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Endless Fake Cheat to unlock Luigi in Super Mario 64
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I'll start off, all what you have to do is resume the story and keep posting impossible and Crazy ways to unlock luigi in SM64, I'll start off
1. Please, go with the flow. If you don't know what to write then don't post at all, you will just spoil the fun.
2. Do not spam
3. Write something that people can actually understand.
RULES from the Stickied thread also applies here as well.

Finish the game under 10 minutes, Go to the file select screen and press Z and R at the same time, you should hear luigi's voice saying "Oh yeah!" After that you will see gruntilda who has kidnapped your girl friend...
... After grunty steals her beauty, take the result out for a date, while on the date you will hear screaming, go outside you will see Cackletta the witch, you have to throw as many memes as you can at her like the "Could you fucking not", "Feelz", "What's this I don't even". She will then be defeated until then you find out your girl friend cheated on you, go to the illegal drug store and get cocaine to get high and ease your sorrows. She will then visit you, kill her. Try to avoid to the cops in your ferrari, Get to a hideout bring out your laptop from your butt (O.o) and search for gamesharks, you then find out...
...You need to pay your internet bill find the nearest coin block and take the coin from it and put it in the CD ROM of your laptop, Bam! Your internet is back! After that you'll see a gameshark saying "Infinite life" Force yourself out of the TV by pressing B and A, then plug your gameshark to the console, get back into the TV and you will have infinite lives, you will then see Cackletta is back...
...who you need to kill by jumping on him 65,000 times while he shoots lasers and heat-seeking rockets while the screen flickers. Once you've done that, you have to use a glitch to get inside of the castle without using the door and Backwards Long Jump through the game's walls. You will then be teleported to...
...Back into time to the retro world of Donkey kong, you have to play for 24 hours and save pauline, after that she will then take you to her room, you have to f*ck her right in the p*ssy by pressing A+B, A+B, A+B after if you do it correctly the game will prompt you saying "Complete" Then all of a sudden you are teleported to...
Justin bieber's house, ask him "have you seen luigi" he will say "no, now please get out of my house" you will get angry and strangle him by holding Z after his is dead, run away while you are running you will see...
...That you have ran too far, you will then see ghost rider who sights you, every where will begin to shutter and destroy, you will have to fight with each other in a game of... Rock, paper, scissors! You have to win because if you don't, Your N64 will explode, when you win him, he will begin to cry, take his tears and get a refreshment, and continue on your journey then... are prompted to save. Select yes. Either option you choose freezes the game. Once you do this unplug your N64 and plug it back in and start it back up. Select your save, which now says "M1" for your lives. After that...
(also please add some rules to the first post)
...Go to the hospital to get the M1 fixed, you will then see that you still have to be DR. Mario, you then start playing DR. Mario from the NES to cure yourself, after that you pull your laptop out of your butt and go on ebay to buy a N64, after buying it, You have to play Super Mario 64 on it and unlock luigi there first but... need to unlock the hidden Wario character in the game first. To do this, you need to complete the game with one star, and play with the game cartridge on fire. Now this will destroy your N64, so you'll have to buy another one before you can continue. As Wario... must head towards Whomp's Fortress and get the star where you need to fly with the owl. The problem is that the owl can't carry you because you are too heavy, so you must find a way to get there without the owl, so you...


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
Have to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 and become Cloud Mario to reach the area. When you reach that area, the star is not there! In order to make it appear, you must...
Come help save Super Mario World Central Production 2 here! a backwards long jump into a wall right next to it. After you get into the wall, you have to do a ground pound to make the star appear. Once you get the star... will be teleported to starship mario, and instead of purple luma being there, it is yoshi who grants you 100 lives and delivers a message from luigi instead of the Super Mario 64 Team and then you must....

New layout by RanAS!
... Trow your cartdrige into water so then you need get it and will apear the Ell and it gonna eat you ...

C3 Over.

Some hack things why i are feedbacking on.

MY HACK what I are working on.

...So you have to make it come out to play, after you do that, plug your catridge back. You will see ganondorf in the castle grounds you have to fight with him but he has to beat you, he will then take you to the termina field and you will see saria and your little sister there, you have to...
...ask Saria for her ocarina. If she doesn't give it to you, Majora's Moon will fall and kill everybody. If she does then you can play one of the following songs:

- Saria's song: Darunia will come and do his ridiculous dance, then kick your balls.
- Zelda's lullaby: Saria will get jealous, then call Darunia who will kick your balls even harder.
- Party Rock Anthem: Everyone will start shuffling, and Darunia will come in and kick your balls the hardest he can.
- Song of Time: You will travel back to the past where ou have to do all of the cheat again!

To succesfully move on, you have to play the Song of Time BACKWARDS, which will lead you to the future #ab{O_O}. In the future there are flying cars and spaceships and super tall hi-tech buidings and all that future stuff. But don't loose your mind, remember you gotta find LUIGI! In the future you'll meet your grandson, who will tell you to go find...

I quit hacking. Don't hack Nintendo ROMs, kids! ROM hacking is illegal an very very rude for the original creators!
The Doctor, who is waiting in his TARDIS. The Doctor offers to take you to the correct point in time where you can locate Luigi, but before you can even find The Doctor, you need to balance the game cartridge on your nose while doing The Macarena. Once you've done this, The Doctor appears in his TARDIS. He offers to take you back if... help him go back in time to kill Hitler in 1931 (right before Poland got conquered) which leads to wacky hijinks such as all 30 of the death traps you set up failing to kill him. You don't succeed and since you failed you have to find another way. On your way back to the Mushroom Kingdom...
You fall in the sewers. The sewers have boos, shadows, gobys... You're in SMRPG! Be killed from an boo and you gonna see belome, why ill eat you and you gonna end in the mushroom kingdom...

C3 Over.

Some hack things why i are feedbacking on.

MY HACK what I are working on.

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