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[REMOVED] Patsy - Demo 1 by SanTsun

Description: This game is based on a book I had for my school's summer reading packet.

Removing it since the file is empty. Please include an IPS file with the submission.
Since a new version of the hack has been submitted, I thought it'd be a good idea to play the game. The title screen is literally our character Patsy stuck in a box. Now I know that might have some thing to do with the theme, but the execution is bad. There's only 1 level. I do like the unique controls Patsy has. Unfortunately, there's only 3 1/2 screens and no enemies. The palettes look alright. On the "4th" screen, you run into your master, who will whip you if you move towards him. If you do so, you'll see a screen of the master whipping you for maybe a 1/2 of a second. Following that the words "O START!" will appear and you will be rebooted to the title screen.

The difficulty is no doubt easy. There's only one verdict on this, and that is rejection.
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