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New Super Mario World - demo

Here's a demo of the hack I've been working on for... some time. A year, I think. Sure feels shorter. It's in the style of the original SMW with some new things added here and there.

Based on feedback I get at C3, I'll work further on it and then submit it to the hack section.

Download here

And I just realized there's another hack by the same name in this forum. Interesting.
Ah, it's that one overworld I thought was not too bad. #tb{:p}

Nice to be seeing more of this - I love the style you got going on, and just from those screenshots I'm a fan of your palettes already. I'll definitely play this once I'm done with the VLDC and let know know what I think in slightly more detail.

hey, looks very nice, especially the overworld and the palettes.

the overworld is very linear however in terms of paths.

the palettes are very pleasant, especially the background and foreground of the 2nd screenshot.

the name of the hack is pretty common and generic. i suggest changing it, but you don't have to.

will play this.
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Originally posted by mario and luigi
the name of the hack is pretty common and generic. i suggest changing it, but you don't have to.

I can't think of an other name blagh
Very nice looking screenshots, you've definitely got some talent when it comes to palettes. I'll give this a play later ;)
Just played through this, and it's definitely a neat hack. Short and sweet levels, nice aesthetics, good overworld and it feels a lot like the original SMW. I really liked the level design; it was really well done, every level was a lot of fun to play through.

Nice job overall, looking forward to see more of this! :D
I'm sure this is not the first "New Super Mario World" I've come across. :P

Anyways, I've just finished playing the demo. You really managed to make this few like a new SMW. It feels like an improved version of the game, with better palettes (great job on them too!), a remixed soundtrack, a few new graphics and enemies and a slightly different playability. Everything's looking pretty polished (aside from the layer 1 garbage on the top right of the map :P ). The level design felt to me pretty faithful to classic SMW's. This is definitely going to become a great hack if you keep developing it this nicely. :>

Just for the sake of making something up to complain about... Those blocks in that "outer room" in the castle level really don't look good... I believe I've seen them before in some of those SMW's beta screens? I really could be wrong on that; still, I don't think they really fit that well with everything else. Maybe some shading would make them look a bit less too simple.
For now, I've only got 4 screenshots to get build an oppinion from, but those sure look dandy.
I dare to assume that the rest of the hack isn't completly different and bad designed, so I guess I'll like this one. Arg, so many nice looking choco hacks this C3.
Guess I'll give it a try tomorrow along with the other hacks I've downloaded :P
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I've played the hack now, and found it quite enjoyable indeed.

I'd promised a slightly more in-depth review, but honestly there's not much I can say: I certainly have no complaints (I like the use of custom palettes and the occasional custom graphic and sprite), but overall, there's hardly anything that makes this hack truly... you know, stand out? It's probably because we've been getting a lot of vanilla hacks this C3, and it's not the easiest task to tell them apart.

That's about all I can say - I hope this is at least remotely the feedback you were looking for. If a fun and more or less inconspicuous experience is what you're going for, then you're on the right track! #tb{;)}

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
but overall, there's hardly anything that makes this hack truly... you know, stand out?

I would like to have some actual new bosses and other such things, but I am limited in resources. Though I will say that the other worlds are going to be less derivative of the original SMW.
Well now.

I've gone and uploaded a slightly more polished demo to the hack section. So there's that.

Once this subforum closes I suppose I can make a new thread in Hack Discussion.