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Kirby's Dream Land 3 Soundtrack - 3 songs left!
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I've been working on this soundtrack solo for a bit, and I decided that I'll make it public.

Please only claim one song at a time. Please claim a song that has not been ported yet; you may port an already ported song, though, if you think you can do better than the original port. When you finish porting the song, please post it here so I (and other people) can tell you things to improve and such. Lastly, this is an AMK soundtrack, so please make your songs AMK-only. This means using the #samples and #instruments command, AMK hex commands and such, since we're trying to move away from older Addmusics.

List of songs:

Opening - Sayuri
File Select - Sayuri
Grass Land 1 - Sayuri
Grass Land 2 - Sayuri

Grass Land Map - Sayuri
Pop Star - Sayuri
Sand Canyon Map - Sayuri
Iceberg Map - sayuri
Cloudy Park Map - Sayuri
Sand Canyon 3 - tcdw
Miniboss Battle - tcdw
Cloudy Park - tcdw
Friends 1 - tcdw
Friends 2 - tcdw
Friends 3 - tcdw
Music Test - tcdw
Sand Canyon 1 - Harumi Makoto
Ripple Field 1 - tcdw
Game Over - tcdw
Big Boss Battle - tcdw
Kirby Lose - Sayuri
Incorrect Path - Sayuri
Iceberg - tcdw
Staff Roll - tcdw
Mini Game - tcdw
Ripple Field Map - tcdw
Title Screen - tcdw
Bonus Jump - Sayuri
Mission Completed - tcdw
Mission Failed - tcdw
Invincible 1 - Harumi Makoto
Grass Land 4 - tcdw
Ripple Field 3 - tcdw
Grass Land 3 - tcdw
Hyper Zone 1 - tcdw
King DeDeDe - tcdw
Ripple Field 2 - tcdw
Ominous Wind - Sayuri
Grass Land 1 - tcdw
Grass Land 2 - tcdw
Hyper Zone 2 - RednGreen
Invincible 2 - Lui37

List of remaining songs:

Sand Canyon 2
Cast Montage

Also, in case you're not familiar with the game or the songs, we're going to be using this to rip the BRRs from, use them to compare with our ports and so forth.
Thanks, and have fun porting!
Two ports already made by me:
Sand Canyon 3
Miniboss Battle

And also, I decided to claim Cloudy Park.
Very nice to see a Kirby Dream Land 3 Soundtrack in work.

As far as I have listened, it sounds pretty well done!

Since I have ported Sand Canyon 3 sometimes ago, I am able to say more specific things concerning that port.

First, the Drums $1c and $1e play some deeper notes in #0 than they should. Generally, they are tuned correctly but there are still some faults. And the Strings don't look too solid in the Part starting at 0:39 because of a too harsh ADSR. This part may also requires some more fine tune.

Else, the ports (especially Sand Canyon 3) were well done. I know Kirby Tracks can be really annoying, that much pan and volume changes... #w{=3}

Anyways, Good Luck with the Project!
Originally posted by HackerOfTheLegend
Grass Land 2 - HackerOfTheLegend

Nostalgia killed me...

May I suggest reorganizing the list so it looks like this:
Originally posted by Improved List
Opening - HackerOfTheLegend
File Select - HackerOfTheLegend
Pop Star - HackerOfTheLegend
Grass Land Map - HackerOfTheLegend
Grass Land 1 - HackerOfTheLegend
Grass Land 2 - HackerOfTheLegend
Miniboss Battle - tcdw
Sand Canyon Map - HackerOfTheLegend
Sand Canyon 3 - tcdw
Cloudy Park Map - HackerOfTheLegend
Iceberg Map - HackerOfTheLegend

Another suggestion I can give is to list out the entire soundtrack with a claiming system involved. There could be a porter wanting to port a song, but they never played the game nor know all the songs. Of course, they could figure it out by searching for "*Game Title* spc" through google to find all the SPCs, but for professionalization, I suggest doing the latter. I hope to see this project released so I can use it's soundtrack, as these songs bring me back...

Are you an ASM coder and want to trade "resources"? Private Message me for details.
(I also offer SMW Custom Songs in exchange for ASM! I don't do ports though unless it's to remix.)

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

Cloudy Park
Drums issue on Sand Canyon 3 will also be fixed soon.
Also, I claim Friends Theme (All three music).
(Although you said everyone can claim only one song at a time, but they are short and easy to port.)

