (they don't hurt you, but now the level became pointless) or the ghost house one.

Aesthetics didn't change much: glitches, bad palettes and misc horrible GFX settings are most of the times. Here too, I appreciate you went for a more "minigame"-like GFX, but it's not pleasant to look at all.

As misc issues, I'd like to mention that some levels have no music (forgot to say this in the previous review >w<;), and it doesn't give a good impression; I mean, you're not forced to use music, but if you do, it will be a big plus for your hack.

The difficulty seems easier than before, but I'd stick on normal again.

In conclusion, sorry, but I don't think it's enough for a place in the hacks section, so rejection for me. Follow mine and others' suggestions and I'm sure this hack will be a nice one; I'd also suggest you to take some testers so they can give you even more feedback. Good luck with it~
The effort was decent at least.

While it seems you have tried to improve the hack, you seemed to have done it by creating more levels instead of fixing the existing problems. What is most pleasant in this change is that you have at least attempted to redesign, extend and make new levels for this hack. Well let's get started shall we? I can certainly sense an effort to try and improve some levels such as Classic 3GP, they did not seem to turn out so well. In that particular example I mentioned, you got rid of the spin-jumping part with the torpedo ted but you replaced it with land that has seemingly little effort put into it. Good levels are usually planned out and designed accordingly. A good piece of advice would be to avoid randomly placing blocks in Lunar Magic then spamming sprites to create a "good" level. Levels are usually much more interesting when that technique is avoided. Other levels such as Flying Coin 1GP are barely modified except for looking more trashy in terms of visuals which I will explain soon enough. There are some new levels however such as Go Up! 3 GP. In that particular level, I can see some decent attempts to create a functioning level (I will argue that level is the "best" you have made in this hack). Climbing up the level isn't new however it can still be interesting with the sprites used in such cases. The difficulty spikes slightly ruined the experience however. Finally, some levels are pure trash. A nice effort but it is still not enough to pass. Sorry.

The aesthetics seemed to have changed for the worse in this hack. While some graphics are virtually unchanged from the previous version (such as the space one), other levels have vanilla or glitched graphics used as objects or background tiles. Flying Coin 1GP is a very good example of something you should avoid. The background looks like an utter mess. The foreground seems to have unusual tiles that can seem glitched sometimes depending on the palettes used. The bright palettes are not too easy on the eyes. A bad first impression leads to a bad representation which you should avoid. The overworld seems to have minor improvements and I could actually easily guess where to go though paths would be nice especially since you are not using eventing. The design of the overworld has led me to think that this hack is nothing more than a test hack. Not good either way. I die on the title screen which is bad however I do not get stuck on level C7 due to a patch (or whatever you did) being seemingly used for that bit. The music died out on me though there. The hack in this part can be summed up like this: For the worse. The messy presentation certainly did not help change my judgement.

Difficulty: Not really much change in this area due to the new levels so Normal.

I am going with rejection. The hack seems like a mess to me although I am pleased that you have at least tried to improve on the level design. Go back to Lunar Magic and keep improving by testing your skills and practicing. I would advise you not to resubmit anything until you are sure that this hack will get accepted (look in the section of this site to get an idea of what is accepted). Good luck!
Title: Cutoffness man was here

OW: Eye-searing

Bird MG: Gives you an 1-up

Run MG: Nice autoscrolling level, after you complete it,
you die
, can't complete

Mix MG: Nice space gfx, but glitcy torpedo part is just too hard even with savestates


Originally posted by Glitchraptor
Title: Cutoffness man was here

OW: Eye-searing

Bird MG: Gives you an 1-up

Run MG: Nice autoscrolling level, after you complete it,
you die
, can't complete

Mix MG: Nice space gfx, but glitcy torpedo part is just too hard even with savestates


You reviewed the wrong version of the hack.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Wow that was... new. Sadly actually.
The gimmick seems like a really nice idea. Onle the way you executed it is kinda... bad. Sorry.

The overworld has kinda bad palette and even some (seemingly?) wrong tiles near the waterfall and the bottom left corner.

The levels themselfs... well. As I said before, you have a good idea here, but with properly looking levels, I think this would be even more awesome. Bad palettes, and bad choices of graphical appearance. There also seems to be a lack of music in some levels. So yeah, on one frank sentance, your levels look horrible :3 (sorry, no way around that)
Also, in "Go Up!" you have two hammer bros on the same screen allowing them to be oncamera at once, which usually causes one of them to disappear and reappear as he likes (usually reapears the exact same moment I try to land on his seemingly empty platform, that bastard)

All in all, I dig the gimmick you have here but please PLEASE improve the visuals of your hack :<
For now I'm with everyone for rejecting this.
Difficulty seems to be normal. After all you even give a warning on the harder levels xD
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Name:Shy Guy Mini-Game World
Submitted by:AnOtakuGamer
Length:16 exits
Description:Well in this game you needs to reach the end of the stage
as the classic mario game.
But each stage have an special thing you needs do.
Run to the end end don't let the screen or the piranhas touch you.
Or some bonus like:
Keep jumping in the enemies and don't touch the ground
How much score you can make in one stage?
How much fast you can complete an stage?

