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~K-16 - Story of Steel - A new demo!~

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Suika Ibuki - 25107
Oh~Thanks i don't know how i did't try this.
That`s really cool, I haven`t seen people a backstory/plotline to their hacks yet. Then again I`m still pretty new.
Played your hack a little bit, it is indeed very original.
My only gripe was the wall jump and slide.
If your going to make the player cling to the wall and slide down like X.
Please implement the full feature of that, it would come in handy with large pits and spikes at the top or bottom.
Message me if you come out with a newer version of your hack.

Nice work there!

Uhh thanks, but it wasn't my intention for the wall jump to be like Mega Man X. Hehe I'm not even sure how I would do that. >.<
I must say that I really enjoyed playing this demo. It was really refreshing for me. The graphics are awesome the levels are designed quite neatly in my opinion. The difficulty of the hack seems to be quite unusual in some parts. Either I am horrible at those parts or difficulty spikes are present. I cannot exactly tell.

Still, great work here!
I've played the previous demo for this game, and I'm glad to say that this hack is definitely superb and unique. The story is really interesting, I'll have to pick up Sicari at some point and see what all the buzz was about. If there were any references other than the obvious to the previous game's story, sorry about that.

K-16's character, I really like. She's cute, adorable, and looks out for others. A great protagonist in my book.

Level design is really fun, I always did like closed in areas and stuff, so those areas in the levels were some of my favorite parts. Other than that, there's really no "normal" level here. Everything is unique, and the author even took the interest to make his own original graphics, something you don't see in a lot of hacks. I give this hack...

#smw{:TUP:} #smw{:TUP:} Two thumbs up!

You... keep up the excellent work. And make sure K-16 stays away from a certain planet. I don't think she'd want to get involved in the Devious Four's business.
Finally played it and it was pretty awesome. Again, great graphics/art as always. Also, as previously stated, your level design is fucking evil sometimes, but I know that's your goal. ;D
My layout has removed you.
So yeah, awesome hack, as expected ^^.
And the graphics *.* it's amazing how much work you've put into those. I like how pretty much anything looks in this hack. The only problem now is that I have to re-learn the appearance of all the enemies as to not jump enemies I can't kill :>
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Thanks a lot for all the feedback everyone I'm very happy to hear everybody enjoyed the demo, I did take some risks but thankfully they seem wheel received.

Jack, what enemies are you referring to?
Nice Trailler :D

I'm excited to see that stage with blood on floor #w{=P}
Originally posted by Dark Mario Bros
I'm excited to see that stage with blood on floor

Oh, yes, haha >.< I recently redesigned that level, but I'll be showing it off soon hopefully. I'm making a bit slower progress on that one in particular - All I'll say is that it's one of the final levels. Scarlet hasn't showed her victims mercy. ;)
now I'm much more excited to see that stage \o/
I'm sure that level will appeal to everyone on this site who's a sadist.
By which I mean everyone on this site.
Usually inactive/procrastinating on a hack idea.
Originally posted by GloriousWater
I'm sure that level will appeal to everyone on this site who's a sadist.

Uh. Yeah. But what about the person who made said level? ;)
Great hack all in all but the the intro story when you first start up the game is a little bit long in my opinion... maybe add a auto scroll text like star wars ? ahaha

and the constent sound when jumping gives an annoyance to my ears... like water dripping for hours. fix maybe ?

love the mix of drops you get when you shoot lasers at the enemy's :D

On space level please add some missles at the very bottom because players can easily skip the missiles by flying under them

OMG annoyances
okay on the oreo level i had to reload my savestate 26478903627890276 times to get in this tunnel LOL


In the chap2 level "oreo"

How did this happen ? well i took damage and then some how got stuck in the hill thingy.

Edits of this post will be updated depending if i find any more bugs
Oh, sorry, I didn't notice you edited your post. I'll see what I can do and thanks for your feedback :3
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