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Dan Maku's Adventures of Lolo 2 Hack: Lunatic Lolo

Another long-dead project of mine that I have just now named Lunatic Lolo. My second C3 project.

The Adventures of Lolo, or more properly the Eggerland series, is a series of puzzle games made by the same guys behind Kirby. You might even recognize Lolo, the star of these games, as a boss in some of the Kirby Games, most notably Super Star/Ultra.

I released a 15-level demo Fall 2011, where the only reception I received was a single PM. I recently brought this project up, and have made five new levels for this release.

The included Readme and Lolo for Dummies files can tell you about the series, notably the Japanese Lolo games, and how to play. The Readme contains the solution to the first level. It's not a hard level at all, it just requires an advanced tactic even some veteran players may not know.

Patch LunaticLolo.ips to an American "Adventures of Lolo 2.nes" ROM.


Custom Palettes
Custom "Game Over" text that I plan on changing once I remember how I did it again.
It says "You Suck" and I no longer find it funny.


That last screenshot is not a new level, just my palette for the final Castle levels.

Download here!

You hear dice being thrown...
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Never played the game, but it looks interesting ;)
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