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Kirbynes (temporary title) - Kirby's Adventure romhack

This wasn't on purpose I swear, but I'm making a 8-bit hack.
That's right. With the recent release of KALE, a Kirby's Adventure level editor, I'm making a Kirby's Adventure hack, because the world seriously lack of Kirby romhacks.
Temporary title: Kirbynes (so original I know)


So far world 1 is done.
Some things about this game:
-It's a "vanilla" hack, same graphics and musics... just because I don't know how to change them. If I even know, I may change them.
-Completing all levels isn't necessary to finish the worlds, some levels are hidden.
-Some world theme will be a bit different. I can't change the name but the overworld will be different. For example world 2 will be a blue ocean and world 3 will have multiple forest levels.
-Difficulty should be a bit higher than the normal Kirby. The level length should be around the same (I don't want to make huge levels)
Interesting! :') I had thought messing with KALE but I didn't know how easy it'd be to start. Anyway's with the ammount of powers kirby can get there should be some interesting design ideas/puzzles.

As for changing gfx I'm sure there are tile editor programs that work on a bunch of older games.
How'd I miss this thread?

I'm not quite as familiar with Kirby as I am some other games but I have played Kirby's Adventure before. I know that the series is more focused on puzzle-based secrets, especially The Amazing Mirror (one of my top 3 Kirby games). The levels are very easy if you just go through them, so I think it's certainly a good thing that you plan to up the difficulty.

I'm fine whether or not you modify the GFX and music, but from my experience working on my Lolo 2 hack I'd imagine it shouldn't be too hard to learn.

You hear dice being thrown...
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