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SMWC's second collaboration hack: The 7th Annual VLDC!

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We've done it! Thank you so much to everyone who participated and made this possible. 86 levels, a plethora of secrets, and a beautiful overworld, all ready to be conquered by the userbase.


NOTE: Attempting to edit the ROM to "quickly complete" all of the levels and "cheat" will result in you not being able to 100% the game due to a clever anti-cheat mechanism we have put into place.

(if you encounter any bugs that would be the fault of the leader (me) and not the designers, let me know so I can fix it. This was thoroughly beta tested, but stuff may slip through the cracks.)
So in the end, it all worked out.

I must say that I am rather amazed by all of the effort put into making this. This contest is indeed one of the most interesting things this site has had so far in its many years of existence. While I have not played the majority of the levels, I have played quite a lot of them independently (as in... individual IPS files) and I was generally impressed with the results although there had to be some downfalls like the not so good levels here (no offence to anyone who designed them - I still believe you genuinely did your best to design are level for the most part). I am also quite impressed with Ladida's work on the overworld. The palettes used are amazing and create a great atmosphere where the player can already feel what the hack is like. That is wonderful and the first impression is good. There had to be some redesigning of some submaps due to a small controversy however I still think it is generally the best overworld designed for the hack. I also congratulate the other overworld makers for at least trying (I will reveal now that my vote was for entry #7 although I would have picked entry #5 at time were it not for the "issues" although that has now been resolved).

I would also like to extend my congratulations to the top three winners which are Blue Leaf, Morsel and WhiteYoshiEgg. I enjoyed playing your three entries. I am all for doing this again next year I suppose. It has taken little over seven months to get it to completion which seems to be long, but the effort was definitely worth it in my personal opinion. My only concern would be that signups are only available for a limited amount of time. Seeing as we got many entries submitted this time, I do not really consider that a major concern although it still deserves to be mentioned. Finally, well done SNN for the effort of assembling this hack. I see that you were determined to go to certain lengths such as asking in the General SMW Hacking Help forum. It truly reflects the quality of this hack. I believe this is something SMW Central can be proud of, and we will all look back at it with our heads up in approval.

I suppose it is time to see what is in store for me in playing this hack. Seeing which switch palaces you have picked will certainly be interesting. Now enough of me rambling, time to look at the other C3 releases and the actual hack itself.

Well done everybody, well done!
Hooray!! It's released. I kind've wish i'd participated but whatever.
I'm CERTAINLY going to be playing this.

Good Job everyone!!!
>Mark danced crazy!
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and for once i had an actual hand in this (no matter how minor)!!!

i'd love to see vldc8 do this again, it turned out spectacular

Finally, the VLDC is out. This is the main thing I was waiting for at C3. Will play ASAP.
Excitement! ~~~

I'll be posting with more in-depth feedback once I've actually played the thing, but first I need to give this project the attention (and postcount) it deserves.


I would like to say congrats to all the people who have put their sweat and tear into this project. Great job guys.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Finally it is out! The project seems well polished indeed, I will make sure I download it and get through the levels soon. It worked out as planned indeed - with teamwork and good effort we can do it.

Good job guys; who knows next year it will be even better!
I loved having an entry in this collab, and I very much hope we do something like this again next year. Definitely the most fun I've ever had in a level design contest.

I'll be giving the collab a try sometime today!
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
aw yus its hereeee
I really loved this VLDC. Even though I'm not the level designer type or such, I admire this excellent idea you had S.N.N. and it worked pretty well. Some day I plan when I feel I should play a hack to enjoy, this will be the first one I will be playing. A few levels I gave a peek in testing shows how creative and how is beatiful vanilla graphics and mainly, the dedication of the designers. This is a type of hack that everyone will love it, from the most classical players to who likes a bit of insanity.
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Yes, now I can finally destroy all the other levels by completing them! Completing them ALL!!!
Your layout has been removed.
Congradulations for getting this complete, and of course congradulations to all the first place people and the overworld designer, etc. etc.

- BlackMageMario
Why on earth is it only 1 Player?
Part one of my LP of this is currently uploading.

You can watch it here, it won't be uploaded for anither 30 minutes of or so.

I'll edit or post pack when finished

EDIT: Second part is uploading and can be viewed Here

EDIT 2: first part ready!
Congratulations guys. All of you who worked on a level, a song, ASM fanciness, or tried your hand at making a map, and congrats especially to you SNN, who had this amazing idea (?), but especially managed to execute it to the end and didn't give up. This is definitely the best VLDC we've ever had, and I'm so hoping that next year's will be just as great or even better. :D

Can't wait to give the final product a play. I'm not doing it right now since I want to check out as much stuff as I can, but this is a definite must-play!
Originally posted by RedRose64
Why on earth is it only 1 Player?

I figured this might disappoint some people. We were cutting it close time-wise and I had fears that the progress tracker would not work properly with two players.

I can likely release an update at some point that allows for Luigi as well, but I'll have to give the hack another once-over.
Does it has the swastika (worst world) and the naked girl (best world) map?
Nope, I played it and it has the new submaps.
I'd snark about you not reading the last 5 pages of the VLDC overworld contest thread, but I think I'll leave it alone and say...

No, Ladida was coaxed by the userbase into redoing the best and worst map.

Ninja'd but my post is more in-depth.