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Mexican SOPA Wins............Corruptality
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They just approved the censorship law...(Now official)
I thought we could stop it, but it didn't matter, goverment corruption stood out in the end.
And just to add insult to injury, they think videogames have to be regularized, as well as any content regarding videogames, this may mean that my days at SMWC are numbered...
EDIT: I deeply apologize for this false alarm, the law was approved in the congress, it still has to go through the chamber of deputies to be a real threat
EDIT2: It was now approved in the senate, internet freedom of speech in mexico it's in critical state
That must suck horrendously, but can't you encrypt your internet to get here? I was thinking that they don't have the NSA-like technology to crack down on websites visited.

Well, I hope that you will continue to be active meanwhile that corrupt law is in effect.
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I might have to use tor or proxies eventually i think, and no, they don't have what the NSA has, and i hope they at least remain as incompetent as they are right now XD
But now they can cut down internet signal as they please.
Well, hopefully somebody will give this attention else where and we can show our support to our fellow humans and make the Mexican government reconsider.

Whatever happens, I hope that you will still have access to everything you want on the net.

- BlackMageMario
Originally posted by BlackMageMario
...make the Mexican government reconsider.

There have been cases where they backed down when enough pressure was put on them, but it has to be Worldwide, and the rest of the world is watching the World cup(No offense for those who like to watch it).
Sadly, a protest on our own won't be enough, and to prove this:
A group of protesters manage to enter the congress, when they were discussing the approval of the "Televisa Law"(Or Mexican SOPA), and congressmen just called security to take them outside by force.
When the New Mexican President was elected, he seemed to be *really* big on Regulation, so I would think something like this might happen. Of course, I'm not totally familiar with how the Mexican Govt. Functions. Lets just hope that nothing bad comes of this...

Originally posted by blue leader
congressmen just called security to take them outside by force.
Oh boy...

My sins I'll claim, give you back shed pain
Go find a place for your shame
So you can deal with this thing unreal
No one made you feel any hurt, yeah
I found an article that details it better
It's in spanish, but i will try to translate it to english, won't take long.

EDIT: Here it is:

Another robbery to Mexico: PRIAN (Portmaneau of "PRI" and "PAN") will approve
Televisa Law today; @CCQ_PRI miente (PRI_Lies)

By Victor Hernández

The PRI and PAN convened to session today at 11:00 AM in the senate to
approve the next robbery to the nation that represents the Televisa Law

The PRI as well as the PAN know that there's enormous rejection towards the
Televisa LaW. That's why PRI's national leader(?) César Camacho had to lie 
openly about the Law, masking it as if it were a great benefit for mexicans when
in reality dooms Mexico to internet censorship and to giving more money to
Televisa by allowing it to keep operating as a monopoly

According to Camacho, the Televisa law it's "not a gift to television companies
and will bring benefits to consumers like not paying long distance calls and
promote competence(?) in telecommunications, so that consumers can recieve
better services paying less, amplifies coverage for users and impulses
our country's development"

Everything he said is false.

For Starters, the Televisa law it's a gift to television companies because it 
allows them to not be declared predominant in television and it allows them to
acquire more television companies without informing IFT(Instituto Federal de

This means that the service of any television company that belongs to Televisa
won't have reasons to give a better service at lower price, since they won't
have competence and won't force Televisa to not behave like a monopoly

The long distance calls point it's just bullshitting us, since most of the
users never use it anyway

And the "promote competence to consumers" point, as we already established, it's
false, since with allow Televisa to keep operationg as a Monopoly and
therefore, will not lower prices or give better services.

The only way to give better services and prices would be declaring that
Televisa it's predominant in services. That way Televisa would be forced
to lower prices and allow competence.

But the PRI and PAN don't want to declare Televisa as predominant, which will
force consumers to keep paying high prices for a bad internet, television
and Phone service from televisa

Aside from that, the PRI wants to approve the Televisa law because it also
states that any authority can order the jamming of internet signals and
cellphones whenever they see fit, like protesters broadcasting what's going on

Meaning that besides robbing mexicans with high prices and a lousy service from
televisa, the PRI and PAN want to censor Mexicans.

In theory, the law can be rejected in the Supreme Court of Justice for violating
freedom of speech, as well as what's established in the constitution respecting
Services predominance. But if Enrique Peña Nieto bribes the Supreme Court
to "reject the rejections", the Televisa law will be approved and
mexicans will pay for that.

There's only a way to stop the Televisa Law and other laws that have only hurt
mexicans: not voting for the PRI or the PAN in 2015 and 2018. Only that
will be able to reverse al the crap that the PRIAN has forced unto the congress
and that has been contrary to mexican interests
By competence, you mean competition. Competence would mean the service would actually be good.

Thanks for the article, it really make the whole situation a lot clearer. Again, I hope that Mexicans like you won't stand for this shit. This can be stopped.

- BlackMageMario
And now the bastards approved it in the senate
I do think it can be stopped, but with the fact that they just ignore us (Or even label us as criminals), i think we're going to need outside help.
I live way too far away from Mexico so I'm not sure what, if anything, I can do to show my protest, but my salute to them is a middle finger aimed skyward.

Legacy custom music

How am I so creative? I think taking walks might have something to do with it.
Every single level I will ever make in SMM2 will be easier than Ultra Necrozma.
According to the news, they're going to vote this tuesday on the chamber of deputies, where it will finally be approved, and i will probably have to access the site using Tor or proxies.

Now i'm scared....
If this passes, I will be using TOR for everything. This really sucks though, and I really hate to say this, but this will only bring Mexico one step closer to be a dictatorship.

This can still be stopped but people need to pay less attention to the world cup and more attention to what happens outside. I really hate how the government takes these chances abuse the people while they are distracted. Oh and I don't think we'll be getting outside help, the rest of the world doesn't really care about us (by this I mean the politicians, not the people).
Originally posted by aj6666
the rest of the world doesn't really care about us (by this I mean the politicians, not the people).

That's what i mean by outside help, asking the rest of the people and maybe adding pressure, since the people are more and politicians are less.
Or maybe, even with approved law, i think there's still the chance of the goverment being incompetent enough to don't know about the existence of certain pages like SMWC, i really REALLY hope they're too incompetent.
Our government is anything but competent, especially since the presiden't can't say three words without saying something stupid. Regardless I wouldn't count on that, even if SMWC is unaffected, a lot of stuff will me, mostly on YouTube and social networks.
Well, it pains me to bear the news, but THEY FUCKING DID IT!
I saw that earlier today, unfortunately, everybody was busy watching how Germany beat up Brazil while this was happening.

At least we'll have free internet until January, so download as many stuff as you can and install your proxies in the meanwhile. Although if you can, I really suggest you leave the country.
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Welp. Time to invade and annex Mexico.

In all seriousness, though, that sucks. Come to America... just do it legally. :(
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I can already imagine a mass exodus in Mexico if they are serious about this.

I think I should make a video about this.
Originally posted by levelengine
I think I should make a video about this.

Please do, the world needs to know that Mexico's current goverment it's not as heavenly as they want to mask it.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
In all seriousness, though, that sucks. Come to America... just do it legally.

Even if we do it legally, we will still be hated and eventually exiled back to Mexico for being "Job stealing beaners" XD
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