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Sicari Remastered - Coming this C3 (for real this time!)
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K3fka and I have been working on implementing some new death animations into Sicari Remastered. I don't know how far we're going to go with this, but there are now two new death animations:

I'll show them off for Sicari, K-16 and Anna. I haven't done them for Gracie or Eclipse yet so they'll come later.

Falling in a pit:
Sicari - K-16 - Anna

Burning in lava (or melting in water for Anna):
Sicari - K-16 - Anna

Hope you like, let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas for other death animations, let me know though we'll see how it goes.

(and yes these were inspired by Crash lol)
I already gave my ideas and my thoughts to you, but while I'm here I'd like to say that Eevee's got a lot planned, and I hope K3fka would be nice to help me out with my custom death animations too, once I make the sprites and all for K3fka to actually implement them...

We were both inspired by Crash Bandicoot, and we've also brainstormed death animations to each other, based on the series, too. We love Crash, so go figure! #smrpg{<3}
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
Not to hijack the thread, but I'm not really doing requests. This was a one-off thing, plus I kind of owed Eevee a favor anyway.

Anyways its small touches like these which really make a hack stand out and with the amount of custom assets/code that are found in this hack it keeps taking steps to get away from SMW.

Great work on the animations and great work coding it K3fka :)
It saddens me to see Anna die in so many ways but I have to say the graphics themselves are very cool. I never played Crash so I had no idea it was inspired from that. K3fka did a good job, but most importantly he actually did something!

Originally posted by K3fka
Not to hijack the thread, but I'm not really doing requests. This was a one-off thing, plus I kind of owed Eevee a favor anyway.

hey hello kefka can you do me a ninja boss that teleports and throws mode7 shurikens i need it for tomorrow super fx thanks
I don't know why, but Sicari's lava death doesn't make much sense. It seems sort of out of place to have Sicari's eyes just "float upwards" and not turn to ash considering how really silly it is in contrast to how serious Sicari is suppose to be compared to the Crash series; it makes sense for K-16 and Anna considering their silly (hi wakana) personalities, but I don't see it working for Sicari herself. Infact it's almost like Sicari and K-16 have similar death graphics all together (minus the Eye of Serpos on K-16's head), which really just seems kinda lazy to me. Maybe if Sicari just turned to ash all together and maybe she throws shurikens instead of... whatever she's throwing up after falling in a pit (like seriously, what is that suppose to be? Her shoes?), then I can see it making somewhat more sense. Right now however... I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

I just blasted through this tonight. Also forgive my grammar if it's a bit jumbled, but I'm on mobile.

The hack took me about 2 and a half hours, and it had me hooked. I played it entirely in one sitting, and that's saying a lot for me these days short of maybe terraria or a great rpg.

The graphic overhaul wasn't something I'm too exposed too, but as someone who knows little about it's inspiration and aestheric being more anime-ey? Best way i can describe it, I still found it very visually pleasing. Just thought I'd throw that out there as the style is pleasing to all and not niche.

The difficulty took the right jumps throughout, as I never really had too much difficulty short of the auto-scrolling train, and the final boss (good gravy that boss though! 12 hits i think it took).

The music was a home-run for every occasion, most notably the gamecube rainbow road, castlevania and final fantasy iv choices that were songs I recognized. I loved it. The sewer music was also awesome.

The clever implementation of the switchable characters, the branching paths it created (and just enough to not be in your face), and their respective abilities was a lovely touch, though i found sicari to be superior when fully powered up as she essentially inherits the androids perk of being able to fire projectiles.

The levels varied enough to stay interesting and held good themes.

My complaints are few. First sewer level. Good grief those baseball chucks need to be thought over a bit. Precision platforming is great, but these guys are too brutal to throw on top of it. Especially the one sitting on the pipe at the halfway point. It seems necessary to take a hit.

My only other complaint is minor, and that is with the basic little yellow dog enemy things. They just disappear when you stomp them? It would be cool to have some sort of squish animation perhaps?

Edit: Also loved the platforming builtbaround parkour jumps and wall jumps. Very suited for the ninja-style game.

