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[Tool] LM "Addons": Layer 3 Background Editor, Visual Graphics Selector, UberASM Editor

EDIT: To everyone who's having trouble running these: Please install this from Microsoft (if running a 64-bit OS, you may need to install the x86 version regardless)! If you're still having trouble, please make sure that at least one level is saved in Lunar Magic and then try again! Thank you!

I said this was coming yesterday--sorry! I physically wasn't even at my computer!

This is a collection of three tools that "plug in" right into Lunar Magic's toolbar, meaning that they work almost as if they were built right into Lunar Magic itself!

The first is a background editor for layer 3 (not ordering these in the order of the toolbar above, sorry!). The background won't show up in Lunar Magic itself (because that's beyond the range of what these addons are allowed to do), but it functions very similarly to what a normal window in Lunar Magic would be like--it allows you to build a background for layer 3 for this specific level and save it. If you open up a different level, you'll edit its background. And so on. No need to manually manage background "images" per level and such--this handles it all for you!

(In addition, there's a GIF showing off how to use it and its features here. Warning: the image is 13 MB!)

The second is a visual graphics selector for your ExGFX files. It also gives you the option to name them and assign uses to them, so you can search for specific files.

Finally, a very simple editor for UberASM. Intended mostly for when people say "copy and paste this into uberASM" and you don't really want to muck about in complicated ASM files. Just copy and paste whatever they tell you to into this window!

Download them all here. For the folder that says "Put in LM folder", copy and paste its contents directly into the same folder Lunar Magic is in. "usertoolbar.txt" should be in the same folder as Lunar Magic, and the "Addons" folder should also be in the same folder as Lunar Magic. You don't have to put the stuff in the "put in ROM folder" in your ROM folder if you don't want to, as it's just the Layer 3 Customizer patch and Sprite Status Bar patch, but things will go slightly more smoothly if you use these versions. They automatically contain the logic you'll want to use for "standard" layer 3 backgrounds (like normal or slow scrolling, for example).

Disclaimer: For the Layer 3 Background editor, if you play your level and all the graphics seem garbled, make sure you remembered to insert your graphics before testing it out! This is a super easy step to miss, even through the editor reminds you about it, so be sure to keep it in mind! Also, if the editor is telling you to "do this to your ROM before the editor can be used", make sure you have saved your level before opening the editor! The editor can't read the changes you made in Lunar Magic until they've actually been saved.

Also note that the Layer 3 Background editor uses imamelia's Layer 3 Customizer patch, so any incompatibilities that patch has, if it has any, will also apply to this editor!

Finally, though these should never corrupt your ROM, since they're just patches, if they by some chance do, make use of Lunar Magic's auto backup feature! It's super awesome and super underused!
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
I really love the 2nd add-on because 8x8 is very annoying to see everything you put in the level. Layer 3 looks neat and I really would like to use uberASM. Overall a very cool add-on for LM.
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Thank you SO much! I've never been able to figure out Layer 3 backgrounds, but now those days are finally over! I am definitely using this! :>
These are great addons! I think the L3 BG editor is surely going to be the most useful for me for now.

Great job and thanks a lot.
Excellent work with the Layer 3 Background Tilemap Editor Kipernal. It seems that the days of what were considered to be "advanced hacking" are now vanishing with other areas replacing the void in that field. The other addons are great too!

Thank you. #tb{:j}
Layer 3 BG is AWESOME. No longer having to work around with Terra Stripe and it's annoying editor.
The uberASM one... kinda neat, wonder why I have never thought about something like that myself. Though I've to wonder, if I patch normal uberASM, will it overwrite this? Even if so, it's still convinient for quick testing of ASM code. (I need that a lot for effect tool as well :P)
The GFX+ one... I'm not sure if I understand it fully yet xD I'll have to try it out I guess.

Anyway, this is a nice idea through and through :>
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... what even am I doing with my life?

^ me right now.

I can't believe this is happening. You've outdone yourself how many times now? Seven? Eight?
If this does everything I think it does, this is a game changer. Screw eveything I've said about other stuff being revolutionary before, this is where it's at.
Thank you for continuing to be awesome.

(now back to the smwcp2 cutscenes i hope? :p)

Awesome! The Layer 3 BG is probably the thing I'm most hyped for. Thank you for making it, as it really simplifies how to set good layer 3 gfx.
Originally posted by JackTheSpades
The uberASM one... kinda neat, wonder why I have never thought about something like that myself. Though I've to wonder, if I patch normal uberASM, will it overwrite this? Even if so, it's still convinient for quick testing of ASM code. (I need that a lot for effect tool as well :P)

It relies on having uberASM in your ROM's folder--it just takes that level's code and places it in a text box. When you're done it takes the text box's text and replaces the level's code with it, then patches uberASM to your ROM. No magic going on here--it won't overwrite anything you've done previously, and you're free to ignore or remove the tool if you want to.

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
^ me right now.

I'm not even going to lie--building this made me realize why no one had built one before. This pretty much goes right behind AMK in terms of complexity. I'll be releasing the source code at some point in the near future so anyone who wants to take a look can.

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
(now back to the smwcp2 cutscenes i hope? :p)

Yep. Well, assuming there aren't any game-breaking bugs in this editor. Given how complex it is, there might be, but I'm hoping not...
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.

This is great! I can properly use layer 3 backgrounds!
Awesome work you got there, Kip! There are so many life-changing tools around lately. The second addon will be definitely useful, as it's kinda annoying to have to look at the graphics via the 8x8 tile editor everytime. The others are also great, you've outdone yourself this time.

Thank you for creating those tools - this is one of the most revolutionary things that have ever been done.
Now I know why you were so away recently, hehe college :P

Cool tools, this will definitely help much the users. And you literally managed to create a plugin for LM! #smw{:TUP:}
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Wow, really, thank you for this. I was sick about having to open RacingStripe over and over again. And of course the uberASM one, holy crap.
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This is would definitely make my layer 3 editing much less of a hassle, but I seem to be having an issue with this. I'm not exactly sure why but the programs crash before they even open. I see they open up in task manager but immediately close. I know its important to give details but I followed the instructions exactly, the editors just refuse to open. Maybe telling you I'm using Windows 7 will help?
The UberASM editor is working, but the other ones aren't. When I click them in Lunar Magic, no windows pop up.
Originally posted by Kipernal
Layer 3 editor

...You didn't. ...You totally did.

So this is what your big surprise was? Well, I'm not disappointed. This should be pretty darn useful. I can't complain about the visual graphics selector or the UberASM editor either, but the Layer 3 editor definitely piques my interest the most. Though I do have a few questions about it, starting with the fact that it (as well as the other two addons) just crash when I try to open them. Any idea what's up with that?

Besides that:
- Does it support backgrounds only, or can you use it for things like the SMB3 water or YI spotlight (and a number of other things that showed up in my original showoff video for the patch) as well?
- How would you use your own custom behavior code with this?
- Why is the Layer 3 ExGFX patch in there? That version of the patch already includes it.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
I got some trouble on make this working.

I put all of related stuff like this:

Then, when I click the new buttons on the toolbar, the system told me it stopped working.
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Sorry about the crashes--I'm investigating now. Hold on a moment.
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
AWESOME. Lunar Magic just keeps getting better and better.
Kinda in hibernation for a while. I hope to be back in full swing soon.