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[REMOVED] "Super Mario in Element World! (v3.0)" by Daniel 115
Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "Super Mario in Element World! (v3.0)" by Daniel 115
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Counterfeit // FIRE AND FORGET [~]
(CCCP:~) counterfeit% cat чики-брики.txt
June 13: First demo (7 exits, rejected)
June 22: Second demo (32 exits, accepted)

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File Name: Super Mario In Element World v3.0
Submitted: 2014.06.28 ~ 09:40:19 by Daniel 115
Claimed: 2014.07.02 ~ 10:55:33 by Counterfeit
Rating: 0.0
Authors: Daniel 115
Demo: No
Length: 40 exit(s)
Difficulty: Normal
Description: The full hack!!
Download: Download - 0.98 MiB
The title screen is very minimal, with a black background and SMRPG font. The menu text is ugly, and the author's name runs into it. It's offcenter and not nicely spaced.

The intro level has some Engrish, but looks presentable otherwise.

The overworld maps look good enough, but the desert world has a lot of problems with blacking out of the upper right after events, and the event revealing the path to Banzai Bill Desert doesn't work.

Grassland Plains still feels cramped in the beginning from the low trees.

Valley of Banzai has very little emphasis on Banzai. The level has a lot of variety, but the midway point comes stupidly close to the end of the level.

Ninji's Nightmare felt basic. There was a decent amount of action, but little creativity in the use of Ninji itself.

Torpedo Lake was a decently-designed underwater level. The outdoor half did not belong at all with this level and should've been split off into its own level for further development. That said, I despised the echo overkill in Aquatic Ambience.

Castle of Iggy has layer priority issues where the powerups go behind the foreground. The design itself was fine.

Ice Plains felt too much like Grassland Plains. Same design style, many of the same sprites, same sprite density...

Stars Nightmare had powerups grouped close together at the beginning, questionable choices for solid object placement (a pipe on top of ground right above your head giving the impression that it's behind you?) and the midway point was 9 SMW seconds from the exit. Nothing stood out about the design and it felt like it was mindlessly thrown together.

Pipe Field 1 is a very easy pipe maze and is conceptually barebones yet pleasant. I found it kind of a shame you didn't take advantage of the P-switch and make the player race to get a secret item before the timer ended. One thing that was irritating about this level was the unnecessary wall jump.

Pipe Field 2 is the same as the previous level: same exact concepts, generators that generate the same enemy... it's a little harder because of the density of bullets but the lack of creativity is incredibly disappointing.

Pipe Field 3 is STILL. THE SAME. THING. It's probably the best iteration of the idea but by this point, if I have to play another P-switch pipe maze, I'm probably gonna explode... wait a second... I played all that just to get led around in a circle? I played those levels for no reason?!


Resuming hack from Ice Plains now.

Cold Ghost House looks MUCH better since the last time I played it. The vibrato of the port still kills the speed of the SPC700 and it's annoying. (I seriously hope AddMusicK fixes this.) Not all rooms are slippery like the graphics imply, but the level design here was definitely better than the rest of the hack so far.

Frozen Lands had some really cute music. The design felt misleading, though: there are areas where it looks like something is reachable with wall jump, only for me to go up there and find nothing whatsoever.

Crystal Cave felt very unmemorable. Like many levels before it, the midway point comes really close to the end.

Bowser Jr.'s Castle didn't have enough time on it. It also felt incredibly weird that almost everything was greyscale. Good job avoiding sprite tile memory problems in the first room, though.

Underground Plains was once again void of any new gameplay ideas. It was structurally sound and had good enemy placement but it's doing nothing to advance the hack.

Secret Bonus Room is cool... I kind of like how the vine stretches on the mystery of what this room could have.

Caverns Fortress has one of the better things done with SMW music. Low timer serves as an annoyance. This is 3-for-3 with the autoscrolling castles, and the second in a row with heavy Ball-and-Chain use.

The UnderWorld #1's message boxes make no sense: the second one, which attempts to explain but fails completely (seriously, a 'careful' supersonic beam? I don't even) comes close to the end of the level where it's no longer relevant at that point. Not being able to see the ground for extended periods of time was very annoying.

Underground House has a midway point but even if you get it, you still start at the beginning of the level. The level design is awfully full of slopes, and in contrast to the handful of levels with absurdly low timers, this one has a really -high- one. I beat the level with 614 left on my timer without trying to speedrun it.

Orange Forest was pure filler: short and uneventful.

Sand Cave felt like it should've been a sublevel of Underground Plains. The Goombas with the hard hats were cool but I think if you really wanted to make this level "its own", then the Puntin' Chuck would've been a good thing to build around.

Castle of Lemmy is again an autoscrolling castle with Ball-and-Chains everywhere. The time limit is also way too low... as are some of the Podoboos because they don't even go up to your lowest level of jump trajectory.

Desert of Pokey has a midway point with a bad palette. The goal post also using the midway bars is very... ugly. Try moving your ExGFX to one of the empty BG slots to free up the goal post graphics. I liked the level design here, as it had a real focus that wasn't seen before in this hack with various projectile enemies.

Desert Nightmare has the KSH sound, meaning your port's not properly set up for AddMusic 4.05. It needs a 0-volume moment of silence before setting up echo. The level design felt plain and short and like the starts of world 1 and 2 but with less Koopas and more Goombas, but I really liked this music.

UnderWorld #2 is



The design was bad though. It was just like UnderWorld #1 in that it was nothing but contoured land and Koopas with a few pitfalls.

Desert Fortress is the same level I've played four times already in this hack. The black background makes it hard to judge the full area consumed by the layer 3 smash. There's one smash area where you have to be completely forward of the smash because the scrolling will push you into the lava if you're behind it so player beware.

Desert Cave had the midway point close to the start of the level and didn't really do anything that Crystal Cave and Underground Plains didn't already do. Filler.

Banzai Bill Desert has the same level concepts and flow as Valley of Banzai, including the Mega Mole thing. The level was also absurdly short.

And that's the end of the demo. I don't believe that's where you wanted the hack to end. Because it has less content than your old demo this way, I'm going to have to reject it on the spot.

Anyways, my opinion of this hack is that it's really rushed (as evidenced by the fact that you made this hack in under a month,) repetitive, and not fun. Besides the problem at the end, there are no technicalities holding it back, just myriads of thoughtless levels. The Special World essentially being a roundabout of boring levels was an infuriating kick in the chestnuts. I also think that the wall jump is more of a nuisance than anything else: if there's no need for it to accomplish anything in levels, you should just remove it.

Difficulty: Normal

edit: oh and could you stop being confusing with your use of red dots and stuff: those should be for secret exits. I kept replaying some levels only to look in Lunar Magic to find out there was no secret exit. :|
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - [REMOVED] "Super Mario in Element World! (v3.0)" by Daniel 115

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