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Does anyone likes The Beatles

I happen to be a beatles fan and I think this could be an interesting topic if enough people post in this thread.:)
i would but i don't know the beetles that much...
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The Beatles are quite awesome. I usually don't listen to them, but my girlfriend does sometimes. Some songs are really catchy.
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I have every CD :]

I love-like the beatles and any others oldies band >_>
Originally posted by D4RK M4R10
I have every CD :]

O RLY? Can I have them?
In all seriousness, though, my dad has pretty much all the CDs, so if I wanted the mp3s, I'd just take from his collection- least, I think he has all the CDs... I have one (A Hard Days Night), but.
Yeah, I like the Beatles, favorite songs- No Reply, Nowhere Man, Yellow Submarine, Hard Days Night, I Want to Hold Your Hand, and a few others.
I like the beatles songs. Yellow submarine was the first beatles song I ever listened to and I loved it.
i think some of the beatles' songs are really good, "strawberry fields forever" "a day in the life" and "revolution" are probably some of the best in my opinion.
"You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes."
They're quite good.
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the Beatles are pure awesome, THATS real music, unlike the crap that plays in today's music, i hate today's music so much
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Beatles are just awesome.
i just lurk sometimes
There cool I have an Original Pressing of Sgt Peppers(Vinyl) its hard to believe but its true.
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I am actually wearing a Beatles T-shirt right now.

I like Come together and Strawberry fields the best.
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YES. I LOVE THE BEATLES. Our family has been listening to the Beatles since 1962. My favorite song has to be Hey Bulldog. :)
Originally posted by Slash Man
The Beatles are pure awesome, THAT'S real music, unlike the crap that plays in today's music, I hate today's music so much.