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~kawaii princess party [sampler]~

hi everybody!!! i've got a tiny tiny thing to show off at C3 for y'all. it's a one level sampler of a 3 level hack i've been working on between other, non-smw-hacking projects. it's called kawaii princess party!! and i'm hoping to have it out before next year!

here's a dl link

oh yeah and this wasn't beta tested by anybody besides me so if it's straight busted/broken in any way let me know so i can fix it!!! ok thanks for coming by!!!!!

Please, add less bright in your hack.
Thank you.
roylsroyce zolomon doesnt know what hes talking about this is cool
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It looks really really pretty, I'll give you that. But I actually wanna play something rather than get my eyes burnt out by the brightness fest that it currently is, just saying. It doesn't seem too friendly on the eyes in the long run. The style itself is neat and has potential to look great, but not with these overly bright colors. I'll give it a try though, and see how it actually feels, I'll edit my post once I get to that.
This may be just me, but it's almost ...creepy. 0.0
...I like it. Looks cool.
My layout has removed you.
It's a refreshing change to see a hack that doesn't desaturate all of the colors ever created for once. Good job on that alone.
I played it and beat it just fine, although I will say that maybe the 'outlines' for Mario need to be a tiny bit darker because I had a hard time seeing Mario at crucial moments. It's going to be a 3-level hack so I can't say I'm shocked at the amount of things that get thrown at you in this level. The important thing is that the line-guided saws tie it all together.

Disregarding the fact that the palettes can make it hard to pinpoint yourself, I gotta say this hack looks like cotton candy. One thing I found 'cute' early on in the level was if you hit that feather block at just the right moment, the stack of flying Koopas will just nuke itself. Little tricks like that make a level all the more amusing.

I preferred to go under everything when I had to use the P-balloon, and I preferred to use the P-switch to run across used blocks near the end of the level instead of wait for the slow line-guided platforms so I'm not sure if it's because "the level isn't entertaining enough" or if "the level is 'open' enough" that I do those things...

So yeah. I'm fairly neutral on the hack so far. Definitely is one of the wilder ones, though.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Old gameboy games are actually good examples on how to do outlines when your graphics are all very lightly colored. Mario currently looks like a background object in the screenshots; he needs an outline similar to the koopa or chuck.
this hack made me so high right now

Seriously though, interesting concept. I dunno about you guys, but I think the outlines were fine, I could pretty much see what's going on. It was refreshing to see an unique palette idea for once.

It'd be certainly interesting if you would try to play around with the sound effects, or the music... y'know, for a true kawaii effect...~
I played this thing, and it's so fucking kawaii~ Keep Mario like that cause it gives him and this hack an LSDdish feeling.
Despite how bright all the colors look in the screenshots, I'd imagine they look fine in-game (since the screenshots stand out so much on a typical webpage).

Also, liking the looks of this so far, it definitely carries a unique feel to it. Good job!
Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
The atmosphere looks unique, yet quite candy-ish. The palettes in the screenshots seem to hurt my eyes a bit, but I hope it does look fine normally.

Nice concept.
Love the colours. I just get reminded of pastels and the Lover Heart sweets...

Gunna give this level a download and try it out!
The colors look really cool. But the brightness can be a bit harsh on the eyes.
I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
This was rather interesting to play.

I must admit that while extreme brightness does hurt my eyes, this did not seem to be the case in this hack for an odd reason though I would still say that some palettes could be slightly darkened (not so much to destroy the lightness of the palettes but just an ever so slight amount). May I suggest that you make the outlines of Mario darker slightly? Caped Mario does not seem to look great without darker outlines. Also flying with a cape created some odd looking colors on Mario. Apart from what I said, I actually liked the concept of these bright colors. The graphics are great in this hack (especially blocks with specific symbols on them - they seem to fit in quite nicely). The level design was pretty decent too along with the length of the level although I did not appreciate the fact that there was nothing beyond the goal sphere at the end of the level (using a cape to access those parts - a little misleading to have such an area). Finally, the submap looks quite interesting though it is not the first time I have seen something like that.

Overall however, I think this deserves a vote in the "Short but Sweet" category when voting comes around.