Great work though. Please keep me posted on more!


those look very nice, and put some humor in the game, keep up the good job
i should update this thread more lol

I have been working on the hack consistently though, and I'm happy to say world 5 and 6 are almost done. After that I just need to focus on the extra levels such as Gracie/Eclipse and the postgame; stuff like that.

Until then, here are some things I've been posting on Discord since the last update.

Bloodied Wastes:

I showed this level before, but the latter part of the level now includes a riding segment with this little dog fox weird thing i haven't named yet lol.

Crimson's Castle:

The castle, being the last standard castle features some tricky jumps, combined with boost platforms that are more than happy to throw Sicari into the lava. As you can see in the last screenshot, the Crimson boss is also finished. Big thanks to Blind Devil, who was kind enough to work on him; with that all of the bosses are finished!

Finally, have another of the new death animations: decapitation for when the player is hit by a sharp or piercing object.

Hope you like!


Anyway, progress is coming along fine despite me not posting much here anymore, and I'm trying my best! Thanks for continued support.

I'm just dropping by to confirm a C3 release date! Last year when I said that, I was planning to just rush the end of the hack and I then decided that was an awful awful idea, so here we are a year later. Sorry again for how long it's took, but it's for the better, and hopefully you'll enjoy the final product. ;)
Very much looking forward to it! Come on, January #w{=)}
Great work Eeevee. The hack is really shaping up to be one of the most unique and memorable on the site.

Looking forward to seeing the C3 release.
Hi! The hack is literally done now and is fully playable. All I need to do now is add some little easter eggs, and polish based on the testing.

Thanks for continued support, I hope it'll be worth the wait ^^
Pretty stoked. I never played the original version, but this looks like the gold standard of the total conversion style of SMW hack.

Chapter two: Land of No Shame
Coming January 2022
here's one last trailer and probably the last update before release #smw{:TUP:}
heck, 1 hour left for c3, i cant wait for it
here's the hack in full!

time to move the thread ;)
God, big ol' Bump of a thread here. I'm good at forums... lol

Playing through the full version now that life has given me time. Unfortunately a bit hard to have memories of specifics that might have happened, yet reading my old post was helpful. I have gotten through the first 3 worlds that were in the previous demo, and am quite pleased. I abused save states slightly to have my own chill time, but even so find the difficulty very pleasant.

I noticed that the baseball chuck sewer complaint I had was a non-issue this time, that's either me being better at games (lol), or a nice fix, but either way complaint withdrawn. The train gave me no issues as well. I still find the third boss a bit awkward in it's movement, but that may just be me. It seemed I had an easier time here too.

Echoing praise from earlier perhaps, but it's been years, and I felt the need to revisit it now a good while later to see the full release through.

Style is very pleasant, the use of 2 (sometimes 3) characters are very welcome. They have their benefits and drawbacks, and it creates a cool split path scenario often. I never found it annoying.

I'm a big music guy from what little hacking I did in like 2010 (wow, years where did you go). It's hard to find a bad song in this, in fact they are all awesome and mesh well with the themes. I also like the use of a different look and theme almost every level. It's obviously something official mario games do not do, but very welcome here. Each level is its own unique being, and I dig it.

I like that the Blue switch was a hard to reach secret route that had its own sidequest of levels to encounter. Nice touch.

2 visual complaints. One echoing earlier. The yellow dog enemies have no animation through death, they just disappear? Minor note, but hey.

Some levels have those red boxes with X's in them that look like sideways construction girders. I'm not sure how I feel on these, but they do clash a bit with level layouts at times, certainly in the outdoors, but they do feed the wall jump and ninja feel so that's where I'm torn. A minor note again.

I'm assuming this hack is all said and done, but those are my notes at this time from a players aspect of course.

I know you found the YT postings I put up for the demo, and this will head that way too when complete. I'm not in the habit of spamming my youtube to people, but certainly DM me if you want to see a specific playthrough. It's more just a thing I do for fun now that I have time again.

I like mosaics the good design of a female character and thanks to the hack Eevee made inspired me to create my own sequel.

What I think is

Which is nice and it turned out well as he drew the three characters
What is this

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