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Sicari Remastered - Coming this C3 (for real this time!)


I was pushing for a C3 release, but that's looking less and less likely, mainly due to the fact that many of the bosses are still non-existent. I didn't want to delay the hack at all, but if you don't see it this Winter, know that it's for the best.

The levels are coming along very nicely and in fact, and I only have a few left to finish; the latter half of world 5, Niscura's castle and some of the special levels.

I didn't want to make this post and I didn't want to disappoint anyone who was expecting to see this next month. I want to just get it all over with, but rushing things is never, ever good, and that's what I feel the original hack suffered from. For a remake I'm counting on to destroy the original, what good is it if I follow the same mistakes?

I promise in the end it'll be a better product. Thanks for hearing me out.
Today, I'm showing a few things. First off, here is a small preview of Sauna Lake, a level that was in the original hack and has been rebuilt from the ground up.

I also have made a few improvements here and there around the hack to make it all the more polished. Rainbow Palace's tileset has been updated, along with the palette being desaturated to be a bit easier on the eyes:

Along with that, the global sprite palettes have been changed to include more contrast, as you can see in some of the screenshots I posted. Some more examples:

Hope you like; sorry again about the delay, but I absolutely promise it will be worth it. Love you all #fim{<3}
that looks pretty good eevee!
I wonder if there will be some kind of air meter for sicari, or those bubbles are just decorative
also, can sicari swin? what about k-16?
the new palette for rainbow-ish stage looks good,also the new tileset looks amazing.
like I said before, you're always surprising me with the improvements
dont worry about the delay, as I always say
"better something very well planned than something made in rush"
so, take your time and keep working
#peace -DMB
Where were you #ab{;_;}

I really like Sauna Lake, aka the only water level in all smwc that is not blue! Nice use of the hdma
Rainbow Palace is a lot more pleasing to the eyes now indeed, it's nice to see you getting back to old levels to polish them. Same for the sprites' palettes! It's something so minor to do but the changes are very noticeable
Eevee never stop doing this until you're finished/you die or I'll kill you
The palettes are a lot better with the higher contrast! They make the already beautiful graphics look even better. And yup, no need to rush, the extra wait is definitely going to be worth it.
hi, sorry again about infrequent updates lol, still working on the hack, and here's a video showing you a new level, Deeper Sewers.


This level was in the original hack, but it's been remade from scratch and is now a vertical level, since the original level was one of the laziest and forgettable levels lol

hope you like :3
Looks amazing compared with the old one #smw{:TUP:}
which was horizontal

the green-ish background gives the aspect of dirty/toxic area

I also love the left-to-right warp mechanism, pretty Mario Bros-ish #smw{9.9}

I didn't watched the whole thing cuz, I don't want to get spoiled through the whole stage, just watched first 30 seconds, and looks amazing anyway, I cant wait to see the next update news

keep up the good job, #peace -DMB #smw{:peace:}
A little comparison video I made showing the first levels of both Sicari and Sicari Remastered.

Enjoy ;)
Oh wow this was a hack I kept coming back to.
I noticed in your vids you don't do spin jump often.

Did you take away the spin jump for the remastered? (Like K-16?)

Originally posted by MyPocketPlant
Oh wow this was a hack I kept coming back to.
I noticed in your vids you don't do spin jump often.

Did you take away the spin jump for the remastered? (Like K-16?)

Yeah, spinjump is still there, I just don't use it so often lol

Only Sicari can spinjump though, K-16 can't since she has the same physics from her hack.
I made a lovely new userbar, because my old one went rip for some reason lol.

Here it is:

Be sure to put it in your bio, footer, whatever. Hope ya like ;>
For those haven't seen, there's a new video on the SMWC YT that shows off a few levels! Be sure to check it out c;
ayy, I love the new userbar~ #w{=3}

I might check smwcentral's video soon

also, you can notice the high improvement at the video
sicari vs sicari remastered

well, keep up the goodjob #peace #smw{:peace:}
It's time for me to give off a bit more info on Eclipse, who I teased back in the trailer I released in 2016!

Eclipse will be playable along with Gracie in several levels that will be accessible to the player post-game, which involves their pursuit of a mysterious artefact known as the Eye of Balance. One of Eclipse's levels is Soror, taking place on the moon of the same name. It's the larger moon you can see in the sky in some levels. Gracie and Eclipse will head to this moon, finding out that the ancient guardians there are now hostile. If you played K-16 - Story of Steel, the idea behind this moon may be quite familiar to you. It is not the same moon, however it may be related!

Hope ya like! Probably gonna try and redraw Gracie's GFX at some point too, tell me what you think.
Very sexy in so many ways.

Seriously, this looks awesome, the enviroment is so nice, the colors and tiles are so good, and the sprites look amazing.

Keep it up!!

Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
I like the background a lot, and the cutscene looks really cool. But I think the FG can look a bit weird when there are blocks of ground touching each other since there's so much space between them. Only other concern is that there's maybe not enough color variation? Even the HUD is like the same color as the FG and some of the BG.
Agreed, the palette feels kinda monotonous right now. Some decoration using different colors (even if simple objects like rocks) would help spice it up. I really like the atmosphere otherwise, great work!
Here's a lovely video of Nancy's castle.

Big thanks to Mandew for the gorgeous boss.

Hope you like c:
Wow nice level design and how awesome it looks. Great job. And yes, good job Mandew.

Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
someone finished a boss for this LOL looks very good! don't have much else to say, im bad with feedback lol