I have mixed feelings about the hack. As previously stated by the other reviewers in this thread, while you have a very nice idea for a hack, its way in which it was executed was somewhat bad. You have plenty of levels with weird visuals in general, both aesthetics and level design, which leads me to think you probably don't have a common sense of SMW hacking at all. While moderating the hack I also had witnessed that some levels didn't have music at all (it happened a few times, although music had came back later when restarting the level), had the side exit enabled for some reason, or were already hard at its begin where the player almost have no time to react to enemies incoming. A side note: I didn't get why this message box is placed there if I can't even hit it.

A serious issue I highly recommend you to fix! Apparently, pressing up while at the level "Enemy Jump" of the overworld leads me to an endless walk and I can't return unless I reset the ROM.

I don't have much to say since other reviewers also said with better words most of what I've thought of the hack. Don't take me wrong, you have good ideas for this hack, but I highly suggest you to start it from stratch. As well I think you should play some of the accepted SMW hacks of our database in case you need some inspiration and common sense for yours.

Hidden verdict, although it's a little obvious. Difficulty would be Normal.

+1'd users:
- Wakana-chan
- Everest
Nice to see an update of this hack~ ALthough I can't say that my opinion about it changed drastically.

I saw you added new levels, and here again, some of them were very cool ideas, like the invisible path with coins, and some really boring ones, like the labyrinth level...god that really felt endless. I have mixed feelings as well: it's a balance between good and bad when it comes to level design and fun factor. I can't say I'm sastified though, and this should be a minigame hack, so...

A factor that brings your hack in the hell of blazing flames is the aesthetics: I appreciate a lot that you went for a more custom GFX to make it feel more like a minigame hack, but some graphics are really ugly. The worst ones from my point of view are those weird edits of the original SMW tileset, which I can't really see them as good ones. Sorry for being so rough, but this hack is ugly in terms of GFX.

There are lots of misc issues as well, like cutoff, bad enemies GFX, game breaks, levels which doesn't seem to have sense (this is more than a subjective judgement, sorry) and so on.

The difficult is normal as overall. Not too hard but not easy either.

I'm really sorry, but I'd go for rejection again. I feel bad, because I know that you're really trying to make this hack better and doing efforts on efforts...but it's still not enough. As Mirann and some others stated in the previous reviews, at this point, starting from scratch would be the best choose.
I can see the effort.

The question now is this: Did you put enough effort into improving your hack? The answer is complicated. I do think you directed your effort to improve it in the wrong direction which is a shame since I can see potential despite the poor execution of the level design in this hack. The levels themselves have undergone some slight changes though I cannot say it was for the better. You have thought about the situations where the players can do unusual things in your levels which is good but you need to think a little deeper using the same method as you did there. What qualifies as enjoyable to you? You need to answer that as players will want to see an interesting hack. They most certainly do not want to see a boring hack or else they may not play through it. The levels that are retained have not changed much which I have already mentioned. There are some new levels however such as The Great Maze which felt quite annoying for me as well as being disengaging. I see this problem with the other new levels as well although a few felt like effort was put into them. You need to make your levels more interesting. I believe the best solution is to scrap this hack and start a new hack.

I can see some effort in the aesthetics as well. I can see on occasion that the graphics look good such as the background in the sublevel of the level Florest Palace. More often however (and unfortunately), the aesthetics seem to be pretty bad in my opinion. The tilesets you have used seem to be either strange or glitched in a way. Some of your edits to the original graphics are horrible in my opinion. I do see every now and then decent graphics of objects though they are minor and serve no importance overall in general. There is cutoff as well which is bad enough. I must say that testers are important in such situations! I do see that the overworld has undergone yet another redecoration although the basic form of the tiles remain unchanged (as well as new land for the extra levels). I can't say it seems good (my previous reviews still seem to describe the overworld well despite the changes). A broken path is present there as well which is a shame and seems severe enough to me for rejection. Overall, I really think you need to rethink your stance on contiuing this hack. I would suggest scrapping it. Take the reviews in this thread into your mind while making hacks. I am sure they will help you. Remember to play some accepted hacks and get some testers for the future as well!

Difficulty: Not much change from before so Normal.

Due to the reasons above, I am going with rejection. Remember to take in what I said here and think about it very carefully.