BTW, I played this game, but only Level 1~5, since I didn't finish all of missions.
@Daizo: I'll think about your suggestion. Also:
Originally posted by Daizo Dee Von
Of course, they could figure it out by searching for "*Game Title* spc" through google to find all the SPCs,

That's what SNES Music is for. I linked it on the first post of this thread.

@tcdw: That sounds great! As far as I can tell, there aren't any big issues, so that's great, too. Added to the list. And you can port the Friends Theme songs, since they are indeed pretty short.
Updated the first post with tcdw's ports.
Remember, we still need help with this, so if you'd like to claim a song, just post to let me know!

Interesting project! You did quite a good job so far, even though I think it could be improved. Here are my suggestions:

1) all the pannings are inverted, you should fix them (e.g. y12 instead of y8, y15 instead of y5);
2) I think it would be better turning on the FIR filter when enabling echo ($F1 $XX $XX $01), just like in the original;
3) Tuning could be improved. I suggest you looking at the pitch values in the original SPCs as a reference;
4) In the end, don't rely too much on nintspc - it's definitely a useful tool, but it's not very accurate on pannings and volume stuff.

Port-specific tips/nitpicks:
Opening: there are some flat instruments, namely the kick in #0, the hi-hat in #7, the panflutes and the sine wave thingies at 0:36 (#2, #3, #4)
File Select:
- hi-hat in #1 is flat
Grassland 1:
- arpeggio at 00:14 (#2 and #3) is a bit sharp
- instruments starting at 00:36 (#2 #3) are a bit sharp
- instruments starting at 00:58 (#4) are way too sharp, you should lower them by about a semitone
Grassland Map:
- flute is slightly sharper than the original, and lowers an octave at 0:41
Cloudy Park Map:
#1 is slightly too loud
Miniboss Battle / Cloudy Park / Friends 1-2-3:
- echo should be enabled on #5 instead of #4: either move the echo to #5 or move #5 to #4
Friends 3:
- #1 is slightly flat

Hope this helps #tb{:)} Finally, here's something I made yesterday:
Hyper Zone 2
C3 2016 NEW - C3 2014 - C3 2013

Quest on Full Moon Island 2
Thanks for the advice. I'll fix the stuff you mentioned for my ports, and hopefully tcdw will fix the stuff with his ports.


Originally posted by RednGreen
3) Tuning could be improved. I suggest you looking at the pitch values in the original SPCs as a reference;

I did that for all of these ports. I always spend at least an hour trying to tune the instruments correctly.

Originally posted by RednGreen
4) In the end, don't rely too much on nintspc - it's definitely a useful tool, but it's not very accurate on pannings and volume stuff.

The thing is, if I had to port all of these manually, typing everything from scratch, note by note, I'd go insane. I actually tried doing that for CT's Corridors of Time song, and it took me about fifteen minutes to get the first two notes of the song correct... and making a sampled Kirby port from a MIDI usually results in failure, or the port sounding awful.
Music Test
This one don't have pan errors:P
Sorry for takes too long. I am too busy to take part in this project.

And a fix of broken links:
Cloudy Park
Friends 1
Friends 2
Friends 3
Miniboss Battle
Sand Canyon 3
Sand Canyon 1

well that was easy

who said porting from MIDIs was inaccurate
Nothing less from you, Harumi - I can't say I found something wrong with it after listening to the port multiple times. Great job!
Oh I ported this like a while ago.

Also, if you guys need some tuning values, I have all of them here for some reason (maybe some instrument names are off, but I included the numbers anyway).
Have fun
That will help a lot! Though, I think it'll take me a bit which tuning values go with which instrument number in a song (I know little to nothing about instruments/instrument names IRL)
@Lui37: Thanks for your list:P It's really powerful and accurate.

And also, new ports:
Ripple Field 1
Game Over
Big Boss Battle

And a fix:
Cloudy Park
tcdw: Those sound great. My only complaint, though, is that I think the panning for Big Boss Battle is slightly off, and the volume is a tad too high. Fix those and you'll be good!

Just finished Kirby Lose, it wasn't too hard.
Originally posted by HackerOfTheLegend
panning for Big Boss Battle is slightly off

Why? It's don't have pan problem I think, since I already fixed panning for the bug of NintSPC.
And the volume is fixed now. I will send it to you next time.
I'm really glad you guys are fixing the panning so the ports are more accurate. All those sound really good, tcdw, though I agree with HOTL; they're slightly louder than the originals, but it isn't a big deal.

Also, it isn't a NintSPC bug, it's actually the Kirby games that have the panning table backwards, not sure why though.
Seeing how this song is so short, it didn't take that long to port, so here's Incorrect Path.
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