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Sicari Remastered - Coming this C3 (for real this time!)
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Suika Ibuki - 25107
I really love how the new graphics of this level are a way less repetitive and have more varied/decoration tiles.
Awesome job as usual!
Big changes here, indeed. Nice, no more repetitive rainbow blocks, because it was kind of eye searing before. Also, the level happens on earth now? Well, it's more unique like that. because rainbow levels in space are too mainstream!

This level looks muuuch better like this, good work!
Today, I'm showcasing Gingerbread land. This level now takes place within the walls of an amusement park, hence the fence in the background. Other than a location change, this level has not changed drastically, but nonetheless, here are some screenshots.

Very tasty. Anyway, please comment and give feedback :>
Makes much more sense to have a level themed in gingerbread to be an amusement park. Otherwise, we would need a quick explanation of the Paradian geology. Lol.

That level in the original was very fun to play. You said it had little to few changes, so that's cool. Means you are keeping a fun one mostly the same. I guess some gimmicks where changed a bit to add difficulty, but that's ok. And of course, graphics are much better.

Hope you find a nice music for the level. The last one was awesome, but I guess is time for new. I have faith you will make the best decision (or not (kidding)).

Kudos, buddy!!

(And yes, tasty indeed :3)


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
And here is the WIP new title screen

Sicari's body is now facing away from the camera, the sky is darker, Niscura's castle is visible in the distance and there is more variation in the mountains. Not much else to say really. I'll post again when I've updated the border. Anyway, please comment and give feedback :3
Well, compared to the old version, this one looks much better. Seriously, what was with the old design of Sicari, lol?

The contrast of colors is nice. It blends well the shadows and the lights, which is the plot of the story: the fight of light against darkness from Sicari herself, in her redeeming quest.

Also, nice little drawings of the minions in the part below.

Maybe, just MAYBE the little feedack I can give is that the words REMASTERED blend slightly with the background. But is very little, so just have it in mind.

Amazing job. Keep it up!!


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
Looking very well done, Eevee. This looks phantasmal! I really love the shading, but the setting-sun sky is my favorite part. Liking Sicari right there. -w- I really don't want to touch K-16 until I play the starter hack, which is this!
I think you could make the colors on Sicari a bit darker so she would look more like a silhoulette. Something just rubs me the wrong way about the shading.
Your chocolate tileset makes me hungry #wario{>;P}

The new titlescreen is sexy nice.
Honestly, Sicari looks much better like this, not only because she isn't looking like a chibi anymore, but also because it looked like she was sort of burnt in the old titlescreen.
Your drawing style surely improved.
I'm looking forward to see your new borders!
Small update, but like I said, I drawn some borders. I've went for a more simplistic look this time.
Nice! These borders look much cleaner than the old ones, really.
For some 2bpp graphics, they are quite neat.
Keep up the great work! #w{:>}
What bothers me the most about Sicari is that her eyes look really glossy just like robot's (K-16's). But otherwise I like your artstyle as it is consistent and it kinda stands out.
Originally posted by Minimay
What bothers me the most about Sicari is that her eyes look really glossy just like robot's (K-16's). But otherwise I like your artstyle as it is consistent and it kinda stands out.

That's how I've always drawn characters eyes. Sicari, Eclipse and K-16's eyes all glow in the dark. After all, Red, Yellow and robotic eyes were never realistic to begin with. ;)
Oh, I see. Keep it up then!
Thanks ^^
Originally posted by Eevee

Can you feel the awesomeness of Sunset? #smw{B)}

Thats a nice work eevee, I was asking myself if you have a release date for this #wario{^_^}
well, keep working #peace #wario{:peace:}#smw{:peace:}
So I've been porting to a new ROM in order to use AMK and custom HDMA, and while I reinstall all of the patches used, I've thrown together a comparison picture of before and after. Also note here, you can see the new custom HDMAs.

So what do you think? What has changed for the better? Be sure to tell me. ;)
I remember playing the original Sicari, and this looks a lot better! Definitely a lot more interesting aesthetically. Neat work!
To be honest, I didn't like all of those changes. I'm actually surprised that I'm the only one that complains about stuff and tells you to change stuff (other than Magi (a year ago, though) and Minimay). I'm not trying to be nitpicky, (if I am, please forgive me) I thought these when I've first seen them.

Row 1: NEW one is better.
Looks a lot better now. Nice gradient, by the way.

Row 2: TIE between both.
The foreground graphics, coins, sprites and the player graphics are better in the NEW one, but it lost the abstract feeling in it (considering that's what you wanted). The OLD background was better. If it was darker, then I think it'd be perfect.

Row 3: NEW one is better.
Everything looks better.

Row 4: OLD one is better.
The P-Switch, foreground graphics, and the sprite graphics look a lot better now, but the NEW background looks a lot worse compared to the OLD one. The OLD background looked really nice except for the gradient and the... trees? I think they are trees? They don't really look like trees, but I can't really think of anything else. The new trees are better, though. Also, about the gradients, Magi said "You should try using a gradient like this for your BG, I'm sure it'll make things look a lot more interesting." but it kind of looks like you didn't really change anything.

Row 5: NEW one is better.
Pretty much everything here looks better, but I think the contrast in the orange blocks isn't enough.

Row 6: OLD one is better.
Again, boring gradient. Not just that, though. The OLD tileset looked a lot better. There isn't enough contrast in the NEW one. The only things that bug me in the OLD tileset is the oversaturated orange in it, the pillow shading at the top (removing the darker color in the top of it should do the job), and the blocky parts (click). The candy canes were looking better as well. I think they'd look even better if they weren't so thin (and didn't have outlines so you knew you can't interact with them (considering they're decorations)). The outlines in the background bug me as well. That is the minorest of all. Lastly, the grey outlines bug me. Why don't you replace the greyer with a darker red?

That's all.
Alright!! Comparation time!!

Well, I would call the comparation a 5/1 in favor of the new style.

Sicari looks much more mature and badass in the new way. Her "giant" head... is kind of off now. Back then it was awesome, but now it's put in shame. The rock shining below her in the old is cool, but doesn't make up significantly against the new one.

In the second part, the new version is much more detailed, and details win it. I'm not saying the old one was bad at all, but the new one seems more techno, and cooler for the matter. Also, the atmosphere feels better.

Ok, the Rainbow palace is trickier, but the new one won it again. I love the bg of the old one (even if you think it sucks), and the tiles are cool too. But the new one seems more... ealistic, and it has better shades. I will go for the new one.

And to keep that coming, in the next one the new one wins too. This one was close too, though. I like the brightness of the old one, and everything seems A-Ok. HOWEVER, the contrast to the new one with everything being new works fabulous. The shades and the atmosphere works better now.

The next two look almost identical (save some shines here and there) with the blocks, so what wins it is the bg. And who won? The new one of course. It's much more detailed, gives better atmosphere ovrall, and looks much less empty. Amazing job.

And finally the last one. HERE is where I preffer the old one, but slightly less. The lighter colors of the old one looks somehow nicer than the new one, and the whole idea is funnier (although new one makes more sense). It also looks slightly tastier back then, lol.

But as you can see, new means better overall. Keep it up!!


Read my posted story here!!.

The Best Hack EVAR!!:

This layout good as my stories is made by Kagami
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