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24hosmw #7: Rules and Submissions

Link Thread Closed
Well... At least I tried.
It shouldn't be hard if you know what to do there.
A flying Yoshi battle?!
(Special thanks to NovaSquirrel for that block.)
Doin' a thing
Item Bashin'

My first contest submission. Heck yeah. Don't expect it to score very high, but still. My first contest submission.
Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.
So i took time out of my busy day to edit a file i had 4 years ago because it had a boo boss fight in it and i thought it'd be good enough to get like second or something here

AND before anyone asks: yes, the music fucks up for snes9x and that other emulator no one uses, but i take the time to have both Zsnes and snes9x on my laptop, you can at least take the time to mute your own audio.
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Here is my entry:

Ghost Cloud
This isn't really anything really special, but here's my entry I guess:

This is my Haunted House. My first ever submission to a contest, I hope I do well.
I dont think i did to good but no point in not trying.
Its always the pallets...

Welcome to the world of girl love. It's slippery when wet!

Check out Super Luigi: The Regular Quest!
Posting to make sure my little update is not forgotten. Here is an update of my entry.
Here's my entry.

Terror Town.

May not win, but why not participate?

That took longer than expected
Link Thread Closed