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Userbar & Palette Corner

Suika Ibuki - 25107
Oh can you make an userbar to me >,<.
use this screenshot:

Since i made this userbar in paint it doesn't looks good#smw{...}
The name is Peach Castle Escape as you can see in the silly userbar↓
You can click on it to see what link it needed.
Thanks for all the requests, guys! I appreciate it #tb{:j}

For now here's your userbar Mirann, I'll go make the next two right away #tb{;)}


EDIT: Sokobansolver, yours is also done #tb{:)} Next one's gonna be done soon as well!



Otaku, your userbar is done as well!

Suika Ibuki - 25107
Yeah thanks now i have an decent userbar >,<
Hey there!

In the blue empty right part i want letters saying "YayGuy" ^^'
C3 Over.

Some hack things why i are feedbacking on.

MY HACK what I are working on.

I'm sorry but that won't work with that picture, because it's way too big and I can't really fit any of it's elements in there too nicely either. Please keep in mind that the userbar is going to have a size of 145x19px.
Can you make a userbar for my hack. Oogtar's Quest

Can you use this picture:

Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
I sure can #tb{;)} Here's your userbar!


EDIT: Sorry, didn't see you edited your post in time. Please let me know if I should redo the userbar and include the image you edited in or if it's okay as it is.

Also here's a userbar for HOTL which was requested over PM, I hope you like the look of it #tb{:)}

I'm going to request a userbar. Please use this screenshot:

Also make Mario the Spniny and the Cheep-Cheep appear on it, with the text "The Challenge".
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css
Userbar of this. Text should be "Vanilla Cake". and add a small cake picture on the left side
(And from someone who makes userbars too, good luck and have fun making them! .. even though you've made a lot already)

(suggestion: can you use <tt> instead of <textarea> when you're posting the codes?)
All done! Here's yours, aj. This was a bit difficult because I only had one screenshot and the colors might not have worked too nicely, but I hope it's still okay #tb{''}


And here's yours, Hinalyte #tb{:)}


That turned out better than I expected, thanks.

Sure, I'll request a userbar. ^_^. Feel free to use any screenshots in this thread that you see fit. As for text...what ever you see fit also. ^_^
Layout by LDA during C3.
Originally posted by Underway
EDIT: Sorry, didn't see you edited your post in time. Please let me know if I should redo the userbar and include the image you edited in or if it's okay as it is.

It actually looks good.
Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
Lighvayne, here's your userbar #tb{:)}


Thanks, nick, I hope you'll enjoy using it #tb{;)}

EDIT: And here's one for JackTheSpades (PM request):

yay, thanks for userbar :>
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I already have one "Userbar" but i'm curious to see what you can come up with working with non-pixel art/hack stuff.

You can use anything from This thread.

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Well that was way diffiult because of the difference in resolution #tb{:p} I hope it ended up okay, it was really though to actually put fit your character in there, I even had to leave the eye out because it didn't really work well with the resizing unfortunately #tb{''}


EDIT: Also the support userbar has been updated and now features a total of 17 userbars #tb{:j}

Might as well put you too work ;D Could I have a userbar for Grabbit? Use any screens you want. Only thing I ask for is that Grabbit is in the userbar :')
Posting here just so you don't forget. :P
Please make an userbar from this pic with the name "Facedesk!" in it. It'd be much appreciated.
Dudes and Archie, sorry I'll get to yours tomorrow, my fingers hurt from using the touchpad lol

Also here are two more userbars (both for Koopster cause fuck the rules):