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~K-16 - Story of Steel - A new demo!~
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2014 - ~K-16 - Story of Steel - A new demo!~
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Some of you may have seen my WIP hack, K-16 - Story of Steel. For this C3, you get to play a demo!

Here it is!
And here is the trailer!

Story -
During her war against Niscura, Sicari killed a certain vampire who worshipped the evil goddess. However, the sister of this vampire, Scarlet found out about this and after deciding mankind was too selfish, she decided she would make everyone suffer - that is by destroying the entire galaxy! Sicari's robot friend, K-16 must venture into space and prevent this by shutting down the space stations that are harvesting powers from the stars to create black holes!

Features include -
Custom music
Custom sprites
100% custom GFX
And a ton of hex edits and ASM

This hack is meant to be challenging - in this demo, I've hidden an extra level that will grant you with a reserve tank to help you through your adventure!

I hope you enjoy this demo, be sure to give feedback :3

Mod edit: Added trailer.
Alright!! I've been waiting for this demo for a lot!! I'll surely play it and feedback out!!


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
This hack is lots of stuff!~ It has a nice story, awesome graphics and a neat level design. Even if I already played an earlier version, I'll be enjoying this one a lot. Great job Eevee~
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Your Graphics continue nice as ever ^~^.
I liked how she can fire lasers anytime, it turned your hack more original. I can't wait for the complete version#w{=D}
Bwa Ha Ha!! I found the secret level!!! It took me some tries, but I found it!! I will keep the secret, so don't ask me!!

Anyway, the only real feedback I can give is to watch out for sprite limits. Some enemies and other sprites keep disapearing. This is mostly estetical in most parts, though.

Overall, this demo is taking a 9/10. UNtil I finish it, I will say it's full calification.


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
I've given about four levels a play in this demo, and I must say that I'm really impressed. While in the beginning I got kind of lost since this hack is way different from SMW itself, I really liked the graphics. Did you draw them all by yourself? You're really skilled with this stuff!

The level design looks pretty consistent. The levels haven't really been linear so far, with the exception of the third level, but welp, I guess there's not too much else to be done with that gimmick. You have a good enemy usage, too.

One complaint I have is about the sound effects, mainly the jump one. I dunno, it's kind of annoying in my oppinion. Maybe you could change it to something more, uh, jump-like? The enemy stomping sound didn't do it too well for me, even considering the player is a robot. :P

I believe I haven't played your previous hack, but the plot there seems to be pretty well developed. I'll keep playing later since you know, there's a lot of other stuff to check, but I'll certainly love to continue playing. Everything in this hack made me really interested to play more. :3
Thanks Koopster! :3 Yes, I did draw all of the graphics myself ^.^. It's quite a lot of work. =_='
Ok!!! I'm ready to give a report!!

CidYoshi's hack reporting!!

K-16-Story of Steel Demo

This demo hack is actually a very good one!! And I seriously mean it. All of what was done on it was made with effort, and it does notices.
I really enjoyed playing all their levels, and I mean ALL. Even the small resting area in the beggining was great.
The story is good and original. You don't really need to play the one before, but it does helps giving a better experience.
The only thing I saw where a certain amount of glitches. Some dissapearing sprites, some weird ones, and a few slow down. This, however, was kept to the minimum, and the glitches themselves are harmless. But you can expect a few glitches in demos. I'm sure you can make things better for the full release.

My final rating for this demo hack, is a 9/10.

And if I can give an advice to all the ones who play it as well; you better become a duck jumping master.

Also, don't freak out when the second boss dissapears. That's part of the battle.


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
Pretty good hack so far. I haven't played the demo but from the screens I saw on your thread and here plus your trailer I just uploaded, this hack is getting pretty great!

GitHub - Twitter - YouTube - SnesLab Discord

Sicari was a pretty awesome game, and this one is looking to be the same if not better. Excellent job.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Aww, just what you'd expect from out drawing genius. If you continue like that, you might even beat Ladida for best artist in the mosts xD

I'll have to play this when I have some time... for now, reading through more C3 threads~

Anime statistic on MyAnimeList:
400 animes completed ✓
6000 episodes completed ✓
100 Days completed ✓
... what even am I doing with my life?
Finally! Well all I have to say is that it's simply great. Story graphics design, it's all very good made.

The only small thing (as small as this font) is the fact that sometimes, BG and FG have too much similar colors so the design gets a bit confusing.

Nice job!
Nice tailor! I'll definately give this demo a shot once I can.

Great GFX as usual also.

My layout has removed you.
Looking at the trailer I can see some really sweet stuff, a few parts looked a bit bland but I'm pretty sure that was just my impression. Having played your work before, I'm expecting a lot of good stuff from this, and the fact that you're aiming to make it challenging keeps me more hipped. I also noticed your graphic style has improved although K-16 doesn't look very different from Sicari. I'll probably play it when you have the complete version since I don't like playing demos, but keep up the good work.
This plot has no sense, I mean I had a good laugh, so I don't know about the game but I am curious now. %)
I haven't played a game in this series yet but your artwork you've been posting on IRC has got me curious. I just completed your demo, and you, sir, are a cruel and unusual level designer. I really admire the visual style this game has.. it's coherent and it looks almost like it belongs on Sega Genesis rather than SNES (take that as a compliment because I love the Genesis and we don't get a whole lot of Genesis-looking things.) Probably the most unforgettable part was that weird midsection of the Asteroid Base... the physics threw me for a loop, but at the same time, it made perfect sense.

Great work, Eevee.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Thanks for this feedback, I'm glad you're enjoying the hack! ^.^

Originally posted by CidYoshi
Some dissapearing sprites, some weird ones,

Eh, I haven't encountered that myself, and I'm using no sprite tile limits so that shouldn't happen.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
and you, sir, are a cruel and unusual level designer

Hehe, thanks! >.< That's the intention ;)
Whoa Pretty good!
and I have a give little a hand too bcuz I made that music of map #w{=P}
Keep working eevee o/
Suika Ibuki - 25107
I wan't ask something :)
I looks kinda silly asking that but what exactly the red K-16 do?
I finished the demo but still don't know.#thp{LOL}
Those ExAnimations you used in the "mushroom" is pretty nice >,<.
And the amazing thing are those coins >,< they have nice crystal graphics... I loved those graphics ...
Oh. Well seeing as K-16 can freely fire lasers in this game, the "fire flower" became kind of redundant. I left it in the game, but now it serves the purpose of allowing you to switch back to firing lasers if you have the fox tail. It would be very unfair if you had to get hurt to do that. :>
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