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Tip: Entering a door or pipe, activating a P-Switch or grabbing a star, completing the level, hitting a message block, and dying will cause issues on the title screen, such as causing musical glitches, or trapping the player in an endlessly-looping level.
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Sicari Remastered - Coming this C3 (for real this time!)
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I really like the gameboy level idea that something I have thought about doing before but I never thought of adding the border around it, it really adds charm :3 If it doesnt already you should make the music and sound effects 8bit. Anyways cool stuff, keep it up :3
Hey, really liking that wip Redfang in the bg, it's a creative detail. That gameboy styled level is very neat, it does remind me of one of those gb platformer, like Kirby's Dreamland or Mario Land 1 & 2.
Also Wintendo for the win 👌
A new video!

This one is of Forest Heights, a level I showed off a while back. I did just notice that the last hammer bro does nothing, so please ignore that lol.

Hope you like! Be sure to tell me what ya think ;>
It's easy for auto-scroll levels to get boring, but luckily there's always stuff going on to keep the player moving in this one. Good job.
Like K3fka said, it's a nicely engaging auto-scroll level there. However one thing annoys me a bit: the lowest layer of the BG scrolls as fast as the FG, which breaks the sense of distance a bit. Loved the crocodile replacements for the piranha plants though. :D

Also I hope your auto-scroll levels make more use of walljumping sections because they really work well together, as seen in that one part where you have to do it in order to get a green gem.

Edit: maybe you should do something about this enemy here, because there's little space available to avoid/hit it.
that looks pretty nice,I still find that crocodile funny
half is blue-ish green and the other half is light green #w{xD}
but still looks nice!

Ah btw, I loved your pipe grapichs, that looks awesome~ #smw{<3}
and I noticed a gingerbread man that his attack isn't working at 1:08

The background moving effect looks pretty good and match with the name of the level

well, that's all I have to say, Keep up with the good job!
#peace #smw{:peace:} -DMB
The video looks well-done, the level and the graphics in general are nicely done although I agree with what K3fka said. Nevertheless, your hack is really turning something I'd really want to play. Nice job, Vee.
Here is another video.

This is the level Weapons Factory. It shows off K-16's abilities a bit, along with her physics underwater.
It's a flawless level (at least for K-16's gameplay) imo. The ambiance is well established with your graphics and gimmicks (conveyors, zappers), which are also greatly incorporated into the design. Music choice is fitting too. Also glad you managed to put good usage to the Mega Man-inspired water physics. Those were terribly used in its source series, lol.
Today I'm showing off the Mystic Palace, which was the final Palace level in the original hack.

Unlike the original hack, this time the player will not be revisiting the previous palace levels in this level. Looking back I feel that was a cheap way to artificially extend the level and I don't want to do that lol. Because of this, it has of course been designed from scratch. Here are two screenshots from the original hack to compare to:

The decision to change the level from dusk to night time was so I could show the stars and hopefully make this place look a bit more divine as it's supposed to be.

Hope ya like ^^
Holy sh*t those colors. They're perfect. Also I love starry sky BG's and that one does not disappoint. Very nice shadow effects on the FG, but I think you should try making the shadow below that platform in the first screenshot more interesting. Right now it's just two fully black 8x8 tiles. Another thing that I think needs more work is the layer 2 (?) towers in the BG, since they have a shading that differs to the one you used for the FG, and also they're not as detailed.

Aside from those, this is probably my favorite level so far, at least aesthetically speaking. Good job!
Well, I am really impressed with what you've presented so far, the colours, the layouts, the graphics... They look really good, perfect, I am really impressed of what this hack is becoming. Really Vee, you are awesome!
Really digging the background artwork. Also probably a decision for the best when it comes to the redesign thing you did. Repeating old levels doesn't sound like the most fun thing.
It's time for the obligatory player GFX update everyone of my hacks has lol

I've redone Sicari to suit her character more - while she is still (hopefully) in the same style, I've made her look a lot more roughed up as she should be, as before I feel she looked too goofy. Not only that, but i feel this new one is more accurate to her actual design. Here are some screenshots of her new look:

Here is a comparison between the old and new:

Hope you like ;)
I agree it looks a lot better now. The old one she looks too childlike and innocent. With all that's happened to her, she should be a bit more battered like she is in the new version.
Whoa I can't remember Sicari's old chibi appearance anymore lol
She looks great like that! I had no issues with the 'old' one, but this is even better! She's more detailed now and just by looking at her I can tell she means serious business.
Also really liking that latest level you showed! I especially like the statue.
and I'm NOT saying that because of what you know >:(
The new design looks way better Eevee. Good work as always! Are you planning on updating the graphics of other playable characters?
Yeah, so here's K-16's redrawn sprite, once again, more accurate to her design than before.

Here's the comparison:

Hope you like ;>

Anna coming soon.
Yoshiatom's Post
I'm personally not a fan of the new K-16 sprite compared to Sicari's, it looks like she's been squished up.
(Unless of course she's meant to be smaller than Sicari, but even then I'd find it odd)

Layout by Koopster!

<DeputyBS> I knew it
<DeputyBS> alcarobot is taking over the world through his truck dealership franchise
The idea he's trying to illustrate is that these two are children (Sicari being older), but K-16's age should be reflected in her sprite; therefore the smaller design.

Ya, the sprite looks a little compressed, but over all I think it looks a-okay.
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