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Latino Project: The Awakening of the Spirits (New video with Status bar!)
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2014 - Latino Project: The Awakening of the Spirits (New video with Status bar!)
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Hi people, I'm one of the leaders and programmer of the spanish collab hack "Proyecto Latino: El Despertar de los Espíritus" and I'm going to present to you an update about the status of our hack that we showed you last C3 with its story and a trailer.

Firstly, I'm going to say that we have over the 50% of completed levels!, I can't give an approximate release date, but it will arrive when it's completed and well tested.

Since last C3 we did some levels and we discussed various things regarding the main gameplay of our project, we did many graphics, various ports (a mix between compositions and exclusive ports), and finished the ASM of the status bar that will show when you get a coin, life or scepter and we added various special features to the scepters.

Also, we want to show some screenshots:

Finally, enjoy this trailer that was made by aj6666 where we show various aspects from the collab, some things may change in the final version of the hack.


Authors of the levels that are shown on the video
- 0:01 - 0:05 ; MaxodeX
- 0:06 - 0:10 ; dragoniante174
- 0:11 - 0:14 ; StanTheMackiar
- 0:15 - 0:20 ; aj6666
- 0:21 - 0:25 ; Carld923
- 0:27 - 0:29 ; Masterlink
- 0:30 - 0:34 ; StanTheMackiar
- 0:40 - 0:43 ; Carld923
- 0:44 - 0:47 ; Orphen Nightford
- 0:48 - 0:52 ; Skalibur
- 0:55 - 0:56 ; StanTheMackiar
- 0:57 - 0:59 ; MaxodeX
- 1:00 - 1:02 ; LX5
- 1:05 - 1:06 ; aj6666
- 1:07 - 1:11 ; aj6666
- 1:12 - 1:15 ; mr m

I'm really loving the look of this. I don't speak a bit of Spanish, but I'd still play it :P
Layout by LDA during C3.
Wow... This is probably more impressive than any other collab that didn't involve the whole SMWC. You guys must be organizing stuff very well, since it all is looking very polished so far. Special emphasis on the graphics, they seem to be very consistent with eachother, which is a pretty difficult thing to do in collab hacks.

The best of luck to you hispanos, you all seem to be going the right way. I hope to see this finished one day (maybe then I'll have a more decent Spanish? :P ), I'd definitely play it! :D

Really loving this, I like how this hack has advanced nicely through the years. Nice job guys
Wow this is awesome hack you did it . And that trailer is cool, too!
I remember this.

The last C3, I made a comment about how this hack was "dark" in nature. Now however, I will take that back. The most noticeable thing in that trailer was the consistency of the hack. I must say that from my experience, consistency seems to be somewhat of a problem in collaborations. Seeing how the hack is going, I must say that the levels are very well designed although I do have a feeling that difficulty spikes may arise from what I have seen in the trailer and screenshots. I only hope that it does not happen frequently while playing the hack as that is one of the most annoying things I can find while playing a hack. The speed at which this hack is going definitely matches how good the outcome of the collaboration is and I can say that it has a bright future at this rate. I am glad that you have made the level design consistent for the most part. Yep, this hack will turn out good at this rate if you keep the good work up. I only have to hope that there are not too many difficulty spikes.

Good job you people!

Is it just me or do I feel aj has significantly influenced a lot of this hack? I get that strange feeling but oh well.
OMG this is going to be an awesome hack. I'm learning Spanish as we speak since I'm married into a Hispanic family and this could be a way to play Mario hacks and learn Spanish at the same time. As far as the hack is concerned, I'm anxious to play this. I love the screenshots and this seems like a legit hack.

Check my page http://marioepicjourney.blogspot.com to find more updates about my hack Super Mario: The Epic Journey.
Originally posted by Everest
Is it just me or do I feel aj has significantly influenced a lot of this hack? I get that strange feeling but oh well.

Well, I've actually played and tested nearly every level made until now, so you can say I did put my hand into the thing, although I'm not the only one.

Regarding consistency, we're aiming to have a solid difficulty and length curve as well as a uniform visual style, but still leaving room for everybody's level design style and gimmicks. We're using the same organization style as in SMWCP2, having a thread for every level that gets updates from the authors, it really helps to keep us communicated and giving consistency to the hack.
This collab has made a lot of progress, which I like, I can see the work and dedication from the organizers and the level designers, I hope it will have a lot of success, congratulations.
I remember this as well, it's good to see that this collab is still alive.

Currently: Bringing back the footer I had in 2013.
finally we have more than the 50% of the collab, now i will have to do the bosses of the collab.
SMWControlLibX GitHub
My Discord Server
@everyone: Thanks for your replies! (and sorry for the late response I was a bit busy :P)

Also, we have more content to show!

Link to a video

The video shows how is our Status Bar and how it can be seen in the levels.
Thanks for the people that aren't part of the collab, your feedback really make us keep going with this big project, Really Thank you :P.

we aim for have a really good hack that you can enjoy, and with this support, we going to make it.

Made you look. Now Breath Manualy.

It's great to see how well the collab is going, at first the graphical and musical bases were covered, but you (LX) and anonz came like a blessing to cover the ASM base and so truly expand its horizons to the highest planes of Hacking, where the greatests hacks of history lies.
You have to continue working on this and show them all the great potential LatAm has.
I do pixels sometimes
Well, it is nice to see this project you're working on... Anyway, check out the grammar and spelling, for the screenshots reveal a message in which the word "undidos" appears... "Undidos" is misspelled, since it should be "hundidos", so check that out... Anyhow, keep the good job there!

LOL, nice catch, we didn't see that typo before posting here and when we see it, it was too late. Don't worry, we will check all grammar and spelling of the hack when we will beta test the hack (or someone do the fix before that). And thanks for your reply!
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Summer 2014 - Latino Project: The Awakening of the Spirits (New video with Status bar!)