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Sicari Remastered - Coming this C3 (for real this time!)


Welcome to the thread for Sicari Remastered! If you've saw me at C3, you'll know I've made the decision to remake Sicari for various reasons. Other than being a graphical update to suit my modern style, this hack will also be fixing many issues and problems that were present in the original hack. Uh - that list is too long to post here though. You probably came here for the screenshots - here they are!

Intro screen

Sicari has been redesigned since the first hack. Like all of my other characters, her head is now much smaller, and her arms and legs are longer. Her hair is also a bit different too.


After spending over a year making Sicari, I've grew REALLY sick of this level. You can't quite imagine. It is nice for me to see it again with different graphics though...


A common complaint about this level was that the birds didn't look dangerous, and that it wasn't obvious they couldn't be jumped on! That should be fixed now, as the birds have spiky backs. The mist also isn't showing up for some reason, but it's okay, as I'm renaming some levels anyway.


Niscura's castle is further in the distance, and Jerry's castle is also visible in the background now as well, as that makes sense. Without realizing, I actually made the new tileset have similar design to the VERY first version of this level. (Which looked really crappy BTW. Play demo 2 to see what I mean)

1-5 (Haven't done anything to 1-4 yet)

The original version of this level looked horrendous, and the background was just a darker version of the foreground bricks. I'm actually rather pleased with how it turned out this time around.

Anyway, that's all for now. My updates here probably won't be very frequent, as my main priority is "K-16 - Story of Steel" but I promise to show off all the levels I can.

Anyway, please comment and give feedback!
Hello Eevee your hack look promising!I need see more about it.
In the level 1-2 have a red thing in the blocks, what's that?
In the level 1-5 because have one saphirre?
C3 Over.

Some hack things why i are feedbacking on.

MY HACK what I are working on.

Oh, thanks YayGuy, I'm glad you're liking this!

The red thing in the blocks is actually a hidden heart. Some of the blocks are fake and you can run through them to get that heart.

Sorry, but I'm not sure what you're asking about the sapphire.
What the heart do? Same as a live?

C3 Over.

Some hack things why i are feedbacking on.

MY HACK what I are working on.


The heart gives you 20 HP when you collect it.

That's a diamond and it's a replacement for Yoshi coins.
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Your Graphics are just amazing as ever ^~^

I only thinks the orange pallete in those blocks don't looks very good#w{=3}
Anyway i'am loving the changes ^~^
Even though many people already said it, I'll say it again; Your graphics are very well made, but of course, since I'm supposed to find a mistake in everything, (cause I am really picky) (also I were not being serious, but seriously, I may be overlooking, I am sorry if you think I am overlooking) in the first level, some objects are behind the grass, and sometimes, the grass is behind the objects. Nothing important, but I found it weird for some reason. Also, the layer 3 font is not looking that readable, sorry. It sure is not bad, but I find it pretty hard to read it. I must get closer to the computer screen to read it easily.
Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. Regarding what you said, you'll notice that I haven't redrawn the font or the spikes yet since the original hack, that's probably why they look odd, but don't worry, I'll be doing that soon enough. :>
Oh, sorry, I did not play the original Sicari so I don't know much about it, but still, good luck!
I've got another update! I have no screenshots today, however I DO have some information for you all. It's regarding levels!

While the original had 33 levels, this remake will have around 40! Rejoice! This is because I am adding an additional level to each world, plus two more to Niscura's Castle. (Which only had four before, yeah, I was lazy)

Here is a list of the all levels in this hack. Ones marked with a * are new levels. You'll also notice most of the old levels have been renamed.

Those levels returning also won't just be graphically enhanced. Many levels will be lengthened, and changed around. In the original some levels were ridiculously short, and seeing as I'm using midpoints this time, there's no excuse for that! ^.^
New graphics and new levels? It sounds like you're really giving this older hack of yours some good tlc! It definitely shows in the screenshots.

How far along would you say your are with this remastering project? I know its not your priority, but it looks like it will be really fun to play once it's all done!
Oh, it is so on.
A remaster nice the original was really good this is going to be very nice. Can't wait to see more.
RMG Productions
Originally posted by dottedgirl
How far along would you say your are with this remastering project?

Good question. If I really want to, I can push for a winter C3 release date along with K-16, however that may be a bad idea. The remake shouldn't take too long, and I'll put my full focus on it if (and I will) I finish K-16 first. Thanks for the comments. ^.^

Anyway, here are some screenshots of the first new level - The Crystal Mines.

These mines are built over a huge underground lake, and were previously abandoned before Niscura took over and continued their operations.

Anyway, please comment and give feedback! ^.^
Remember the mine cart levels in DKC? I really miss them in 16 bit glory. Having them here is amazing!! Good job.

Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
I really enjoy looking at the new screens. The palettes and ExGFX work perfectly together and it's just overall really fun to look at.

For some reason your new style of graphics somehow reminds me of earthbound, although I'm not sure how accurate that comparison is #tb{:p}
A sneak peak of World 2's new level "Alone in the Dark"

Please excuse the level design here, as I've only just thrown the tileset together.

The portraits depict Niscura and Crimson.

What do you think of the tileset? ^.^
Presenting "Techno Time" which is a remake of "Cyberspace Run" from the original.

As you can see, the level now has a proper background. The ground tiles are very similar to the original, however they have been reshaded and you can no longer see the background behind them. What you probably didn't notice is that the foreground and background are ExAnimated. This gives the level more of a technological feel to it. This is also one of the levels I plan to extend, as the original was very short.

Anyway, please comment and give feedback! Much appreciated! ^.^
Suika Ibuki - 25107
Those "yoshi-coins" are sure amazing.
(as the classic)
i loved the Graphic changes :)
Well, the colors look nice. We just need to give Sicari a light motorcycle now.

Anyway, I like the look of this level (and the other one). very original

Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami

Well after all i won't play this.
I already completed Sicari and it will be the same stuff.
Not even the bosses will be changed...

That fire graphic is unchanged.

The same person? Oh nevermind.