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24hosmw #7: Rules and Submissions

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Welcome to the 7th 24 hour design challenge. In case you're new or haven't done this before, what happens is that I will post a theme/challenge below and you will have 24 hours (from now) to create it in Lunar Magic and submit it. That's all there is to it, so with that being said, here is the challenge this time:

A New Big Boo Boss Battle

Remember the Big Boo Boss from Donut Secret House? The one that you needed to use three throw blocks to kill? That's older than dirt nowadays, so your job will be to design a new Big Boo Boss battle. I'm looking for one that's creative, funny, crazy, weird, creepypasta-styled, whatever you think would "spice up" the original battle. Here are the rules:

-Use any custom sprites, blocks, music, or other "chocolate" resources you wish.
-Change the graphics of the Big Boo.
-Change the HP of the Big Boo (ROM address x183A2).
-Make the arena as small or large as you'd like.
-Work with a partner.

-Edit the Big Boo sprite in any other way besides changing his HP and graphics. I want the challenge here to revolve around the design of the surroundings/methods to hit him rather than editing the Boo itself.

I'll be looking at the whole package, but here are some spots you should focus on:


If you need inspiration, ASMT had a fantastic Big Boo boss battle which you can see here. This is the level of work I'd like to see in the entries:


You have 24 hours (until Sunday, July 6th @ noon EST) to post your IPS in this thread. Any discussions/questions can be posted in the Discussion thread.

Good luck!
I'm the first!!

Here's my submission

booring indeed


We're back!

[22:25:05] <%andy_k_250> Turkey and Grease will one day be reunited - that day will be... Thanksgiving
I was too lazy to make a nice one
Atleast enjoy the music~ *shot*

Edit: New version updated

I really rushed this one :S
rest in piece, Tyrone :^(

I made an instant update: Click the real me
Not a purple castle, for once

Sort of inspired by things you can do in SMBX, as well as a specific feature of one of worldpeace's old bosses.

e: noticed that aesthetics was a judging criterion, so I prettied the level up a bit
My YouTube channel
Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

Updated link!

Had to fix a break in the battle.

My entry includes a custom title screen and overworld as well as the battle!
I'm not expecting to do that great on this, but hey, it was fun to make my entry.

Obviously not winning with this, but at least attending!
Creativity really isn't my strongest point and this turned out pretty generic imo, but let's see how this goes. :3
Tudo passa
Tudo passará

Here is THIS
Layout by Mirann ~<3
will test any hard hack you guys have
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Why don't try
Download this
My boo is more cute.8>
EDIT: I have altered some things.Also now is a bit more easy to incrasse
the fun.
ReEDIT: Altered the last block.New Idea for the second Block^~^
Edit again....: Now i have worked to make this a good one!
Enjoy:D (This is the last version sorry for the Re re re-upload)
Link Thread Closed